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Re: 1111.......................?

Post by Jesse89202 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:14 am

I have created several 1111 threads (well maybe just one.) But this isn't my first time talking about it. I heard of the cosmic joker before but I never really gotten into it deep. It is funny however, that a joker signifies Satan or the Devil. It is a weird coincidence you brought this up. Of course two separate things to consider it does have its resemblance. The deceiver is the joker only joking. That is the Devil. :twisted:

As far as the chaos theory and its deeper understanding.. I have not gone into it besides hearing it on the History channel. Blows my mind. But, this thing in space can be whatever you wish. :alien:

You're lucky it doesn't bother you, I have been pulling my hair out. It has been freaking me out for quite some time. The stories I got to tell about the 1111 phenomena. :sleep:

Re: 1111.......................?

Post by RATRODROB » Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:03 am

Gee guys and gals, the replies to this have really hit my curiosity button.

im not religious at all but more spiritual I spose, I have an understanding as to what numbers and mathematics mean in nature and science, every thing seems to hinge on or is connected through numbers and sequences of numbers, but I havnt really put my experience down to anything meaningful or directional, I just tend to blame the cosmic joker for most of the weird shit that involves me.

I imagine the COSMIC JOKER as being some almighty invisible presence, that has the power to change peoples lives and experiences for better or worse, I imagine him/her sitting up there in space playing little games with people, sometimes just for his/her own amusement, sometimes to create awareness to his/her subject (toy or plaything) by giving them cryptic clues and images or whatever, maybe to wake us up or something.

If the cosmic joker is simply fckn with, or playin around with me, I would have to know more about the numbers that I see frequently to figure out the bigger picture, and going by the replies from you all, I hav a lot of info to get me goin, thank you all for your help.

POPPA, I don't know what would cause you to actually wake up to see a certain time on the clock at the same time, do you have trouble getting back to sleep or does it make you wide awake and leaving you with feelings of WTF.

There is a lot for me to consider now with all the different (yet similar) replies to me on this, this numbers thing don't bother me none, its kind of fun and interesting.

its strange that I have never heard or read anyone on DTV mention the COSMIC JOKER before, if you aint heard of it befor, google it, it will explain it better than me.


Re: 1111.......................?

Post by Jesse89202 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:17 am

theclarificator3 wrote:So in easy terms, these number patterns are announcing our end.

I am somewhat in agreement. However, it may mean the beginning of the end to either our world or a persons life. Not death (hopefully not) but something is stirring in the air. I seem to believe that people seeing repeating numbers are extremely aware of what their doing in life. This could be people who intend good but, are tempted to do evil anyways. Perhaps not evil maybe something "bad" in general. This person may or not know what they are doing. Perhaps its time to stop and look around you. Go out one day and meditate to who you are, what are your goals. What are you doing with your life? Are you happy? Sad? Angry? Perhaps you have a nice car, house, wife etc. But, you feel something.. I think these people who see and numbers that just scare them is a manifestation of a numerical calling from within yourself. A warning of some sort. You are either heading towards a wall in your life or you are balancing it to edge it off and hit the floor (so to speak). Stop the risks. And if you take risks, think ahead (of the bad things.)

As the old saying goes, "Only the good die young."

There must be a reason the good died young. They must of done something wrong. Repeating numbers can be in short a warning. Whatever it is, you know it right now. You can either prevent something or you will make 'it' happen. I been able to decipher it somehow. Am I wrong? Yea, can be. This is just my own personal opinion. It could just be you can easily notice things other can't. Making you far more open to the unseen. People who notice repeating numbers are literally trapped in the matrix. They can stop something in their lives for the better, or let it all go down in defeat. Going for a promotion? work your butt off and speak up. Knock that other person off. It's your time to shine. No? Sit back and get unnoticed. This could also be that you are probably far more advanced in understanding what is going on in the world. You probably know more than your friends (real friends not internet buddies) family and other acquaintances. Share with them the news. Christian? speak out. Don't be afraid to tell others about Jesus. OK this is just an example. You can be into buddah or atheist. Let people know. Educate and learn from others.

Back to the "these number patterns are announcing our end.." that can also be it. just look how the world is coming too.. more information is feed to us. overwhelming and comes to us in seconds faster and faster every year. just a matter of time. :peep:

For me its 1111, 222, 333 and I can't believe this .. now i'm seeing 911 like the rest of you. Anyone seen this movie?

Upload to Disclose.tv

"Mathematics is the language of nature. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature. " Pi

Shambhala, Jewish Mysticism is believed to be encoded information sent by God. <--- :look:

Re: 1111.......................?

Post by MickyMouse » Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:21 am

Have a read about something called Angel Numbers, it talks about constantly noticing various sequences or repeated numbers around us :


I hope you get something out of it :)

Re: 1111.......................?

Post by theclarificator3 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:21 am

RATRODROB wrote:IM not shittin you but I have been in my shed since about 8.40 pm, I went out side and videoed the blue moon and had a few beers, then I went inside at about 11pm and put some spaghetti bolognaise in the micro wave and I looked at the clock on our oven and it was fckn 11.11, my wife were in the toilet and I called out to her but it was 11.12 when she saw it .
the clock on our stove isn't even the right time, WTF


These events are not related to the spiritual realm, or angels or good things.
No one would be a better person or will enhance their DNA by seeing this phenomena neither.
Let me explain to you if I can.
Our future is entering in our present at a high speed.
So we as a planet, and as beings we are having glimpses of the future, because our future is literally crashing in our present.
We are like a serpent eating its own tail.

So in easy terms, these number patterns are announcing our end.

To better understand, I recommend you to read Einstein examples of time traveling and his examples of travelling at the speed of light.

Re: 1111.......................?

Post by Lucidlemondrop » Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:09 am

dude, imo...........

doesn't matter which combo speaks to you, yet once it speaks it becomes a "living language"

mine are all combo's of 5 and threes..............


Re: 1111.......................?

Post by RATRODROB » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:31 am

Thanx for the reply's peeps, it certainly is weird how certain numbers can constantly cross your path.

the chances of seeing 1111 so often for me would be like tossing a coin 10 times and coming up heads every time.

it were interesting to hear from you guys what you have experienced and what you put it down to, but as CAINOS said, he's happy to not know the reason for it, if you could know the real reason behind it, it may be more creepy than just experiencing the numbers thing without knowing why.

as I said a few posts back, I came inside after videoing the blue moon last night and BANG, there it was again on the stove clock timer.

oh well , its bussinness as usual, back to the grind stone.

if anyone else experiences something like this way more than you should, can you tell it here, thanx

Welcome W W ANDREW, :flop:


Re: 1111.......................?

Post by Slith » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:13 pm

wazwozzyandrew wrote::alien: this same thing with numer 11 has been with me since 911. it pulses for weeks at a time then dies off , but you know when its back alright, i have exactly the same experience as you and some !! :bang;

I've had the same with 911. I see it on my watch or alarm clock at least once a week.


Re: 1111.......................?

Post by wazwozzyandrew » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:51 pm

:alien: this same thing with numer 11 has been with me since 911. it pulses for weeks at a time then dies off , but you know when its back alright, i have exactly the same experience as you and some !! :bang;

Re: 1111.......................?

Post by Zer0 » Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:19 pm

Umbrex wrote:For me it's 666

I find, that it's a syncronicity thing going on. When i "do good" in a karmic life choice kind of way, it occurs more frequently, than if i keep making the wrong choices.

I am ofc aware of it might be selective attention, but the correlation is fun and happened to much for me to believe it is 100% random. I started seeing it as "i'm on the right way" phenomena.


666 can be connected to The Sun Talisman, its value is that of 666.