Philosophical knowledge of inner space

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PostSat Apr 23, 2011 1:45 am » by Funkmasterflash

Greetings once again my friends,i am sorry for the delay in posting once more.
I had a dispute with my IP and changed provider,been gone a while but i will now continue to post the movies on this topic,and also reset some parts that are not public.

My work has been noted by the Royal Society via the proceedings for the Royal Society A - physics dept - and is now being prepared for Royal Society Publishing .I am also working on the book itself for general publication- that will take much longer.

Deep questioning of the nature of our reality,its connection to age old cults and modern science.Methods of insightful understanding that can affect our very existance

I will continue to use movies to convey this theory to you guys in an easy to follow series here on DTV.Give me a few days to start up again,and once more,im sorry for the delay.



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