Phenomenon Prophecy

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Re: Phenomenon Prophecy

Post by Tertiusgaudens » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:13 pm

Here is a very fine article from Elaine Pagels: ... class-2011

Phenomenon Prophecy

Post by Tertiusgaudens » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:01 pm

The phenomenon prophecy is as old as humans exceed their every day horizon.

First is the humans ability to speak - the wonder of language.

Language is not only giving names to things and happenings, but also creating realities. Speaking is creating realms of realities.

Language thus has many forms and times. It can divide between numbers, sexes, time levels, aspects of accomplishments, kinds of importances etc. pp.

It has grammar, phonetics, semantics, dialects etc. pp.

Language is the main ability of humans to express themselfes. And it makes humans deal with all appearances of being, once they appear.

Language is not only reacting to appearances of being, but also interacting with it. This makes it possible to believe humans can interfere into flows of being, for interaction is also a kind of interference.

Prophecy is a language phenomenon comimg from such contecxts and beliefs. Again: it is the experience of language being a creative force apart from simply naming things and happenings, which makes humans believe they could interfere into flows of being taking place.

We want to find now conditions or reasons of humans using prophesy via language:

# humans believe a deity thus being convinced they speak in the name of it;

# forces of unfolding being are considered personified thus making contact via language;

# strong senses of something "in the air" is leading humans to express those feelings via language;

# strong wishes for changes in the flow of being lead humans to call for life changes via language;

# strong pain in the flow of life lead humans to tell stories of hope via language;

# likelihood patterns being found everywhere lead humans to find hidden patterns thus speaking of tendence or determination via language;

# a high rate of high importance thinking of humans make them believe they deserve an important influencial parttaking in the creation of the flow of being by speaking prophetical via language;

# any hierarchy thinking is leading to language as tool to influence any flow of being via prophecy.

Maybe these are not all reasons. But it shows the phenomenon of prophecy being a human phenomenon of language and thinking. Prophecy thus must occure in the realm of humanity. It is like berathing or moving our fingers - nothing super special, as if prophecy is not linked to language and thinking.

Of course somebody could say, that prophecy is a divine gift. Then he must explain what he is understanding with what he means with divine.

Another question is false prophecy. It should be clear, that this notion is a throughout normal term in the range of perception fallacies as well as failures in language and thinking.

While having prophecy as a basic human phenomenon, we are not supposed to generally smile on it. It means something under all circumstances. Sometimes prophecies are about to fulfill the way a human is proclaimimg. Sometimes not. But all the time it is telling about the claimed prophet - his pain, hopes, love, rage, his story he is abou to tell via propheticel language.