The Lee Avenue Haunting

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Re: The Lee Avenue Haunting

Post by monica44 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:21 pm

Spock wrote:I think that way as well, that people in the right conditions can become the conduit, and definitely that if invited, something is bound to answer at some point.

Please tell us about your experiences.

MY very first experience with said ouja board was disturbing, we got this bloke who was coming out with rude suggestions of what he would like to do to my mother, we then got a young boy from Leamington Spa [or at least that is what he said, he wanted help as he went missing,] the glass shot off the table and stood in mid air for a few seconds [defying the laws of gravity] before crashing down.
It never got much better there on in, lightbulbs smashing things going bump and generally a heavy atmosphere about the house.
By the time we moved out of that house i was 15 and settled nearer my grandmothers, it was at this house i started seeing lights on in rooms that had no light bulbs in there [my father was a strict bully and we were not allowed them in our rooms] i saw what i thought was a five year old child walk across the landing, noises coming from inside the wardrobe in my mothers room, generally a scary time was had by all come the night time.
The last time i thought i lived in a haunted house was where i lived before here, i used to hear pots and pans rattling and this was where i used to live with my then new partner.
I was never able to sleep in the same bed as him, i never settled until i went downstairs where i would suddenly drop asleep [i have since found out it is how them up there get you alone so they are not interupted.
It was not until i moved to this place now that the separation was not my idea. The night of 27th Sept 2010 at 2.24am changed everything for me the time i awoke on some type of moulded raised matress, i felt restrained and the four beings huddled together the other side of the room were odd, i saw they were short but i was unable to focus on the faces that bit was blurred out [retrieved memories now see then as wrinkly with big eyes] Another being was by my head, i was paralysed apart from vision, i saw a flash the room dropped/wobbled and the scenery changed something was said i blacked out again until i came away from the place, there must have been a being with me because he instinctively answered my questions, telepathically!! The other thing i remember from that first night of my awakening that whatever i traveled in was confined, what is more a perfect oval shape with two symetrical lines were burned into my front lawn..
That was the first one i remembered and the most harrowing too,because of the shock of my experience i went to the doctors and told her, i had a vague warning i should not have told, my beloved Siamese cat was dead maybe as a warning, so now i say nothing. There is so so much more involved than simple abduction because as you know, nothing is at it seems. The world and universe is more convoluted than anyone can comprehend.
I did go out and get another cat and she knows when they are going to turn up she waits by the kitchen window for them, she is also now scared of children because of the height of them she associates with the little folk.
I now know that we have been visited since 1951 because my mother remembers the little people who came through walls, she was discouraged from ever speaking about it as a child for fear of ridicule.

Re: The Lee Avenue Haunting

Post by Spock » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:31 pm

I think that way as well, that people in the right conditions can become the conduit, and definitely that if invited, something is bound to answer at some point.

Please tell us about your experiences.

Re: The Lee Avenue Haunting

Post by monica44 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:22 pm

It is interesting to note at the end of the story that the residents of the property today have reported no paranormal activity, I myself grew up with things going bump in the night along with some other scary shit, i will also point out i grew up doing ouja boards with my mother from quite a young age {10-11} which on some occasions became quite hair-raising to say the least, and we moved a couple of times and "stuff" seemed to have followed, infact it continued with me until a few years ago when i awoke somewhere other than my bed and the beings with me were not human. Which leads me to think that activity is usually associated with certain people not just houses..
Which is why the present owners of the property at Lee Ave are not affected.

The Lee Avenue Haunting

Post by Spock » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:27 pm


The Lee Avenue Haunting

An interview with author Donna Parish-Bischoff about her experiences in her family's house haunted by multiple malevolent entities

When she was a young girl in 1974, Donna Parish-Bischoff's family moved into what they thought was an ordinary house on Lee Avenue in Yonkers, New York. They would soon find out that the house was far from ordinary.

Disembodied voices, poltergeist-type activity, puzzling doppelgangers, and even apparitions plagued the family to the point where they questioned their sanity and caused more apprehension and dread than they could handle. It turns out the house had a very disturbing history.

Donna has chronicled her experiences in that house in her book The Lee Avenue Haunting. In this interview, she talks more about that extraordinary time on her life.

Q: Your family moved into the Lee Avenue house in October, 1974. Would you say you got strange feelings from it from the very beginning?

I felt something was different , off a bit.... I felt as if there were someone watching me when I was alone, very oppressive in manner.

Q: You heard several types of voices in the house, from a little girl's singing to a man's gruff voice. Do you think there were multiple entities in this house?

I do believe that that home was a portal of a sort to many entities or demons pretending to be a little girl to a gruff man. I do feel as if that the spirit of the last tenant who committed suicide did come back and joined them. He did not want to leave when his family moved out.

Q: There were many events in the house that could be categorized as "poltergeist activity," which is a psychic phenomenon generally caused by stresses. Do you think this could account for some of what you experienced, or do you think it was all ghost related?

Being that my mom , brother, and sister encountered [these phenomena] as well , I have to believe that these were ghost or demon activity. It was strong and too powerful for us to rid of it on our own.

Q: Your family was disappointed with the reaction you received from the Church when you reached out for help. What happened? And has this affected your attitudes toward the Church and religion?

Well , the Catholic Church in my opinion could have helped us , but I suppose they did not want to be involved in something that might raise eyebrows or make them look potentially foolish in the public if it got out.

My mother , rest her soul, continued to keep her faith in the Catholic Church. I, however, came to a fork in the road with my faith. I have been a solitary Wiccan since 1983.

Q: You even tried using a Ouija board at one point. How did that experience color your views about the board?

After I foolishly toyed with the Ouija board against better judgment and many warnings, I [now] realize that it's not a toy; it's not for the faint of heart. It's not for the uneducated of its proper usage . I hear so many people approach now and ask me about using them on investigations. I advise against it. You might invite something into the client's home, then pack up your equipment and leave the clients with a big mess . I just say leave it alone.

Q: Your father was a skeptic about ghosts and hauntings. Was there an event that changed his mind?

Years later, about a week before my father passed away, my father did have an experience. It was one Saturday morning. I had been cleaning and he asked me if there had been an earthquake or a thunder storm during the night. I looked at him so odd. I said, "No dad. Not at all.... Why?"

He said, "Donna , something was shaking my bed. My bed moved!" I got the chills. One week later, my father passed away. I think he realized he was being visited, but did not want to come out and say it. That was the closest he ever got to admitting it to me.

Q: As you reflect on the events at the Lee Avenue house, what do you think was the ultimate cause? Were they ghosts in the traditional sense? Or something else?

I do not think there was anything traditional about the Lee Avenue haunting. What the ultimate cause was? I can speculate and say the suicides, the depression that hung onto the walls. I could say the years of covered up lies. Maybe the spirits wanted the truth out there.

I would love to investigate that home as a adult. I have written the current owners and have actually visited them. I have left it up to them to decide for a paranormal investigation. They do have small children and they have made it known they are uncomfortable with having their children exposed to the paranormal. So far, they have not had any paranormal experiences.

Donna Parish-Bischoff is a co-founder of Indy Para Paranormal Investigators, located in New York's Hudson Valley.