Band Aid. USA For Africa.

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Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Flecktarn » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:22 pm

in 100 years time Africa will still be needing money its a bottomless pit ,and charity origination are big bushiness ,its all a huge con ,

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by mediasorcery » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:37 am

god questions, good thread-"just give us your cash, dont send blankets and food, just give us your cash"

thats how criminals roll, next time, give it str8 to the beggar on the street, at least that way you know someone gets it that may deserve it, not some fat cat con artist liar.

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Fatdogmendoza » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:17 am

fatbastard2.0 wrote:If every member of DTV gave £1 this year to the admin, for charity. 60.000+ members acumulates too £60,000. come the new year. (US Conversion, I've not a clue.) But you people are rich, chewing gum, nylons. Over bearing, over paid and over here, you could splash out £2. Someone will have to talk to, Lukas, who ever he is. Merry Xmas.

Wouldnt really make alot Fats


Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Svaha » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:15 am

Some fifty ears ago I (and many children) collected alu wraps from chocolate bars, this alu was sold and the money send to the poor children in the third world.

The only thing that changed over the years is an increase of poor children in the fourth world.

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Iwanci » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:17 am

And how much of the 30cents in every dollar actually makes it to the point of distress? I think the 30 cents is what ends up in the country or state before being distributed, the actual amount that goes to building the wells or school is a token. These countries should not be living in poverty if the majority of the money went to the intended use and theor governments took some decisions that would benefit the people long term.

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Hr2burn » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:08 am

Iseers to remember there was much controversy back in the 80's with Band Aid. Large amount of that money was being used for "operating cost" and of course many thought they deserved a nice bonus. I think every example you gave has the same flaws. I does make it hard to want to help by giving your hard earned money to a charity that only donate .30 cents on every dollar.

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by fatbastard2.0 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:52 am

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by Iwanci » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:48 am

Strange but the good wife and I were just 'discussing' this very topic about 15 minutes ago...

I believe that something is wrong with a system whereby millions if not billions of dollars in aid are poured into the coffers and the problem still presents itself. Whilst I am not against people giving to charities, I do believe that the underlying issues associated with many of these impoverished countries desperately need to be resolved or more and more resources will be squandered and of no use. Some serious questions need to be getting asked and some unpopular decisions need to be made to put a stop to this misery, or it will simply perpetuate itself regardless of the goodwill or good samaritanship of any singer or actor or general public.

Where is the money going? Straight into the pockets of the senior executives who run these charities, stright into the pockets of the politicians in those countries of need, straight into the coffers of the military establishments that allow corrupt individuals to hold the balance of power in these countries.... and yes, the occassional water well and school is built.

Imagine this.. Australia is currently building a National Broadband Network.. this will cost the country in excess of $80 Billion Dollars to build and (imo) will not yield the same amount of tangible value... imagine how much greater value society and humanity would recieve if these $80 Billion Dollars were to flow into some of these impoverished countries... you could buy out many of these countries outright and lay the infrustructure to start some serious capital improvements, start up industry, resource mining, farming etc... in essence you would instantly raise the standard of living of the many millions...

This is one example of a reallocation of one resource from one project in one country... imagine if every country did the same? What would the singers be singing about then?

So why isn't this happening? Imagaine if 20 countries donated $10Million dollars into a pool and that money went entirely on addressing a major socio economic issue for one impoverished country ... now, repeat this once a year.... and see the instant benefits....

So why isn't this happening? In actuality if we did some research we would likely see that many countries contribute much more than $10 Million a year in foreign aid...

So where is the money?

My theory on this is that there are too many layers in the system, too many different systems, and a major lack of co-ordination.... this ultimately means that the money is diluted until the vast majority disappears (in a legitimate manner) to the people who purport to be co-ordinating efforts... the reality os that for the vast majority of these impoverished countries the system serves their purposes and they are reluctant to change it, even if it meant the bettermeant of their people.

For MONEY to work it needs to be accompanied by a serious effort from within the affected countries and in conjunction with the contributing countries to streamline and co-ordinate the processes, and work to enhance the laws and regulations from within those countries, the greatest thing these countries could do for their populace is to begin the process of education, and to start making some difficult decisions that, although difficult at first, may well see the furture generations climb out of the perpetual misery hole that they are born into.

In short, throwing money at the problem is clearly NOT working, and it is not for a lack of money, it for a general lack of CARE from both within and without these countries. The people in the hierachy play the game for their benefit either chosing to ignore their people or not truly understanding how they can actually help, or perhaps not wanting to make the difficult and often unpopular decisions, and at the same time countries and throwing 'shut up money' at countries without wanting to know or do anything further to assist in th problem solving.

Throwing money at a problem doesn not make the problem go away, this clearly evident in what we are seeing here.

My two cents... wifey disagreed at first, so I gave her $100 for a new bag and now she agrees with me entirely.... whilst this solved the 'underdstanding' issue at hand, deep down I know she still disagrees with me to an extent... and therein is an example of what I have written about above... throwing money at a problem does not fix it, it simply masks it, for a while... :alien51:

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by fatbastard2.0 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:34 am

Re: Band Aid. USA For Africa.

Post by fatbastard2.0 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:28 am