Places of Refuge

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PostThu Mar 26, 2009 9:51 pm » by Lookintothecode

Let's just say Hypothetically that one of the following scenarios were to come in the near future:
-Nuclear War
-comet/asteroid threat/Nibiru & Co. (any moons...etc)
-other catastrophe, (i.e., banks to close in near future, controlling our money, etc)

Maybe a good list of places to go, how to's, sharing info.....on really good survival tactics are good investments at this time......I wouldn't know for example where to start.....but I do believe there is good suspicion to begin investing time and energy on "what if" emergency packages stored away in a nearby room incase you have to run out quick! Just a thought..... :ohno: :help:

I really hope this is all paranoia and that absolutely nothing will occur.....but I think we all feel this is becoming more difficult to ignore; things are changing, the question is, is it for good or for bad......

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PostThu Mar 26, 2009 11:19 pm » by Kyo121

i only have preparations for events such as martial law,lost of electricity, major weather disasters, and the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse. Any other disaster would be like bailing water out of a boat that has no bottom. I do not have the resource nor the knowledge to prepare for something like a nuclear winter or things of that nature with the potential for mass extinction of species.

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