Pilot dead in crash at the Quad-City Air Show

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Pilot dead in crash at the Quad-City Air Show
September 02, 2012 2:15
http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/update ... f887a.html

Authorities have released the name of the pilot. He is Glenn A. Smith of Frisco, Texas. He also is listed as the director of the foundation, Warbird Education Foundation, that owned the plane.

DAVENPORT, Iowa --- A pilot flying in formation with two other retired military jets failed to come out of a 45-degree bank during a Quad-City Air Show performance, crashing Saturday afternoon into a field just north of Interstate 80.

The pilot, part of the Hoppers Flight Jet Team, died in the crash about 1:25 p.m.

The impact sent a huge fireball into the sky just southwest of the Davenport Municipal Airport, where thousands of spectators were watching the annual air show. No one on the ground was injured.

Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer told reporters the plane went directly into the ground.

“He never had an opportunity to come out of it,” Schaeffer added.

Schaeffer said the Davenport Police Department was the lead agency investigating the crash Saturday afternoon. Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, officials, who were stationed at the air show, were also at the crash scene in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center off Northwest Boulevard. Davenport firefighters and Scott County Sheriff’s deputies were at the scene as well.

An FAA spokesman, Lynn Lunsford, said that because it was a fatal crash, the National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation. He did not know when officials from that agency would be on site.



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Upload to Disclose.tv

L-39 Albatross

Single engine advanced trainer, built in Czechoslovakia and used by Russia, the Eastern Bloc and many of the world's Air Forces. This is the primary trainer for the MIG 29. It was also used for light attack and reconnaissance.

* Top Speed: .81 MACH, 617 MPH +/-
* Cruise Speed: 385 MPH +/-
* Fuel: 342 gallons, Jet-A
* Range: 680 miles +/-
* Altitude Limit: 43,500 feet
* Engine: Turbofan, 3,960 lbs. thrust
* Weight: 6,800 lbs empty, 9,648 lbs. full, 12,346 lbs. weapons
* Weapons: 1,100 lb. bombs, rocket pods, gun pods (23mm cannon)


The Czechoslovakian L-39 was built as the successor to their earlier trainer, the L-29 Delphin. Design work began in 1966, and the first prototype made its initial flight on 4 November 1968. The idea of the design was to marry an efficient, powerful turbofan engine to a sleek, streamlined fuselage, resulting in a strong, economical performer which would become the next standard jet trainer for the Warsaw Pact. Full-scale production was delayed until late 1972 due to apparent problems with the design of the air intakes, but these difficulties were overcome and the type went on to be a great success with the Soviet, Czech and East German air forces, among others.

Three main variants were produced. The L-39C was built as a pure trainer and was used by numerous air forces throughout Eastern Europe beginning in 1974 and continuing through today. The armed weapons-trainer variant is called the L-39ZA, and a close-support and ground-attack version is called the L-39ZO . In addition to those mentioned above, the L-39 has been exported to numerous countries, including Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Iraq, Libya, Estonia, and Kyrghyzstan. A modernized derivative of the Albatros, the L-59, is still being built in the Czech Republic. Another modernized, but very different version, the L-39MS, actually has much more in common with the L-59 than the L-39, despite its designation.

As of this writing, the L-39 is the most popular jet warbird in the world, with over 220 believed to be actively flying in the USA alone.
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PostMon Sep 03, 2012 11:11 pm » by Slith

I wonder if they collided in mid-air. Kind of looks like it, hence the sudden veer off. Maybe knocked out and couldn't eject? Seemed like he had enough time to if he was conscious

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PostMon Sep 03, 2012 11:34 pm » by Kinninigan

onedirtyrabbit wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RznZG3KsgI4

Upload to Disclose.tv

There is an object moving at a 90 degree angle right after they collide in midair

it moves very fast to the left hand side of the screen

Can we get photo captured and use filters to see it?

I dont have photoshop.....

17 seconds in it appears so puse the video to see it

debris wont go at a 90 degree angle like that without slowly falling

and it moves faster then the jets

it could be a pilot that veered, i am keeping an open mind about it


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PostTue Sep 04, 2012 7:38 am » by Cia212

dlslith wrote:I wonder if they collided in mid-air. Kind of looks like it, hence the sudden veer off. Maybe knocked out and couldn't eject? Seemed like he had enough time to if he was conscious

Both planes would have gone down if there was a collision. The veer off was part of the show - a high speed pass where the planes turn into each other, narrowly missing.

The report says he couldn't climb out of the dive - at that speed it's either hydraulic failure or pilot error...both are hard to believe. Even engine failure would have at least allowed him to level off. There's a chance the turbulence from the other plane's wake was enough to roll the plane and the pilot couldn't recover, that happened at an air race a few years ago.

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