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slushpup wrote:What would you say to them if you knew they were here participating as a member like us?
So, here it is then. What would you like to say to them under this premise that they are here and listening?

Hi. Thanks for traveling to us, especially right now while there is so much going on on our little planet. If you have been observing us humans, then you know that we're in a bit of a transition period. Our human nature has been hi-jacked and corrupted (by who, I don't know but I suspect non-humans) for a very long time, and now we're trying to take it back in this transition.

If you can help us break free, by all means, please do we could use the help, but I understand that taking our own responsibility is paramount to reaching our full potential.

I think maybe a good first ET question though, would be something like: "Can your species empathize with ours?"
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