Photo: Egyptian rioters were wearing Guy Fawkes masks

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Lowsix wrote:
Muchtyman wrote:
Lowsix wrote:No, that statement is..that underneath it all..
The British are 100% to blame for every single problem we are currently having in the ME>


A rather sweeping statement , which is 100 % incorrect .

Our days of Empire were ended in the ME by Eisenhower after he buggered Eden during the Suez debacle .

As the very big brother in the Masonic Anglo American Empire , the US really should accept responsibility for their own fuck ups .

I suggest you start researching Truman and the Saudis .

I hate to pop your bubble, but i have researched them.
You can suggest all you want..I'll be your Huckleberry...

It was the BRITISH who refused to allow iranian democratically elected Mossadegh to ask for fair payment for the THEFT of their oil fields. fact.

And when he tried to pass law nationalizing the british oil fields, they attempted to thwart him at the UN.

So when he (mosadegh) addressed the UN complaining about the British theft, he said that it was like the Lion complaining about the aggression of the lamb.

It was only when the british failed to overthrow him, they came to the US begging for help in doing so.
John Foster Dulles crafted the plan that finally got him out of power. They tricked him into leaving the coutnry and then armed the opposition. then the Shah was emplaced.

Same with Iraq..which as we all know was a British protectorate..

Did you know they still celebrate wildly their independence from the British?

So when the baathists came to power..ala was viewed by the british as a a second-best way to nullify the Religious influence in the region. ie, he did exactly what the british failed to do (suppress a pan-arab alliance) wanted all along..strongarm the shia-sunni debate by force into the background so they could conduct steal iraqi oil, at a fraction of market price.

America at the time, Under Truman specifically, was ENTIRELY embracing of the arab alliances,
and were in fact, leary of Israel and britain. Bet you didnt know that. He and the entire state dept, were under the impression that the Arabs were tolerant, and fair business partners, and they wanted to foster those relationships, which yes, began our relationship with the Saudis. Had the British not soured the Arabs on dealing with the west, we would have had an ME full of ALLIEs, instead of being forced to install puppets to hold back the tide of arab resentment put into place by the Queen.

All of the American state Departments all the way up untl the administration of Carter, were visciously and privately antisemitic. And it was only when the famously Southern Baptist influence (protect Israel at all costs saith the lord) that our state departments began to favor israeli interests. Carters State department was divided right down the middle, and fought openly to the point that he didnt know who to trust. IUntil along came Brezinski, who started arming the mujahadiin even before the russian invasion of afghanistan.

I was commonly held that religious Arabs were more virulently anti communist than their secular dictators, so we decided then and there that we had to control WHO became dictators at that point. Pan arab nationalism was encouraged, communism was not.

The Balfour Declaration wasnt an American document, it was theres another thorn in the side of teh world you seem to apparently wish to pass off onto the americans..

Furthermore, the British in effect encouraged (and armed) Sadaam, since he was secular, and more open to allowing British petroleum countries to come in and set up their trade for undermarket oil pricing. Same with Quadaffi. It was their betrayal of him that turned him into an international demon and the bombing over Lockerbie..

Truman, HATED the way the british treated Iraq and Iran, and complained bitterly about it in his memos, calling the British Blockheads for refusing to treat the Arabs with respect. Had britian decided to allow those countries to participate in the profit sharing OF THEIR OWN OIL, we would have never had to step in to fix the fuckups in the first place. Which the British begged Dulles to do, when they failed.

All of these conflicts..all the way down the Pakistan Indian disputes are due to the British bungling of their Empire. ALL of them started with the british. #morefacts

We were fucking ISOLATIONISTS until the british started mismanaging and abusing their protectorates...

Im the wrong guy to accuse of being underinformed.

Did I accuse you ?

Never mind , my point was that you were incorrect in that the British are 100% responsible for the shitfest that is the ME .

Yes I know that everybody hates the British , they probably have cause .

There again when we did decolonise , we usually left them with a working Judicuary , Parliament etc .

Which is more than most retreating Empires usually do .

American Involvement since the 2nd World war in the ME .................

Kicked out the British , Installed American influence . Wolfowitz doctrine

Recognised Israel , Used ME countries as proxies , Deposed democracy in Iran , Installed Shah .etc , etc .

By the way , As a Scots Nat I'm not defending Britain by any means . Just pointing out that US policy is causing more wars and suffering than the UK ever did .

In other words , the shit that is going on now , not 100% our fault .

Good luck being the world's policeman ......................... :flop:


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