Philly fallen souls!!!

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A very inappropriate hello!
sadly enough I am posting again needing YOUR help!!!!!
Look I will be brief......Demons....Ghosts.......your dead grandmother......and the city of brotherly love. I live in Philadelphia and a few friends have had some "things" happen to them that has left me questioning the spontaneous discourse of carbon. for this purpose I must need proper recourse gathering. I found afew sites pertaining the subject "Philly encounters from another realm" (probably a direct result of unexplained, or to this time, unresearched effects of the multiverse theory ()((()()1()))()) !!!)
what i need from you is not to bullshit outstanding readers of DISCLOSE! and promptly report back any info regarding the UNdead and Philadelphia. stories, recourse sights in particular, and anything related to my search. good luck..........and remember..........Napalm sticks to kids!!!

"We are not talking about the urge to eat Jelly Donuts...............We are talking about the urge to EAT HUMAN FLESH!!"
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What is the " spontaneous discourse of carbon " ?

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