Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

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Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Iwanci » Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:51 am

Media whilst I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments that we are ‘out of touch’ with nature, I am of the opinion that it is an unavoidable consequence of the evolution of mankind. We are depleting resources at an ever increasing rate, we are destroying the environment through the use of our so called ‘technologies’ and we are very much out touch with nature. However, I believe this is a pain that we must endure and overcome if we are to accept man’s destiny of conquering the stars. Development and technological advancement often comes as a direct result of trying to mend known problems. If we didn’t have problems we would find advancement would progress ever more slowly.

Is it any wonder that the governments of the world (which do represent the majority of the populace) are budgeting increasing amounts of our dollars for space exploration and on technologies to improve the way we harvest, the way we produce electricity etc? I think we know that at the going rate of our progress there will only ever likely be one outcome, we will ‘live’ ourselves out of existence.

The one way I think we could at least slow down the rate of resource usage is to control the amount of people on the planet, this unfortunately can only occur in one of three ways.

Firstly, cull the population, not a popular method for obvious reasons.
Secondly, slow the rate of births down to at least the same rate of deaths.
Thirdly, move some of the populace to another planet.

Whilst we keep multiplying we will keep depleting our resources beyond any historical amounts. Even if we all gave away everything and toiled the ground and reverted to fishing for our existence, we would still eventually reach a point where our resources will not be able to keep up with our populations demands.

So, for all the noble wishful thinking we must face a reality, if we want to affect serious change to the problem of resource scarcity, we must take some serious decisions as a race or our destiny is already foreseen.

Hence, population control MUST become a reality until we resolve the issues associated with interplanetary movements. This is the real issue that not too many people speak about as it ‘hits a nerve’ with many, fortunately the solution to our problems are not that complicated, unfortunately, whilst the mainstream keeps talking about ‘non-controllable’ issues such as ‘climate change and the depletion of our resources, the reality remains that none of these issues will ever be resolved until we as a race are willing to debate the real issue associated with our rapid rate of population growth. Even if we did manage to address some of the climatic issues and managed to slow down emissions etc, it wouldn’t be too long before we would be depleting our resources again, this time due purely to the largeness of our population.

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Mediasorcerer » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:05 am

we need to move back to the pagan way of seeing reality,ie having respect for nature ,the earth,and the universe,we are out of touch with nature,this is a huge problem for all of us,

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Iwanci » Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:56 am

TRUTH is that ‘man’ often starts a quest with great intentions, but many times is thwarted by other men who hold greater power or other circumstances which dictate the ‘lesser evils’. Truth is that when confronted with these situations ‘man’ needs to decide whether it is best to achieve ‘some’ of the tasks he set out to achieve or risk achieving none. Truth is that there is no ‘ONE’ ‘man in control of anything in the world, as we all know the government is made up of many ‘men’ not one ‘man’.
Not disputing your ‘truths’ media, nor trying to defend Obama, I don’t think anyone really knows what his intentions were before and after he was elected, am saying that there are many facets that we cannot truly understand without being privy to all the facts.
I am also saying that we as a race will never progress at the rate we ought to if we stick to the ‘pagan’ thought processes. We need to move on from religious dogma (any religious material) and start concentrating on a united search for answers, in finding the answers we will automatically have disclosure.

Our civilization is ready for the next leap, we have had many well documented and historical advances in our history, the ages of man and specifically the advancement of man is well documented through history, we need to embrace the next step on our evolutionary path but are being hindered (held back) by the remnants of the past, religion is holding us back because it is convenient to some that we should be held back.

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Mediasorcerer » Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:55 am

truth=building 7 was not hit by a plane,truth,=freedom is being negated by power.
truth,obama said he would send troops home and hasnt,truth=,obama said he would close gitmo,he hasnt,want any more conspiracy 'fact"

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Iwanci » Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:50 am

The simple truth is often the hardest to understand, here goes… and for the few that this may upset, I don’t care.

We waste too much time analyzing, arguing and trying to disprove each others’ theories that we get distracted from solving the real problems. If I was complicit in a NWO, I would use this pettiness to my advantage, distraction is the easiest form of concealment.

The sooner people STOP believing in the ‘anti-Christ’ BS the better everyone will be for it and the sooner we can begin focusing on the things that matter most, disclosure for example, not just of ET’s, but of everything we know nothing about. What have our governments been up to? Why? And what is the plan for each of us?

For the record … ‘THERE IS NO ANTI CHRIST’, THERE NEVER HAS BEN AND THERE NEVER WILL BE’. End of story FULLSTOP. The anti-Christ story is pure fiction, there is/was no Christ and by definition there will be no Anti-Christ. How far has the human populace progressed when we still have these old pagan beliefs that we cling to as a way of placing ‘BLAME’ on that which we can nether explain nor prevent nor change.

Whiteknight makes some interesting and valid points as do many Utopian believers. As we all know, reality dictates quite a different outcome for all of us. We are all different and unique beings, we all have unique histories and futures, yet we all share the same beginning and end, we were all born and we will all die, that path has been well and truly set. It is what happens in-between the begging and the end that matters and makes us who we are. We will never be the same as anyone else, never. Yet many of us all carry on about the inequalities. Let’s face another reality, no matter which rung of the life ladder you are on, there is always someone on a higher rung and on a lower rung.

I have said this before and will continue to repeat it “Conspiracy theories’ are exactly what they purport to be, ‘theories’. There is little truth in them, if they were proven to be true they would cease to be theories and would simply be the ‘truth’.

There will never be any ONE solution to fix all ailments in life, no-one will ever be equal to anyone else, injustices exist, they always have and always will exist. Those who are stronger in mind will always outdo the weaker one, there will always be richer, there will always be poorer, there will always be truth, there will always be lies, there will always be deception. The very things we wish did not exist, always have and always will exist. This, unfortunately is LIFE being played out in all its glory, like it or not. I may add that it is NO different in the animal kingdom, lies, deception and the survival of the fittest, nothing new. The very injustices that most of us despise have been the reason for so many things that we take for granted today. Look around and ask yourselves a simple question each and every time you turn on your lights, start your cars, heat your food, brush your teeth, drink your water, ”who paid what price for me to have the ability to do what I am doing?”. The poor man needs the rich man, the weak man needs the strong man. Can someone please tell me when man ever existed in utopia on this planet? NEVER has and NEVER will.

My point is simple but I detract a fair way.
Instead of arguing about the levels of inequalities and injustices and the causes why not focus energies on achieving a higher level of being for humanity? A level of being that should or could in its achievement cause some of the problems to autocorrect themselves? Disclosure of the truth is where EVERYONE’s focus should be.

If we stop caring about the injustices and focused on demanding answers and the truth etc, we will automatically resolve the other issues concerning the injustices. The problems will never be fixed unless the root cause is treated, the root cause of many ailments is often not that which you see, but that which lurks underneath. Stop listening to the BS, start demanding disclosure and many things will change. At the moment we are being conquered by our division, the time for disclosure will come when we make it happen, there is no point looking at the government and asking. The government, the police, the military, the rich, the poor, etc are all part of US. Disclosure will happen when WE make it so. Demand change and it will happen. Everything else in this post is testimony to what I am saying in my thread, it is divisive.

With disclosure will come resolution for mankind, it will enable us to reach a higher level of being, a richer level of consciousness and relative peace. Note, I did say RELATIVE.

Sad reality is that most will moan, groan, protest and then simply go back to the grind. They will repeat this everyday of their lives and nothing will ever change. I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world would simply STOP and begin a new world order. Form a new currency a new way of existence. What would the riches of the NWO be worth? Form a new world government whom the people of the world elect, who would the military and police take orders from? I see this kind of ‘thinking’ as challenging and the real threat to the NWO and the PTB.

Religion etc has been allowed to continue to dominate our thoughts and distract us from our destiny.

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by 99socks » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:08 am

I'd like to repeat something....

99socks wrote:
While I appreciate that you realize that 95% of conspiracies are utter bullshit (welcome to the majority, btw), your flippant disregard for the signs of what is REALLY wrong and your continual smearing the insinuation that everyone here is an idiot (as a noob, even!) is foundation enough for another ridiculous conspiracy story.

Thank you for giving us new shit to spin for the New Year.

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Whiteknight2000 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:03 am

unitb166er wrote:Lying is not info

go help murder some more innocent people creep!!!!

and F^ck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been lying have I? Please back that up find quotes that I have said and then find links from official sources which proves me wrong.

And you guys are now resorting to personal attacks. Thats very childish.

Please continue with the personal attacks your just making yourselfs look like a bunch of num skulls.

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Unitb166er » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:58 am

No i am going to do one better.I am going to tell you, why you and your HOMELAND SECURITY BUDDIES are never accepted at sites like this one FOR VERY LONG.You and every single blood soaked word you have posted here since you have been here,has been the very sociopathic sick bullshit lies that made every single human loving, free thinking, member come to this site in the first place!To learn about REAL TRUTH and turn away from the plastic FOX news lies that has enabled war crimes for far to long.We do not need you!You need us you parasitic Pimp!

You are full of SH!T and every single person here knows it!!Because you reek of it,you sick molesting creature.But we don't need to wait long...you are so empty inside....so full of hate.....you and your system of evil are going to implode on its self and melt down with Satan!!

You stink of fear and desperation and that means you are already done!But know it was your failings your inherent weaknesses that made you fall forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humanity will rise!
and you will fall with Lucifer and burn with the evil inside you as you only company for EONS.

You are already dead......so i do not have to kill you.
You killed yourself by choosing evil over Man!

:shooting: :twisted:

Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Unitb166er » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:13 am

Your a Traitor to HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Obama the Anti Christ and the government is Evil

Post by Unitb166er » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:10 am

Lying is not info

go help murder some more innocent people creep!!!!

and F^ck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!