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PostMon Jul 23, 2012 7:46 am » by Dstarmg123

I have this idea to start a new political party in america(Silly I know), but it is something I feel strongly.

It is just me by myself brainstorming ideas. IMO, I am not a fan of either the republicans or the democrats because I do not believe that either side cares about the citizens. Every four years I see all my loved ones inspired to vote, only to see them shake their head as things refuse to change. Its not one persons fault and their are politicians that mean well....but they are few and far between to me and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of just standing by when I know I can help change things. However, I want to hit the root of the problem.

Protesting, shouting, marching DOES NOT WORK, at least not anymore. Wall street criminals laugh as they past the protesters and head for another day of robbing people. Voting is also a waste of time as long as we keep voting for the same types of garbage. Kissing babies, big smiles, wonderful speeches and inspirational pep rallys maybe great for building unity to when a football game, but it is irrelevant to how a country should be run. It will no longer work to lead mankind to the 22nd century.

Politicians are nothing but 'People Champions' to me, an illusion of choice. They are actors. My definition of Presidents is..a performer bought to convince the general public that what the true holders of power are doing to them is in their best interest when it really isn't.

We as a society no longer have the luxury of hiring these frauds, not even good politicians. Politicians are not progressive and they are not problem solvers. Are politicians do primarily is to make budgets and declare war. Laws are created when a problem cannot be solved, but how can any politician solve a problem when most are not trained to solve problems? Who changed your life more? Bill Clinton or Steve Jobbs? It is not politicians that change our lives: Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, Entrepreneurs and Teachers change our lives daily. We shouldn't be electing 'Actors' who are only trained in 'Bi-Partisanship', we should be electing representatives who are trained everyday about how to make society better. America should already have innovations such as Vaccum trains, solar energy and private space travel universally throughout the country, but because of the fear of losing market share, binding red tape laws(pressured by corporations) and bought off actor politicians we do not, and other countries are passing America up as the leading countries in the world(Power to them).

I have an idea to introduce a third political part to rival the reds and blues. This in not the 'independent' party, because our ideals are not based off the views of the left or right, but a completely new perspective that includes ideals from every political view.

Any representative who runs as a member of our party will be someone who is skilled in a field that is relevant to society. They should be brilliant people who have studied for a long time about how to advance mankind. They should help overturn laws that hinder innovation and entrepreneurs, they should make illegal certain forms of lobbyism, they should privatize the space industry in order to use the tax payers dollars to other investments. I care not for speeches or pep rallys, I only care about the advancement of mankind.
Should gay marriage be legal? Its irrelevant because government should not have any say in what marriage is and it should be understood already that anyone who is homosexual should be treated just as fairly as everyone else. It doesn't need to be a law or an amendment, it should be understood because we are no longer primitive people and the fact that politicians spend entire campaigns on the subject is a slap in the face to the american public. It should not have taken this long to help the gay community.

It is the politicians of different nations that are odds with one another, however it is the scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, etc whom compare and challenge each other's ideas. They are the ones who collaborate for the sake of the idea not because it is a good political move.

This is my dream, to have innovative representatives in a democracy in which they have the skills necessary to advance the country, not for pep rally speeches.

I need help, I need feed back, I need everything. Anyone who has feedback, advice or who wants to be apart of it please let me know.

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PostMon Jul 23, 2012 4:13 pm » by monica44

Well i guess you need ideas on how to raise a few [lots actually] million dollars, it seems that is a prerequisite to running for state, unfortunately enough, but that is how it is. you then need to raise a few more to buy time so you can rally your peoples. That is if you get thus far, because it seems in any country if you speak for the voice of reason, you will be hounded out quicker than you can say, Vote for me, unless i am being overtly cynical ? Apologies if i am....
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PostMon Jul 23, 2012 4:17 pm » by Tuor10

I don't know much about the American political scene, but here in Britain, most new parties last one election. After that, they fall apart. Most are so heavily maligned by the state media that they fail to rouse the electorate before a vote has been cast.
Politics is monopolised now. Alas, there is no room for free thinkers with agenda's that are not driven by money and power.

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