Phones, Apps, and Permissions

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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 4:58 pm » by Seahawk

No, a refrigerator cannot act as a Faraday cage for your phone, BUT.....


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Speaking of phones...

I have an Android. A friend of mine used his flashlight app the other night. I thought, "Wow! That's really powerful. I need one of those. I'll download one later."

Later, I went searching on the Google Playstore for my new app.

There are some free ones, and some that require payment. I thought, no way I'm gonna pay for one, when a few of the free ones have some 5 star user ratings, and "glowing" reviews.

I found one called "Sun Flashlight" that looked really good, and again, some 5 stars and good user reviews.... I hit "Install," and automatically, "App Permissions" popped up. Not one of these legalese, 12 paragraph user agreements, but a simple straightforward "App Permissions," which included...

"Needs Access to:
* System tools, (to prevent phone from "sleeping.")
* Your location
* Phone calls (read phone statement)
* Network Communications (Full Internet Access)
* Hardware Controls."

:shock: Really??? All that for a flashlight app??? Um, thanks. I'll just go shuffle around in my desk drawer, find the mini pocket flashlight, and replace the batteries. :flop:

Made me stop and think for a bit about the word "FREE." Sure doesn't mean what it used to, eh?


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