Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New Anus

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Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Daemonfoe » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:53 am

otomon wrote:Since the beggining of history,a select few have controlled many like ants, and there was no complaints,
:scary: What? No complaints? Are you serious?

otomon wrote:it is now that we have the technological boom that people have started to notice the pattern,
The internet to be more precise.

otomon wrote:and they like to complain about it,cause they are ignorant as fuck,
You can't be serious. Complaining is part of spreading awareness. If no one complained, everyone would remain in the dark.

otomon wrote: and yes a china like society is the solution

It could be *A* solution. It is not *THE* solution.

otomon wrote:, atleast temporarily, we got too many retards abusing freedom
And creating a China like society is somehow going to stop the rich and or powerful from being greedy and seeking more wealth or power?

otomon wrote:, things like world hunger could be solved if everyone started eating things like insects instead, we could save forest by completely switching to computers amongst other thing so that paper becomes obsolete,
If there's room for forests we wouldn't need insects to live off of. You need to cut back on much more than PAPER to save forests. For one you need to replace LUMBER which could be done by growing hemp, which can be farmed in more compact areas than forests and harvested more quickly and more frequently. Try finding enough insects to feed 10 billion people in 40 years, (which in another 50 years will be 20 billion.) Our population is doubling every 50 years, it doesn't take a lot of math to realize how big of an issue that really is.

otomon wrote: as for the space problem which is not really a problem if you use your head... instead of one guy having a big-ass house while the next guy has nothing... have everyone have the same amount of land.
this still becomes an issue as population continues to explode.

otomon wrote:
daemonfoe wrote:Maybe a visual aide can help...


Not only that but at our current level of pollution and destruction to the ecosystem is at an all time high. Imagine what it will be like 40 years from now when our population has increased by another 4 billion. That's 10 billion people compared to today's 6 billion. That's nearly DOUBLE.

Welcome to reality.

Oh you are using their stats? That just tells me how brainwashed you are.

"Their" stats? Who's stats are you using? These stats are widely accepted across the world.

here are the sources cited on wikipedia:

* Biraben, Jean-Noel, 1980, An Essay Concerning Mankind's Evolution, Population, Selected Papers, December, table 2.

* Durand, John D., 1974, "Historical Estimates of World Population: An Evaluation," University of Pennsylvania, Population Center, Analytical and Technical Reports, Number 10, table 2.

* Haub, Carl, 1995, "How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?" Population Today, February, p. 5.

* McEvedy, Colin and Richard Jones, 1978, "Atlas of World Population History," Facts on File, New York, pp. 342-351.

* Thomlinson, Ralph, 1975, "Demographic Problems, Controversy Over Population Control," Second Edition, Table 1.

* United Nations (UN), 1973, The Determinants and Consequences ofPopulation Trends, Population Studies, No. 50., p.10.

* United Nations, 1999, The World at Six Billion, Table 1, "World Population From" Year 0 to Stabilization, p. 5, ... lpart1.pdf

* U.S. Census Bureau (USCB), 2008, "Total Midyear Population for the World: 1950-2050", Data updated 12-15-2008,

you can check them out for accuracy if you like.

otomon wrote: Keep watching the TV man, that will help ya!

I haven't had cable since 2005 man.

otomon wrote:And no I am not trying to insult you or anything but I am tired of zombies who think our only solution is to go to a mystical land called the Star Ocean and all of our problems will be magically solved... it goes deeper than that my friend...

But me... I want to save our Mother Gaea.....

Whatever the fuck Star Ocean is... Your solution gives us some time, but not a lot. Getting into space and on other planets gives us an infinite amount of time, AND it would get people OFF of Gaea so that there is a real chance of restoring her.

Your solution is a decent attempt, but why discard the idea of space travel so quickly? Is it that unbelievable that we could ever accomplish something like that?

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Nilm33 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:38 pm

Oprah is a Luciferian Sun worshipping shill. I remember that clip of her questioning Christianity and her Christian audience went bananas, until she gave them free material possessions, and then they loved her again lol

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Noetic » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:16 pm

has anybody contacted oprah yet?
I'm willing to let her rename the earth to "oprahland" or w/e if she donates to make this a reality,how about you guys? lol

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Nilm33 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:10 pm

Honestly I believe there are two sides to humanity right now. Us here on Earth and the small group that has been exploring and developing mind blowing technology since the days of the Egyptians. Yes, I believe the Egyptians were a space faring civilization. That much I have yet to prove beyond doubt, but there is a ton of stuff that suggest it just may be so.

They have all the answers to all our problems. We dont have to "change" civilization. But it would require them to share with us what they have, and that will NEVER happen.

Oh and nice post Noetic, nice to see you are awake as well ;)

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Nilm33 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:06 pm

iwanci wrote:Nilm33 I would LOVE to see some evidence of all this ‘black’ technology that exists somewhere, please don’t get me wrong on this, I believe like most that technologies hidden from the mainstream are at least 20-30 years ahead of time, however am yet to see any evidence to even back my own theory up, would be great to bring some out of the dark. I am starting to think that maybe we give our scientists and governments way too much credit, just maybe they are not as advanced as what we would like them to be... just putting it out there.

I agree totally that we need to change and that there will be much suffering before the calm and new dawn of man, a pain we will need to experience if we are to progress.

Just do your own research, and you will come to the same conclusions I have. Stanley Meyer was legit. Tesla died broke because his financiers (JP Morgan) dumped him after learning there was no way to profit from his technology. Look up the "M" Machine.

Meyers car worked because many other people have been building the same things for decades, there are a lot of vids showing it here on dtv too. In fact, here is the file to build your own.

Peter Joseph is a smart guy, so I question why he failed to see all the evidence that this stuff works. Believe this is THE biggest secret they keep from us, because THIS IS the key to our salvation and freedom.

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Richc » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:48 pm

Personally i think the 'transition' problem is no problem at all.

Basically the only way for a new free and wonderfull world to come fourth is for a major world catastrophy to take place.

For the new utopia to work you need to reduce the population, drop all religions, drop monatory system and get rid of anyone that might rock the boat.

This is why there will be no transition period and a world disaster WILL happen.

It is already planned and that plan is already in effect.

After the PURGE the new world will be implemented. Anyone still around will gladly go with it just to get free from the hell on earth that has come.


Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Itamari » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:38 pm

Not to digress from this wonderful flow of graphs and charts, I thought I would share this because it just recently came to my attention. ... ieuwenhuys)

New Babylon is a Utopian anti-capitalist city designed in 1959-74 by artist-architect Constant Nieuwenhuys.[1] Henri Lefebvre explained: "a New Babylon -- a provocative name, since in the Protestant tradition Babylon is a figure of evil. New Babylon was to be the figure of good that took the name of the cursed city and transformed itself into the city of the future."[1] The goal was the creating of alternative life experiences, called 'situations. Sarah Williams Goldhagenp, explained:[2]
[In 1950s, Constant] had already been working for years on his "New Babylon" series of paintings, sketches, texts,and architectural models describing the shape of a post-revolutionary society. Constant's New Babylon was to be a series of linked transformable structures, some of which were themselves the size of a small city--what architects call a megastructure. Perched above ground, Constant's megastructures would literally leave the bourgeois metropolis below and would be populated by homo ludens--man at play. (Homo Ludens is the title of a book by the great Dutch historian Johan Huizinga.) In the New Babylon, the bourgeois shackles of work, family life, and civic responsibility would be discarded. The post-revolutionary individual would wander from one leisure environment to another in search of new sensations. Beholden to no one, he would sleep, eat, recreate, and procreate where and when he wanted. Self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction were Constant's social goals. Deductive reasoning, goal-oriented production, the construction and betterment of a political community--all these were eschewed.

Constant Nieuwenhuys died in 2005. The first Zeitgeist was released 2 years later.

All I'm going to say.


Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Unitb166er » Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:56 pm

Loving your post here!

You put up this chart population chart:


I would like to put this chart up:




Lack of reasources would seem to a problem if you are in the wrong demographic(country,class,culture,ethnicity)


So who is going to tell the entrenched,entitled,super wealthy,in powerful economies and countries they cannot have as many children as THEY WANT?

And who is going to stop the world from making the poor,economically oppressed,disenfranchised,dis-entitled,masses from being made to pay the price??

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Troll2rocks » Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:39 pm

purplepanther wrote:Excellent post Troll, good enough to pull me out of the shadows and give you props.

2011 will prove to be more wild and revealing than the last ten years combined, It will take a world wide catastrophe to get this planet back on track as we have moved forward in reverse for far too long with greed at the wheel. I can only hope our race gets another chance to live in harmony on this planet before we become discontinued.

Welcome back man, long time no see. :cheers:

Thanks man. :flop:

Re: Troll2rocks Rips Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward a Brand New

Post by Troll2rocks » Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:39 pm

itamari wrote:Troll, amazing post. It was so epic I had to quote it. I couldn't agree with you more, those were my thoughts exactly after watching the latest Zeitgeist release. Not only did it take a whole day to download but I felt like I was in a ego stroking competition. It also seems to me that the only people that will get to enjoy the fruits of this movement will be Peter Joseph and his minions. And I do mean minions they do nothing but drool and slober all over him.
Jacque Fresco isn't talking as much as he used to. I don't know if he is just tired or surrendered to Joseph. Either way, Zeitgeist is just good for getting some cogs going when people haven't had the nerve to do the thinking themselves.

Thanks, yes I agree, there is somewhat of a ego centric agenda being driven forward, it doesnt gel with how a problem actually gets solved, and under these circumstances, will never work. :cheers: