Poll: If you saw a doorway leading into another dimension..

If you saw a doorway leading into another dimension... Would you step through it?

Tie a string around your phone and throw it in first.
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PostFri Jun 21, 2013 12:18 pm » by Yaok

Yah of course i would. It would make such sense to walk somewhere i know not and not have a clue as to being able to return...

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PostFri Jun 21, 2013 12:21 pm » by Skydog

Toxic32 wrote:Vortex or wormhole opens up in a local street close to where I live.


I can see that street from my flat toxic!Haven't noticed any giant snakes myself. :(

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PostFri Jun 21, 2013 12:55 pm » by Annabella

I voted no..

I would not leave my child behind and wouldnt decide for her to come neither.

Guess we will eventually all go through a vortex when we die no??


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PostFri Jun 21, 2013 1:25 pm » by The57ironman

Constabul wrote:If you saw a doorway leading into another dimension... Would you step through it?


.......in a heartbeat..see ya'....Image

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Each event increases in volatility over the last event,
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PostFri Jun 21, 2013 1:27 pm » by Kinninigan


"Tie a string around your phone and throw it in first."

Read more: poll-if-you-saw-a-doorway-leading-into-another-dimension-t84507-10.html#ixzz2WqwimKVR

Is that so the NSA can track my interdimensional travels?



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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 8:14 am » by Chillitiger

Constabul wrote:
Chillitiger wrote:I have.....

and I shit myself.

True story.

No fucking way was I going in there.

If you'll nice I'll tell you how it came about.. maybe...

That would be cool to hear/read.


I had forgotten I replied to this thread.

So my story, not that it goes very long.

Many years ago I was into Magic, book of Thoth, necromonicon stuff.

One night I was practicing some trance state exercises.

I was focusing on the gaps between my fingers that I had made into a circle. The idea is to look at the space, which sounds easy but actually takes quite a bit of practice. If you want to practice, find those 3D pictures that used to be around. That is exactly what you need to do.

anyway after staring at the space for a minute or so, suddenly a picture appeared, It was of either A, a small 6 legged beetle up very close and from below, viewed from the height of a grain of sand I would imagine,

or B, A massive machine that was built in the shape of a beetle and I was seeing it from a mans perspective
Something like in the terminator movies. The "thing" was walking along, over uneven ground. The impression I got was something akin to a giant war machine, bit this could just be my predisposition from fatalistic future movies. And also it was just a very "odd" thing to see, out of anything my mind could have conjured up. (if it was my mind that conjured it)

The sight only lasted a few seconds as it was unexpected and quite frankly startled me (i truly did not expect to see anything).

I was completely straight and fully conscious by the way.

Anyway, after contemplating what had just happened for 15 min or so I had an idea to try the same thing and get the same feeling back (it seemed it was the "feeling" that gave it its reality/expression) but I would try to project it onto the wall.

So I got myself into the same frame of mind and began to concentrate really hard. I was sitting at the time and I then had the urge to stand up and walk to a spot in the room. As i approached this spot ( I am getting goose bumps just thinking back to this, not something a choose to remember often) I saw a sliver of silver hang in the air in front of me, just over head height.

It then it started getting wider and longer beggining to form an arch. At the same time a metallic sound that was just god awful and bloody scary ("sound" doesn't describe it but I have never heard the noise before and it really wasn't "earthly". The noise was more inside my body than any where else. )

This arch started to descend down on both sides with the left being more formed than the right side. I could not describe to you what was in the middle. "unformed" is the only way to describe it. And also by this time I had pretty much had a heart attack!

It formed about half way (and this took probably 3 seconds max) and then I completely flipped and jumped across the room clutching my chest. At this point it completely de-materialized and the god forsaken noise it made left too.

I have only been that scared once before.

That was when I was shown the scale of the universe in a dream one night. (that story is on another thread, and No I did not see it all, its infinite!) The scale i saw was unbelievably big and I was well under the impression that was only a grain of sand. But that's infinity for you.

So that was my portal experience. The feeling it gave me was absolutely indescribable.

I believe it was real and not an illusion. I am a level headed man. There are many things in this universe we know nothing about. The truth is stranger than fiction.

If someone else cam into the room, would they see it. Of that I am unsure. I have never suffered from an hallucination before, or since. (debatable if the first "vision" of the bug was a hallucination or a vision of some sort.)

And no I have not tried it again. For any one who would like to I would be happy to direct you to some resources that you can try the experiment with. Just don't hold me responsible for anything that happens. magic is real and can be dangerous if not treated with respect.

Peace out

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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 8:55 am » by RATRODROB

Yep, i reacon id go through, mainly cause im an idiot and curiosity would take over any rational thought process.
In 1983 i left our camp (there were me and my mate and our guide and cook) in the himalayas at night on my own without a torch, i wanted to visit the people at another camp about 2miles back down the mountain to say hello, thought it were a good idea, i got lost a few times in the dark, couldnt see our fire or theres, i scared the shit out of em when i all of a sudden i appeared out of the dark.
i chatted to them for half hour then stood up to leave, some english bloke said to me "are you fckn goin back 2nite", i said yep and went to leave when he stopped me and gave me a little torch. i thanked him then left for the journey back up to our camp, fck that were exciting.
so yeah i think i would go.
sorry WEBCAT, but i agree with FATDOG, i would also throw our cat in first, just to see if it burst into flames or anything, im an idiot but no fool hahahahaha :cheers:
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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 12:06 pm » by Poppa_pygar

I would because i'm fed the f**k up of this world. Well it's not the world as such but the Idiots that's running it "OR" if the doorway is a portal to Hell i would shove all those people i mentioned before into it :lol:
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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 12:39 pm » by Slith

Without a doubt. I'm game for adventure

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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 12:51 pm » by TheDuck

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