Police Audio – Mystery Booms, “Fire in the Sky” and “Smoke”

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This happened between 1:45 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. on April 1st, 2012 – no, it is not a joke

BARABOO (WKOW) — First Clintonville, now Baraboo; Police are investigating weekend reports of booms and flashes of light.

Neighborhoods on Baraboo’s southwest side woke early Sunday morning to a loud boom, and less than an hour later, another one. Both booms accompanied by a flash of light. More than a dozen callers described the sounds of an explosion, blasting dynamite or a gunshot.

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A police officer on duty was parked along 8th Street at about 1:45 a.m. Sunday when he heard the boom and saw the flashing light. He immediately thought a transformer blew.

“When those things go off they make a really loud pop and usually there’s a flash of light as they’re surging off the electricity,” says Chief Mark Schauf.

But it wasn’t. Alliant Energy told authorities they had no outages or transformer problems.

27 Storm Track meteorologists say it is highly unlikely that what Baraboo experienced was weather related, because no storms traveled through the area — leading Schauf to the only explanation he can think of: fireworks.

“There’s no evidence to suggest that there’s anything other than a man made cause at hand,” Schauf says.


But many of those who’ve heard it say it sounded much more intense. We talked to a few people in Baraboo who say they heard the booms but had no idea what it was.

Many people commented on the 27 News Facebook page, some saying the fireworks explanation is plausible, others say there has to be something else authorities are missing.

Police say there’s little they can do now, unless the city hears more booms.

City Officials Release Audio of Clintonville Booms – April 2, 2012

CLINTONVILLE, WI (WTAQ) – It’s been a challenge to record them, but Clintonville city officials have the first audio recording of the actual booming noises the city has been dealing with since Sunday night, March 18th. City Administrator Lisa Kuss says a Madison Area Technical College student Brian Sullivan was able to record a boom noise on Saturday March 24th.

Kuss says Sullivan has been working with the city on and off for over the two week period whenever he has been available. The booming noises are accompanied with ground trembles that have woken up residents in the middle of the night.

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This is NOT an isolated incident:

April 4, 2010 Mysterious Boom Rocks Pacific Northwest

March 30, 2010 What caused Sunday’s PDX Boom?

March 16, 2011 Mystery boom rattles South Carolina Coast

March 7th 2012 ( Hundreds of Reports) Loud boom heard in multiple Ala. counties


Unexplained triple mystery ‘booms’ rattle houses in northern region of France

Source: [url]justpiper.com/2012/04/police-audio-april-1-2012-baraboo-wisc-mystery-booms-fire-in-the-sky-and-smoke/[/url]

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Why does this seem like the strange 'trumpet' noises. Where you may of had some real ones then all of a sudden all these 'instances' can be heard and it gets hard to tell the real stories from the fake.

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99socks wrote:Lol...

Even 'them' (rythers) are starting to notice :mrgreen:

"The Heaven's Lights are fed by the energy generated inside the furnaces of Hell; I AM One Conductive Wire! "

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