polatician actors who wins the oscar for best actor

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yes in the past america had ronald reagan the cow boy actor
later we had the bush family from texas and the bill clinton funny guye
the uk had blair ,,thatcher , we had cons and labour and liberal and sdp .
we have cleg and ed and our eaton boy who thinks he his cool cleg cries in is sleep and ed fights with his brother .
camron ,cleg or ed who is the top actor in uk
do you have a top actor in usa like obanana or the ice queen from alaska ,mc cain sells his chips and ron paul is a top man .
who is your top actor because they all are actors making acts to rule over you .
the actors have there diectors who you dont see and they are the power men out there used by the banks to controll you .
so who is the best actor blinking cable is cool .

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