PERPETUAL MOTION IS A FACT - So why don't you know?

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PostMon Oct 08, 2012 7:56 pm » by Oreocannon

ive seen enough blueprints to believe, sadly i dont have a degree in physics.
What i want is for those books to be seen by more people.
I havent seen one guy to debunk the blueprints with anything other then screaming second law of thermodynamics.
I would believe the sceptics if they pick a blueprint and say exactly where the mistake is.
But its not about me, i shared books, i cant make you believe....but i least in 98% perpetual motion

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PostMon Oct 08, 2012 9:08 pm » by Cia212

Oreocannon wrote:i cant make you believe....but i least in 98% perpetual motion

What is it you mean by 98% perpetual motion? I have to ask because the definition of "perpetual" keeps changing in this thread.

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PostTue Oct 09, 2012 2:42 pm » by Alexrubic

Oreocannon wrote:Alexrubic its really hard to believe you read all the 40 books posted plus rkobilans book.

Where did I say I had read ALL 40 books? I said, of the links to information so far posted that I have read, none have really thrown any accurate, factual light on the topic. They have either been pseudo-scientific gobbledegook, about conventional motors and generators using permanent magnets (neither perpetual, over-unity or free energy) or just plain wrong!

Oreocannon wrote:i havent checked the books yet but i have high hopes.
im not a scientists, so i cant start proving to you, i think you can see for yourself enough.

It's a bit rich for someone who has not read ANY of the books he has posted as proof of his position to then question someone else about how many they have read!

It is obvious you are not a scientist - it is obvious that many of the PM/FE proponents posting to this thread are not scientists either - or have any grasp of even the most basic principles! So you are right, I have seen for myself and so far I am left wanting...and waiting!

Incidentally, the solid state device in the video posted a little while back does not pluck electricity from 'thin air'. The parts and the final circuit is nothing more than a very simple transducer/amplifier and bridge recification/smoothing circuit. I suspect what it is picking up is the background EM radiation produced by the mains wiring and elecrical appliances in the immediate environment. Since the gadget and it's antenna are static - and you can only induce a current in a conducter if it moves in a magnetc field or if the magnetic field is moving through the static conductor - then the EM fields it is picking up must be in motion. Mains electricity is AC and any electromagnetic fields they produce are in constant flux (growing and collapsing/changing polarity at 60 cycles per second - US mains electricity frequency). This is what that antenna is picking up, converting into a tiny AC current, which is being collected by the capacitors on the antenna side of the circuit, passing through the bridge rectifier (the four connected diodes in the circuit) then being smoothed into a DC current via the capacitors on the outgoing side of the bridge rectifier.

The fact that it is little more than 2 volts at probably a few microamps is hardly world-changing: so you might recharge your mobile phone battery if you kept it connected to this gadget for long enough - big deal! If 'free energy' is going to change the world and the way we live to any meaningful and practical degree, we need something that's going to produce hundreds of volts at hundreds of amps.

This is not free energy because someone is paying for the electricity that is running the appliances that are producing the EM fields this device is picking up. Even if it is someone else's electricty, you may be getting it for free but only because it is 'theft of someone else's paid-for service'!

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PostThu Mar 26, 2015 3:59 am » by handeler

I Got It and just found this site to post it. . . . Use Bouyancy and Gravity. Similar to Float Belt model. This is only perpetual motion model that has energy present at start (in form or molecules in motion in the water, and I count the locations of all the buoyant objects). But change a few things. The shape of the buoyant objects need to be a hybrid of L or V shaped. Therefore, as one comes into the water, the next one is laying inside of the one before it, keeping up a barrier to keep the water on its side. Using the air bubbles that come in with the objects. The flow then needs to go diagonal, not straight up. This increases our ratio of objects in the water to out. Alleviate the pressure, of piling up water molecules in front of the rising buoyant objects, by placing tunnel like exits for extra water to go into. This is where the fact that water molecules are always in motion comes to our advantage...we won't need to make the current go that way, it will just happen, and will create its own flow (because water will move away where molecules were at its thickest. Make sure design is crafty enough to not bottle neck: aka: where the water from these smaller tunnels reenter matters. After the objects have gotten to the top of their diagonal run, them and the air bubble rise out of the water, and then drop (all this is pipe-like), then reentering at the bottom to go back across, completing the X shaped route of the objects and the air current. Ingredients will matter too, almost as much as the contour of the walls which will affect the water current. *it may need a crank start since design will be made for objects and currents to be moving at their most efficient speed. *******Perpetual motion, By Joshua Vernon (if someone quotes thermodynamics, consider that extra heat energy can be moved to a second stage of the machine that uses that). The reason im posting instead of patenting, is because blue prints are not accepted by patent office in this category, only working models and I have no funding for building it. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, you make it happen. GL. HF. The currents + buoyant objects + falling objects ...made capable because moleucules move, we just needed to find the way to accelerate them....btw:doing so by designing a tank with pipes that send buoyant objects thru water with air bubbles and then reinsert them into water using a technique that minimizes resistance and keeps water on its side.....excess water that drops will get swept back in. by x shaped route, I mean objects, air, and most of water current go diagonal and up, then air and objects exit water and drop, then reenter a water pipe and go other diagonal direction and up, then exits and drops, then reenters for repeats.


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