Zozo The Ouija Demon

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Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Perronick » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:02 am

We talked to someone named Ziggy, once. He said he knew 3 brothers in the summer camp we were all at.

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Harbin » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:31 am

Bump for webby.

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Escargogogot » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:16 pm

Lucky for Zozo his name is very easy to spell out and that everyone at the board knows where to push the planchette after the first letter. (Unless Zorro comes to visit)

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Harbin » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:50 am

Ouija board helps psychologists probe the subconscious

Beloved of spiritualists and bored teenagers on a dare, the Ouija board has long been a source of entertainment, mystery and sometimes downright spookiness. Now it could shine a light on the secrets of the unconscious mind.

The Ouija, also known as a talking board, is a wooden plaque marked with the words, "yes", "no" and the letters of the alphabet. Typically a group of users place their hands on a movable pointer , or "planchette", and ask questions out loud. Sometimes the planchette signals an answer, even when no one admits to moving it deliberately.

Believers think the answer comes through from the spirit world. In fact, all the evidence points to the real cause being the ideomotor effect, small muscle movements we generate unconsciously.

That's why the Ouija board has attracted the attention of psychologists at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Growing evidence suggests the unconscious plays a role in cognitive functions we usually consider the preserve of the conscious mind.

Take driving your car along a familiar route while planning your day. On arrival, you realise you were not in conscious control of the car, it was your "inner zombie", said Hélène Gauchou at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness conference in Brighton, UK, this week. "How can we communicate with that unconscious intelligence?"

Gauchou's approach is to turn to the Ouija board. To keep things simple her team has just one person with their finger on the planchette at a time. But the ideomotor effect is maximised if you believe you are not responsible for any movements - that's why Ouija board sessions are most successful when used by a group. So the subject is told they will be using the board with a partner. The subject is blindfolded and what they don't know is that their so-called partner removes their hands from the planchette when the experiment begins.

The technique worked, at least with 21 out of 27 volunteers tested, reports Gauchou. "The planchette does not move randomly around the board; it moves to yes or no. It seems to move almost magically. None of them felt responsible for the movement." In fact some subjects suspected that their partner was really an actor - but they thought the actor was deliberately moving the planchette, never suspecting they themselves were the only ones touching it.

Goucher's team has not yet used the technique to get new information about the unconscious, but they have established that it seems to work, in principle. They asked subjects to answer 'yes' or 'no' to general knowledge questions using the Ouija board, and also asked them to answer the same questions using the more orthodox method of typing on a computer (unblindfolded). Participants were also asked whether they knew the answer or were just guessing.

When using the computer, if the subjects said they didn't know the answer to a question, they got it right about half the time, as would be expected by chance. But when using the Ouija, they got those questions right 65 per cent of the time - suggesting they had a subconscious inkling of the right answer and the Ouija allowed that hunch to be expressed (Consciousness and Cognition, DOI: 10.1016/j.concog.2012.01.016).

The team now plan to refine the technique, as a normal Ouija board can take too long to deliver an answer - up to two minutes. "We're trying to develop a reducted friction device," says Gauchou. She's even developing a "Ouija app".


Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by ashleirose » Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:34 pm

Concerned wrote:Found this on the net. I know Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Paige was into all this.

'What is this ZOZO? Supposedly the 3 headed dog demon which guards the gates of hell has a tattoo on it’s forehead that spells ZOSO. Also, ZOZO is a term Aleister Crowley claimed meant “666.” Jimmy Page of the rock group Led Zeppelin also used ZOSO as a symbol on the Zeppelin 4 album. Could ZOZO and Zoso be connected somehow? How can so many different people from so many different parts of the world somehow lie about this ZOZO spirit? And if they aren’t lying, than how can you explain these visitations by this wicked entity? Is ZOZO the devil himself? Or a wayward demon who has the power to manifest itself wherever and whenever it is called?

End quote

I have also found on the net about the Boleskine House which is formerly owned by Jimmy Page. The mansion was known due to its horrifying stories. Many people have died on this house for unknown reasons and they just disappeared without any trace. Here is the picture of this haunted house and some additional information: http://booalert.com/forum/topics/bolesk ... n-scotland

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Seahawk » Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:55 am

Welcome, Darren. Nice to have you join us here. :flop:

My cousin had a quija when we were like 13-14 y/o, or so. One night we tried our luck, with 4 or 5 of us (cousins and friends) and ended up seriously scaring the piss outa all of us. It was a big joke to start off, but by the end, we weren't laughing any more. I've not thought about it much since then, but I'll never pick up another Quija board.



Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Darrenteed » Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:56 am

I have been watching this thread for over a year and finally decided to add a bit to the topic. I'm Darren Evans, and have been researching what I coined "The zozo phenomena" for several years. I began playing with boards as a teen back in the mid eighties. A strange double sided Ouija was found under my girlfriends house in west Tulsa, and on one side was a gruesome looking homeade board with the name Zozo etched into it. This is where my experiences with this entity began.

For 20 years or so everytime I used the board it would be there, as if it attached itself to me. It even said it would always be there. I was young and rebellious so I taunted it, and demanded that it show itself. Strange things began to happen. Some of my zozo experiences are mentioned in the latest book by paranormal researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, titled "Ouija gone Wild."

With the advent of the internet I started to use different search engines to research ouija boards and this particular entity zozo. I noticed there were other people making comments about having similar experiences with zozo, and thats when I KNEW I wasn't crazy. I think perhaps the first account was named "Zozo the Reptoid."

I started a blog in May of 2009 to document and archive some of the stories. I had no idea it would explode into what it has become, which is something like an urban legend. After receiving hundreds of emails from people all over the world who had encounters with zozo and other "Zentities" as I refer to them.....I knew this was something very strange.

How could zozo surface on so many Ouija boards world wide? If demonic entities are not omnicient, how could this thing cross so many geographical and cultural borders? It shows similarities in some of the manners by which it communicates. It shows a perverse sexual attraction to young females, and other similarities.

The demonologist John Zaffis was interviewed on Darkness Radio after my first paranormal show with Dave Shrader that he has heard the name come up time and time again. We did a few radio shows together discussing our thoughts on the zozo phenomena. Zaffis claims he does not think zozo is a demon, but instead believes zozo is an actual deity.

I was approached by an independent film company to play the role of myself in the horror film entitled I am Zozo, which is loosely based on my research and experiences with the entity. And yes I was writing a book as well which has not worked out too well.....as I really do not consider myself an author. But I think a book needs to be written on the subject. Until then again check out Ouija gone Wild when it comes out...I think it is available on Rosie's website.

The zozo film has not been released as of this date, but suspect it will become available this Halloween. I played the role for free. Going into the film I had my reservations about everything, but agreed to do the film in my effort to warn people about the dangers of spirit contact through Ouija. Marketed to children, I believe people need to know about zozo and it's antics. I never got into to any of this for popularity or money. I have agreed to dicuss the phenomena in Robert Murch's new Ouija documentary also slated for a Halloween release.

In any event, the zozo phenomena remains a puzzling mystery. I literally recieve emails everyday from people out there experiencing the phenomena. The Vatican practically lives on my website at zozotheouijaspirit.blogspot.com. My site trackers log their visits, and they are not shy about letting their urls be recorded and it makes me wonder what they know about this entity. When I found out zozo is mentioned in the dictionarre infernal written in various editions in the 19th century I was floored. This was well after my research began, and with all the recent "mama" stories being shared....I believe there is a chance that this "mama" entity was also present during the possession of a young girl in 1816. Mama appears with zozo in many of the zozo stories and encounters shared with me.

For the most part my research on this topic is an open book. Ive recently interviewed Robert Murch, Rosemarie Ellen Guiley, Robyne Marie, Teddy Skyler and more on my paranormal internet radio show called Hells Bells Radio. This thread shows up number two when you google zozo so I am sure it has lots of views so anyone who has further comments or questions feel free to ask them. I enjoy intelligent debate, and have been sharply criticized for my involvement with this phenomena, but again I think the truth needs to be exposed.

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Ishumble » Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:05 am

This was a great post.I think it is funny people believe in demons but not God? they ask for proof,but God owes us nothing yet he sent his son to save us from ourselves.We messed up,and don't want to live by the consequences of the choice we have made.We are now living under the enormous weight of sin,look at the box office Evil is in(joke). Sin will take you father than you want to go,keep you longer than you want to stay,and cost you more than you want to pay.Stay away from any form of evil.Repent while you can.

Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Harbin » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:17 pm

An "event" happened early Friday morning while I was trying to sleep, so this topic is fresh on my mind. I have said here before, and this young woman too, knows how to stop these things and get them out of your house. Yell, speak, murmer, the name of Jesus. Many of us study occult subjects, even UFO's are occult, doing so we can inadvertently open doors to evil entities, or energies.
Those of you who doubt, you can keep on doubting, and I will not argue with you.
You have been armed, if "it" happens to you.

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Re: Zozo The Ouija Demon

Post by Harbin » Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:06 am

farnsworth wrote:Not too be messed with. It is said that spirits can enter the body and make life a living hell those are the bad ones,there are good entities as well,all in all I wouldn't mess with the board.

This is an interesting topic that crops up occasionally. Has anyone done the Ouija bored...er board lately ?