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Post by Xxsparklexx » Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:51 pm

The source of ultimate wisdom, God, the One, the G.A.O.T.U., or whatever you wish to call it, started creation to experience LOVE.

Why would you denounce this gift of love and aim for ultimate knowledge, just to end up all-knowing, but ultimately lonely ? :headscratch:

Think about it, before climbing up the mountain... :think:



Post by Canubis » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:54 pm

ya just dont get it...infinite wisdom requires your entire life on earth and beyond alone 1 in an all, thumbs up to u christomite some dam good points there but not even pindz could understand how in order to achieve the master of brightness/wisdom u must be alone and u will be left alone for infinite on your thrown that is the goal of light waiting for 1 man to reach the top


Post by Stomzinnig » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:48 pm

canubis wrote:if u/i climb the mountain of infinite wisdom there is no path for love, that lies at the bottom. So love and wisdom cannot exist together,

i ask you where this comes from..
it doesn't make any sence to me @ all..

what about this one:

Ultimately, all real communication is about truth. And ultimately, the only real truth is love. That is why, when love is present, so is communication. (Neale Donald Walsch)

.. and so is wisdom.. IMHO..

cheers.. 8-)


Post by Drjones » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:47 pm

To me and from personal experience you can only be truly wise when you are 'in love'.
This is the ultimate state of awareness.There are different levels of it,there are many paths towards it.What brings me comfort and i'm sure most people that read this aswell is the fact that love,whatever it is is REAL it exists both externally in nature and more profoundly so inside ourselves....there's been a deliberate disconnect of this inner sense of self and how in connects with the natural world's something that has crept up on us over many years,so that really we become unaware of what is happening...if it were an immediate thing we'd notice very quickly that something was wrong....i know that is a david icke quotation of sorts but IMO so very true.

Between David Icke and Star Wars it is all really well explained IMO. :D


Post by Christomite » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:45 pm

You are just a kid and know nothing of love nor in the moment especially as you explore relationships with girls and all that comes with attention and learn from each girl you encounter.If you want some love and wisdom here it is.

1.always keep your cool..nothing bothers you too bad...NEVER act jelous.
2.Always treat her with kindness and respect,but not in a pussy wussy way...always make it seem like your kindness and attention is a reward and a gift...this takes experience and practice..start now.
3.Never lie to her..thats for cowards and punks.
4.Always be nice and say good things about her parents,family, and especially her friends.NEVER make enemies with her will loose.
5.Pay attention to her and listen to her,be her best friend but never her puupy.
6.Know when to make love to her and know when to fuck her like a porn star.
Follow these rules and love and wisdom will find you in years to'll also never be single.


Post by Canubis » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:32 pm

lol iv had my part at theduck and he will and has finished this post


Post by Canubis » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:31 pm

indeed duck indeed

tho noone has a clue of an infinite mountain of wisdom it goes beyond this world and thoughts of fags climbing mountains heh half way ay..


Post by Troll2rocks » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:30 pm

canubis wrote:heh ur just 1 doomed dud soul on this earth pindz quoted me many things also u fkn n00b
pindz wrote:Thats CRAZY :think: :alien:

GOOD FIND :flop:

slushpup also made a vid for me

and cause ur so fkn dumb a mountain of infinite wisdom isnt an actual fkn mountain
if u post again u will know wtf ur dealing with

I knew what you meant by infinte mountain of wisdom, the funny thing is. Your either to blind to see I was having a joke, or take yourself to seriously to absorb humor.

Well I posted. Do your worst, but fair warning. I am no white hat :flop:

PS, I never killed kenny. fluxay did :flop: :D


Post by TheDuck » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:26 pm

I swear I've heard that before, good stuff anyway, how about stay half way up the 'mountain' so you can have a balance of love and wisdom...

I'm moving this to Philosophy.

Some funny comments in this thread btw :D


Post by Bluesman4uonly » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:22 pm

You speak of Wisdom and Love. Wisdom is taking the Knowledge you've accessed in your life and using it to make good decisions. For instance, What caused love to go away the first time? Love comes and goes but life goes on. Make Logical decisions instead of emotional ones and Wisdon will prevail. Good Luck!