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31 Names for Planet X

Ancient history, astronomy, folklore and prophecy record many names for Planet X. The Sumerians called it the “12th planet” or “Nibiru” (translates into; planet of passing). Between the Babylonians and Mesopotamians there were at least three names “Marduk”, “The King of The Heavens” and The “Great Heavenly Body”. The ancient Hebrews referred to it as the “Winged Globe” because of it’s long orbit high among the stars. The Egyptians had two names “Apep” or “Seth”. The Greeks called it “Typhon” after a feared leader and “Nemesis” (one of its most telling names).
Other ancient peoples have given it labels such as; “The Celestial Lord Shiva” and “God of Destruction”. To the ancient Chinese it was known as “Gung-gung”, “The Great Black or Red Dragon”. The Phoenicians said it was “The Great Phoenix”. The Hebrews called it “Yahweh”. The Mayans called it “Celestial Quetzalcoatl”. The celestial body was known to the Latin’s as “Lucifer”.
From works of prophecy there are other names for X. The “Red or Blue Star” is of the Hopi Indian and Gordan Michael Scallion designation. The “Fiery Messenger” is in the Ramala prophecy. The “Great Star” is from the Book Revelation. “His Star” is how it is referred to in Edgar Cayce Readings. The “Great Comet” and “The Comet of Doom” is right out of the Grail Message. From an early English prophet named “Mother Shipton”, “The Fiery Dragon” was the name she gave as seen from her second sight. Our solar systems “10th Planet” is “X”.
There’s also “The Intruder” and “The Perturber” from astronomy. Apparently 25% of all observed comet orbits are being measurably perturbed by the magnetic or gravitational pull of this planet. Plus the largest of our planets orbits are being perturbed toward Orion.
No matter what the name used, it’s the same object that has the same effects before and during it’s passage of earth. The Sumerians also had a name for it’s approximate 3600 year orbit “A Shar”. The ancient Hindu astronomers gave the name “Treta Yuga” for it’s 3600 year orbit and the destruction it causes had the label “Kali Yuga”. Some of the names given by the ancients are a kin to names for god.
These people viewed the power and destruction that this planet brings with it to be so significant as to believe it could only come from the hand of god. It’s not that they worshipped the planet, rather they just had great respect for the sweeping changes it brought with each passing.
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