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666 - Temps13

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Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:38 am

Thanks Sol
Byrd? do you mean Admiral Richard Byrd?
Was this whilst he was in Bethesda or do you mean the alleged "secret diary"?
I got a copy of that but ..dunno whether to believe it.I know he said a few things..I would think what he was known to have said referred to the "craft that fly from pole to pole"
Yeah I been noting a lot of cases to support make people like Malogg possibly rethink whether there might not be some truth here..
Me,I know its real..I'm not trying to say I know it all,just that all the cases I've come across cant be coincidence..found some good ones in the Haunted Skies series of books on british cases,some from Russia..some good ones but I need to post pictures..
I gotta fix it before i do that thread more but Its gonna be killer..even if noone posts I can still keep pluggin away at it heh
And of course plenty of pictorial evidence from the ancient past as well as the last century or so..
The Red Baron even shot a couple down

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by SolStone » Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:27 am

I am, just have had my time on a short leash and my attention divided. By all means, follow up with "12," knowledge is power. I'm still moving over some of the "6" information you mentioned which I was not familiar.

In regards to the Elohim - if you have a desire to share the information, please do; personally, I am interested.

These giants you keep speaking of, are they the entities mentioned by Colonel Byrd on his deathbed?

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:52 am

Truthdefender said
Readers can click here: for a summary paper I wrote on the word nibiru


its because you said that that I thought that..but if you say you didn't say it then ok,misunderstanding or something..its over with as far as Im concerned,Im not gonna harbour a grudge just because we have different opinions..I support your posts if I agree & if I disagree,I probably wont say anything unless I feel strong enough about it
Anyway just thought I'd add some more numbers from the number string..I probably should of done them in order but it doesn't matter at least we will have the info on DTV..
Good to build it up again after losing all that stuff..(although I didn't seem to lose all MY posts?)
So did we cover 432 fully? up to 4,320,000,000? well lets do that one..
432-(6x6x6)x2 (ie2x216)

432-Square root of the speed of light..(186,281 miles/sec)
4,320=As yards,12,960 feet

Radius whose circumf is 25,920 by perfect Pi
Circumf whose radius is 720 by perfect Pi.

Yards per second,speed of sound in granite.


In years,time to move from max to min of earth's tilt.

Heartbeats per 12 hrs in a healthy PHM (Paradigm human male)

In days,Mayan number 6 katuns,note the 6

1:43,200 is ratio of height & perimeter of Giza pyramid to radius & circumf of Earth

Surface area of sphere whose radius is 60, by perfect Pi

Miles per hour,sun's speed towards star Vega

Seconds in a 12 hour day


Sumerian number "sargal-min"

Hindu number "kaliyuga",human years

Berossus' "great year"

Number of Einherie,the valiant dead,in Valhalla

Number of syllables in Rig Veda


Sumerian number "sargal-u-min"

Hindu number "mahayuga",human years

Inches,per degree of latitude


Yards,polar circumf of Earth


Hindu number "kalpa"

Age of the Earth in years..

thats a good one..these are sacred numbers..
next,I'll do you can guess theres a good few of those..pretty amazing.This is what we're doing,,"reckoning" the number 666..we've showed how its a human a lot to show about how it governs celestial bodies that is mind blowing & also speed of sound & light through various materials & so on
I have some stuff about Jesus I'll include for Truth to see what he thinks of it,its just stuff from this book where I've got the concordance from.."How we were made" & some from Chatelain's "Cosmic Ancestors"
Where is Sol..are you still with me Sol,am I making sense?
I mean,it should be "impossible"for the ancient Egyptians,who are meant to nothing about the true shape & size of our have the relationship coded in the pyramid of 1:43,200 of itself & the dimensions of the Earth.
Clearly the Elohim done it..I was listening to clark McClelland,sco at nasa for 28yrs,oversaw 881 launches..chief spacecraft operator or whatever..he says he saw them!
I believe him..just like i believe Colonel.Corso,just like I believe colonel Halt,Travis Walton..& all the rest..
Did you know McClelland was mentored by Major Donald Keyhoe? yeah he was at nasa from 1958-1991 & lost his pension for telling about seeing the elohim..many less public figures have lost their lives for less..
For those new to this it wont hurt to add a few things..
All this knowledge(knowledge of the numbers behind the structure of everything) was given us by this "master race" we will help to show with this thread & my "Nature of the Anunnak"i thread..if anyone has any contributions then please contribute them there..well (documented stories about nordics etc..)..
These are the same race from the book of Enoch..they have satellites up there first detected by Tesla in the 1890' by this caste of little elohim called "watchers"..the programs largely automated but overseen by a few elohim..both tall & the smaller ones.
Then you have some that are said to have radiated some kind of bio luminescence..I'll get into that on the other thread though eh
I feel I have a fair bit on them now..they are telepathic..they pride themselves on their genetic purity..they have eidetic memory & live at least a thousand years (just the purest humans lived that eg Methusela-because they were closer to the genetic infusions from the elohim)
They evolved naturally whereas we were evolving from the same seeds when they came along & made hybrids-us..added x & y chromosomes..this is why I feel we cant evolve anymore..we're an evolutionary dead end.think about it..all the coding errors..they stole our destiny..I expect theres samples of the original species dna(dna of the species they added their genes to)..if these elohim have any decency they will see to it that they are allowed to evolve & fulfil their destinies..
It why they used to wrap the skulls & so aid consciousness in us..also yoga they gave us & stuff to enhance the conduit..they have active conduits that are like..their internet connection..all their brains connected(cayce style)..when they enter the right state of consciousness..
Anu was said to use staring at oil on water when he practiced divination etc..
Thye had billions of years headstart on us..this is a young solar system..but saying that,the earth is by no means in her youth..this is NOT the pinnacle of human civilization..of industry,maybe..mass production etc..anyway I digress

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:41 am

Before I go on & finish the concordance for the other divisors/multiples in the string,I'll mention a few more reasons why 666 is a human number..
We debated the number of bones..but theres other sacred measures encoded in the "paradigm human male"(with the centre of the compass on the perineum not the navel),you know,such as the 12 inch distance from the top of the head to the centre point of the outstretched arms.
The 36 inch waist...
And the crotch is 36 inches from the ground, & 36 inches from the top of the head
The stride of 36 inches.
The weight of 12 stone.
Water being 0.666 of man's weight(two thirds..same as all mammals).
12 ribs either side.
3 bones in each arm-totalling 6
12 phalanges(finger bones)in the fingers of each hand (not the thumbs,but the splay,which is also 6 inches).
Could the 12 phalanges in the four fingers be the original reasons for counting in12's? Personally I believe there was a race with 6 digits as opposed to five,like have been found on mummified remains).
Then theres the fact of the 30 bones in each leg..
Well, reading the post earlier about the Rasputin prediction of the world ending tomorrow (23rd aug 2013) in fire..I was daydreaming about the bit in Revelations where it says how the beast has risen from the sea & anyone who accepts its number on the forehead or hand would invoke the wrath of god & I thought (& this is pure speculation) maybe the gods know or create this solar flare to cull us,yeah? the elite scum bags hide in bases under the sea floor,when they emerge(when the human beasts emerge) they want all the population to have the rfid chip9this analogy is often used for the mark)..& its this that will piss off God (the gods)..But of course,thats probably wrong..
Anyway..catch you in a bit

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Truthdefender » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:25 am

Again, I never said I wrote the stuff at Sitchiniswrong. You are a very hard person to follow. Why don't you settle down, and explain this new 666 stuff as best you understand it.

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:10 pm

I never said anything of the sort. I just recommended that you read the info on that site (sitchiniswrong) so as to have balanced research approach.

You never said anything of the sort,Truth?
Let me refresh your memory is what you said in the thread about the analysis of the leaked Sumerian tablets:
Those familiar with either the writings of Zecharia Sitchin or the current internet rantings about “the return of Planet X” are likely familiar with the word “nibiru”. According to self-proclaimed ancient languages scholar Zecharia Sitchin, the Sumerians knew of an extra planet beyond Pluto. This extra planet was called Nibiru. Sitchin goes on to claim that Nibiru passes through our solar system every 3600 years. Some believers in Sitchin’s theory also refer to Nibiru as “Planet X”, the name given to a planet that is allegedly located within our solar system but beyond Pluto. Adherents to the “returning Planet X hypothesis” believe the return of this wandering planet will bring cataclysmic consequences to earth.

Is Sitchin correct – Is Nibiru a 12th planet that passes through our solar system every 3600 years? Did the Sumerians know this? Unfortunately for Sitchin and his followers, the answer to each of these questions is no. But how do I know? The cuneiform record in such texts as the one on the left, the astronomical text known as MUL.APIN (The "Plough Star").

Readers can click here: for a summary paper I wrote on the word nibiru in cuneiform texts. What follows draws from that paper and, in the case of the video, demonstrates the accuracy of my contention that there isn't a single text in the entire cuneiform record that:

Has nibiru as a planet beyond Pluto
Connects nibiru with the Anunnaki
Has nibiru cycling through our solar system every 3600 years

Searching for Nibiru in Cuneiform Texts

Here is a video that I created showing you where to find the leading dictionary of cuneiform words online (for free). Viewers can find that source and do what I do in the rest of the video: look up the entry for nibiru (spelled neberu in scholarly transliteration) and check to see if any of the above ideas are found in any Akkadian or Sumerian texts that mention nibiru. Spoiler: there aren't any -- but don't take my word for it. Look it up yourself.
THE Truth Is Coming Soon!

THATS why I thought that you were yt or mh..
Anyway I wish we all could stop bickering amongst ourselves..
Constabul,I didnt mean what I said about your posts being dumb---- :hugging:

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Constabul » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:31 pm

Temps13 wrote:I think you have forgotten to count the nine fused vertebrae of the Sacrum & Coccyx as individuals,& also the enigmatic Hyoid bone which sits,unconnected to any other bones,in the upper part of the neck..
If you count them its 216-
The number of bones in a person actually varies slightly around this number.
But please..fuck off from my thread now,unless you have some pertinent information to share..

Pertinent info

Actually these are counted. The sacrum and the coccyx fuse early, starting the process in the embryonic state, and complete in late childhood ... and (drum roll) counted as one bone. The coccyx can range from 3 to 5 vertebra, typically is 4, but all become fused (Ergo Counted As One Bone). In the elderly/ later age, the sacrum and coccyx can become fused too.

So if you wish to count fused vertebra, your end number will change depending on individual, and wouldn't be 216.. An yes the hyoid is already counted.. lol
Sooo, even IF given the fused vertebra of the sacrum, and coccyx, are counted the way in which you think makes you right... you still only have 215.. lol (See:column 2, second set: 1.hyoid)

The vertebral column consists of 26 bones, Cervical (7) thoracic (12) lumbar (5) sacrum and lumbar = 26 bones.
Tho these 26 bones include 33 vertebra. Great trick question used in almost any medical test... And a tidbit that Illuminati conspiracy nuts have fun with.

But why stop there, The hip bone.. here is another fused bone. The ilium, the ischium, and the pubis That are three distinct parts in the young that later become fused in adulthood that along with the sacrum form the pelvic cavity. Did you count these too?
Since they are counted in the medical community as one bone. I did.
But in your adjust to suit your purpose math land.. what is your number now 218, 219..?
Whatever it is, It isnt 216.

I know that fucking much.

Pertinent info

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Truthdefender » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:14 pm

Temps13 wrote:Thats cool then..
But theres 216 bones in the male body
Look forward to hearing your thoughts..since I guess this is an ongoing open thread?
I got plenty of "revelations"..
Seriously,I apologise if I wrongly accused you of being that White dude or Heiser but it was just you said you'd wrote that stuff on sitchiniswrong..anyway,it wouldnt matter anyway,would it?..oh & truthseeker..remember him? I got you muddled with he even still about?
Even if we lived to be a hundred we'd not know a fraction of a fraction..
You do come across sometimes like you think you knew it all..
Interventionism..I merely was alluding to the fact that,really Its hard to talk about this without acknowledging where this knowledge came from,like the zodiac,the Nineveh constant etc..& I was just saying,I dont want things to sidetrack into that old argument..
Btw,am I correct in my assumption that you believe in creationism? Only,its just..this could support that,you or it could support interventionism,but even if it'd still support a creator..So there's really nothing to argue about.
Except you might argue what it means when it says about 666 in the Bible,in might have some other ideas..anyway I'm certain in my mind that it means this number string,code..
It is almost like everything's been manufactured to it
The number 360 & its multiples,like 10,800,86,400 & 432,000 are found in many sacred texts & legends of the ancient I'm sure you know..
And I'm not trying to say I know more than you or anything like that..
I am starting to get into the Hindu Vedic stuff recently..I just read that a day of Brahma is like..8,640,000,000 years..did I get that right? I'll have to check that..
certainly 86,400,000,000 is a Hindu number they say is the possible age of the galaxy..
See I'm just wondering which number to start with out of numbers like 216,360,432,648,864,1080,1296,2592..
I COULD start with 666..which incidentally,is the sum of all numbers between 1 & 36..
or,another example,the line up of hexagons in the centre of every snowflake..
or 66.6,which,as a percent,is the weight of water in the paradigm human male..or as a percent,the weight of water on Earth during the Ice age..Venus is also 66.6 million miles from the sun..
As I reveal more of this stuff it will become apparent its not coincidence..
We could actually start with 216 maybe,instead..Solstice-21st of the 6th
Yeah..When I start I'll start with that,cos thats the "KEY"(6x6x6)
Its the tilt of the Earth's axis,in degrees..its the orbital velocity of Venus in Miles per second..
Its a lot of mind blowing info so I'll have to split it up a bit..
Anyway myself & I'm sure,Sol will treat you with the same degree of respect & humility you show us..& I 'm a pretty sincere,friendly,open guy..but I can give as good as I get..
I'm just here to share info & find out more info..& I'll try not to get emotional about stuff,y'know?Its just info.. :geek:
Stay tuned & it will all become clear.
Ere..Sol..did you know how its encoded at Stonehenge?I guess you know about that one?
Its common knowledge in the ley line circles..a triangle is formed one points at the Henge,anothers at Old Sarum(huge prehistoric hill fort),the last points at Grovely castle (prehistoric hill fort)..each side of the triangle is 6 miles in length,the three angles are 60 degrees each

I never said anything of the sort. I just recommended that you read the info on that site (sitchiniswrong) so as to have balanced research approach.

As for this numerology and 666 trip you've gone on, not sure I really understand it. Don't discount the plain contextual meaning of Revelation 13 however.

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:32 am

I think you have forgotten to count the nine fused vertebrae of the Sacrum & Coccyx as individuals,& also the enigmatic Hyoid bone which sits,unconnected to any other bones,in the upper part of the neck..
If you count them its 216-
The number of bones in a person actually varies slightly around this number.
But please..fuck off from my thread now,unless you have some pertinent information to share..
I dont claim to have all the answers,but its obvious,when we are invited to reckon (calculate) the number 666,its obviously referring to this number string/code,which is FUNDAMENTAL TO EVERYTHING,as if all creation were designed to these specifications..
But you don't see anything interesting in fuck off & write your usual dumb posts..
I don't know why the number on the forehead or hand of the beast that has risen from the sea would invoke the wrath of this particular god..
Neither do I know re the 666 mention in 1 kings 10:14..but a lot of these stories were coded stuff..
Who originally gave us this knowledge of the STRUCTURE OF EVERYTHING,I don't know..was it the Nommo,if they were real?the repulsive to look at aquatic aliens that hung out in tanks of water in the day while they directed us & at night slithered back into the sea..or was it the blonde haired master race whose descendants ruled Egypt..what is their relationship..if they have one..
I see there was a god of Egypt called Thamus,who the Thames is named after..
When I think of the Nommo I always think of that story from 17th century Genoa (google"couriers of celestial pestilence") that came screeching from the sea with snakes wrapped around their arms,repugnant to look at..they had to fire the cannons to drive them off..& I always imagine the celestial pestilence to be some sort of radiation..
At the least,good inspiration for some artwork..
Maybe you think its a coincidence that the circle of man,at 36 inches radius,produces,using perfect Pi,a result of 216 inches as its circumference...this is why its a "human number"
& thas from the perenium I think..a proper mancircle.
Then theres the mansphere..same code.(the sphere enclosing man with a radius of 3 feet (with perfect Pi) produces a surface area of of 108 sq.ft
.This is half of 6x6x6..1080 is also half of one zodiacal change in the precessional cycle..
Then we have the mansquare-man's perimeter of four6's multiplies out to 1296.12,960 yrs is half the 25,920 year cycle of the precessional cycle..
Then we have the man cube.. A HUMAN NUMBER...
it goes I aim to show if pricks like you will give me a chance..I dont fuck up your threads

Re: 666 - Temps13

Post by Temps13 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:06 am

Dont be such an old woman..I never claimed to be good at maths anyway,Im shit at maths
Im trying to show the real meaning of 666 thas all..geez :shooting: