Photo: Ghost photographed in an old Romanian house

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Ghost photographed in an old Romanian house



You may think the photo was taken in a remote location in Transylvania. Well, it was not. Actually, the story emerges from the city of Braila in southeast Romania and may be related to the legend of the Ghost House on Ana Aslan Street.

Manuela Chirosca, a local security worker was guarding an old building, no. 29 on Ana Aslan Street, constructed in late 19th century. She was doing routine checks of the house two days ago (July 19). “It was about 7 AM when I was doing the morning tour of the house. I had a strong feeling that I am not alone,” she told Jurnalul National.

“I was going for the window of a room which was probably a bedroom or something like that. I approached the window and then I saw a tall feminine shape that seemed wreathed in a white veil. My first reaction was to get back and run away as fast as I can!”

It is exactly what she did. Wouldn’t you? But then she took a deep breath, calmed down and went back in the room. “Fear made me feel sick, but then I thought there’s nothing that could possibly happen to me and I could not miss the chance to take pictures,” Chirsoca told the Romanian newspaper. She took up her mobile phone and photographed the blurry shape. “I had to take several pictures because the shape was moving from one place to another.”

The security worker is a yoga practitioner for over 14 years and is literate in parapsychology and spiritism. She had previous paranormal experiences, “but never with such intensity” she said.

House no. 29 on Ana Aslan Street served as a stock exchange market before the Great War. It was busy with people interested in agricultural products, especially in grain. After the Second World War, the building was transformed in a commissary station. The communists would torture and murder political opponents in its basement. Perhaps because the building has its own dark history is why Manuela Chirosca believes that it is the Ghost House of Ana Aslan Street.

However, the legend of the Ghost House belongs to another building about 10 meters away, house no. 27. The owner was a Greek business man who made a fortune selling grain. He was about 60 years old when he met Voica, the beautiful young daughter of a local peasant. As the legend goes, Nicholachi Mavrocordulas fell madly in love with the young woman and bought her from her father. It is said that the Greek married her and took her back to Braila where he ordered the construction of an impressive house.

A few years later, however, he returned from hunting to find his wife in the arms of another man. Voica was laying naked on a bearskin near the chimney. He shot her on the spot! The Greek had her walled in and sold the house. However, the house was sold and resold, nobody could spend more than three months there. The locals know this stories, but they are news for local authorities.

“There were no reports of paranormal activities in the buildings o Ana Aslan Street until now,” said a Braila Country Counsel secretary. In the next months, the Romanian government will spend at least 10 million lei (over 2.3mil euros) refurbishing the old buildings.

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