Synchronisity or... wishful thinking?

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Synchronisity or... wishful thinking?

Post by Otomon » Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:50 pm

Alot of us seem to have a specific number that seem notice everywhere, the question is... why are we seeing this numbers? Well there are several explanations for this.


We tend to hear about things and want to experience them ourselves, so we subconsciously look forward to whatever number and so we think its random but we are actually thinking about it in the back of our minds.


If you are religious you must have the belief of negative entities out there that want to draw people away from good, whatever you want to call them, demons,loas,ghosts, aliens etc etc, they want you to think that you are special and that number is a signal for you, so that you become obsessed with the occult and the deeper you go into the cave, the less light you will see.


There is always the possibility that maybe something "good" out there trying to help us, and its only way to communicate with us is trough this number, next time you see your number rather than sit there all scared, try to make it into a special moment, let it be your signal for happiness, try it and let us know how it worked out.

The other day I was in the car of a guy that I got really negative vibes from,as he was speeding trough the highway,a car came infront of us, its license plate was just "666"
which most people recognize as the Number of the Beast, I had nothing to loose to I thought "what the heck?, lets try communicating with whomever is out there" so while looking at the car I was asking it in my head:

"Should I keep hanging out with this guy?"

Right after I thought this... the wiper wiped once.

"Am I going to die if I keep hanging out with this person?"

Wipe once.

"Is this just a coincidence?"

Wiped twice.

So I ask you... what do you folks think? Are all this numbers popping up for people... just wishful thinking? Or is there something more obscure going on?