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Harvesting Souls to Robots

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Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Ridee » Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:03 pm

what makes you think that your soul / higher self will need / want a body / robot after 2012 in order to be free of the eating / breathing / aging problems ?

i am out of here ( 3D ) and where i am going ( 5D ) i can manifest the body i want when i want and leave it or keep it in order to travel by thought , i will have a life span of 2500 earth years and i will keep all of my memory's when i cross over and come back

so if all goes well it will be fine , if i choose to stay in 3D , well maybe where i am going it will be M.I.B. world and i will function in a cyborg / robot configuration but ho really cares , it is just a shell so ...

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Bayonetta » Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:28 pm

@ OP

There might be more to your dream than we are precieving. Truly we haven't taken the time to fully understand what generates the energy inside these bodies of ours to experience this so called 'life'....inside each and every one of us there is the voyer looking out into this world somewhat neglected...if we gave 'it' our full awareness individually we begin to see each other in a completely different way, but for some reason we're conditioned away from such a possible aspect to our peceptions...there are mysteries about the brain itself that have gone on too long without greta effort to expose and it seems that the system we live and exist in is somewhat a part of a mechenism to trap this enery we're negating ultimately...quite possibly

think about it...systematically dumbing down societies educationally, rewrites in history and past civilization documentations created for future generations as if our past brothers and sisters got wind to something we're just starting to realize in suspicion ourselves.. a variety of chemical assistance that aid this somewhat transparent wiked self perserving endevor of the true minority now....and most intresting to me ...a procurrance of manipulating our frequencies through a variety of applications that keep us in a state of; overall, fear and confusion...a frequency that may be required for the picking so to ripe do you feel yourself?..i'm thinking what we don't understand of our human selves and have been intensionally pulled away from recognizing on a time scale that's generational, is the very thing thats being used in trade ageements between the 'shadows'(so to speak)....surely tons of the same occurances we try to break down individually plug directly into each other, but seed of sepratism planted keep us from connecting all the will happen's happening now

This internet , just like all other technologies are somewhat neutrally bias until its application is directed by those whom control it....and to who controls it truly is a question containing both question marks of who and what intent they actually are push out into the world aswell....we would truly be ignorant not to ask such questions in such times...The internet can be, quite possibly, part data collection ...a great big data base collecting the rawest information from a variety of humans and our many persceptions...we could effectively be contributing to the creation of greater AI.....not to mention that infered dealings with ET deal with genetic codes as commodity, and quite possibly one of the more valued comodities universaly assuming....and who realy knows their true intent...they might just be passing through and collecting.

all these tv shaows that have recently popped on the scene from 'V' to the mentioned 'Caprica' seem to be a part of the conditioning for the mind to some type of alchemy that requies the truth to be told in order to manifest it.....our souls must posses the power to create for even those that argue the bible know that this so called god created us in its own image...this includes all aspects of it and the power to create seems to have been tapped into as well as it seems our strengths are directed and streamed down a suggestive path.

I believe it is quite possible we may be heading towards an option presented that brings the oppertunity to trade in this vessels that are prone to age and disease and ultimately death(which is another illusion we've been stringed along to believe in) for a better that will offer an escape from these things that we are begging to give geater belief to that connects to the manipulation of our perceptions of collective health...some of the most hidious deseases that inlict their will on our existences have been made in labs and casted out into the populations...they make us forget about it though and continue as if all is ok.

there is the possibility that this option may come in the form of deception and deception only because we have not taken enough time to truly undertand what we are beyond the flesh.

Harvest...yes...harvesting is the correct association

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Blaborde1488 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:16 pm

"The ghost in the machine"
Aren't we already souls trapped inside a robot???

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Mushroom » Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:03 pm

Did you know they have already successfully fused brain cells to a silicon chip?

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Boondox681 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:25 pm

start watching at the 4 minute mark.
it's not really the technology that gets my attention
it's their ideology and what they're looking to do.
crazy bastards.

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Boondox681 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:56 pm

here's my take.we all know the term 'aura'.we all have one.the soul is not inside the is that 'aura' which holds us together.that being said,it's obvious that there is only one 'soul' holding all of us together..just my POV.peace.

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Eaganthorn » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:31 pm

There is the phrase, "give up the ghost", which is a death reference, near death reference or a reference to what happens when a person is tortured with intense pain over a long period of time.

The implication is that the soul cannot stay in a dead body and must leave at the time of death or just prior to death. If the body does not die, but has given up the ghost, it is considered soulless.

Not that I believe such sillyness.

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Rar1981 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:20 pm

zionslion wrote:yo check out this book called " the age of spiritual machines"!

better than any movie. ... l_Machines

I havent seen caprica but ive been told its like stargate 7 or maybe im wrong on that one. Also the show I was watching did have Ray Kurzweil and how he takes 250 supplements a day and 8 glasses of green tea until they can make him live forever, the show did not go into detail about the book but more about how he predicted technological advances.
No one has been able to "harvest the soul" yet have they?

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by zionslion » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:38 pm

yo check out this book called " the age of spiritual machines"!

better than any movie. ... l_Machines

Re: Harvesting Souls to Robots

Post by Boondox681 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:28 pm

maybe your a prophet.
everything you've spoke of seems plausible in this age of insanity.
one word-atlantis.
it's all cyclical,and we're lucky enough to be on the magic spoke.