Personal Abduction Stories

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minihaha wrote:But I also question my experiences since I found out that my mom put me in a life long government study when I was a baby.

WHAT!?!?! Please tell me more! :look: :nails:
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poooooot wrote:Does your girlfriend remember anything? Your story is so interesting.

I wish I could remember more details about my experience....

Hi, since this is my first post here - let me introduce myself as well. I am Aryylas's girlfriend. I'm not sure what really drove me to join this thread, and for the most part I will try to let Aryylas tell his accounts.

My recollection of most things is not quite on the same level as his. I will wake up feeling awful and uneasy some mornings, with the pressing desire in me to tell Aryylas about the previous night, but for the life of me I cannot remember what about the previous night. I just have this horrid gnawing feeling that something happened, something not right - but when I try to think about what happened it is like I hit a brick wall - there is just nothing there.

Sometimes in the morning I am sore, I feel like I have been through a war, and am physically exhausted. I feel more like someone who has been running all night rather than someone who just slept. There are strange bruises and marks too - they come up across my back, arms, and hips some mornings when I wake up. These, combined with the feeling of urgency that something very wrong happened leave me confused.

He did leave one part out of his account of the roof story. It happened right after we heard the water and crackling energy noise (Have you ever been near a transformer before right before it exploded? It creates this audible crackling tension in the air, you can hear the electricity - it is far different than the normal hum of a transformer, it is the noise of energy building to a crescendo before some sort of climax... that is the only thing I can liken the noise we heard to, except a hundred times louder than anything I have ever heard.)

The part Aryylas failed to mention was after we heard the noise, we both looked at each other, and for some reason he reached out and put his hand underneath me where I was sitting. He did the same for himself. Where there should have been the feeling of body heat was only coldness. It certainly did not feel like anyone had been sitting there for even 5 minutes, let alone the several hours we were sitting there reading before everything happened.

Everything else he shared, is as I remember things as well. We simply got up and went to bed without a word. I don't think we even discussed things until the next day.


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