Playstation 3 Controller could explode

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PostSat Nov 13, 2010 10:59 pm » by Otomon

A couple of months old but I have not see anyone post this so....basically Sony came out and officially announced that an update they made (3.21 Firmware I believe) blocks unofficial controllers... and not only that it make cause them to ignite or explode,wow who knew that they controller I am holding was also a bomb!


The official announcement is here:
if you fee like reading through all of that,but I think I summarized it pretty good.
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PostSat Nov 13, 2010 11:07 pm » by Pindz

videos ? ........... xbox is better Image at least controller dont explode

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PostSat Nov 13, 2010 11:14 pm » by Ghost32

I heard about this the other day,

Please note that these are not Sony controllers but 3rd party controllers such as the cheaper ones released by madcatz and others and also conterfeit controllers that look like sony that have been bought from not so reputable store, those controllers are actually not supported by the Ps3 but are technically compatible but because of cheaper parts and design there is a possiblity that they might short circuit and explode.

Brand Name Sony Controllers cost a pretty penny and the wireless ones are close to $50 for some models and there is a reason you pay more, because of the reliable design and testing that went into making them safe for kids to use, the 3rd party controllers range from $10-$20 and the lower prices is directly linked to less than quality parts used to make those controllers. Alot of those fakes are being made in China and sent to america...

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