Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a mem

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Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Malogg » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:41 pm


EXCLUSIVE: Soldier's claim SAS hit squad 'did kill Princess Diana' is 'utterly convincing'

AN SAS soldier’s claims that the elite regiment ­murdered Princess Diana are “utterly convincing”, police have been told.

Sensational new claims are being probed over Princess Diana’s death

The former sniper’s estranged wife has informed Scotland Yard she is ­completely sure he is telling the truth.

Her total belief in Soldier N emerged as she was interviewed at length at a secret location.

She told Yard detectives how the veteran soldier had spoken about the involvement of an SAS hit squad in the car crash that killed Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed on several occasions.

Significantly, she said that the sergeant’s ­allegations came while they were on good terms and before their marriage had hit the rocks.

One source said: “This was not said to scare or threaten her. It came out when there was no ­marital strife and when they were still friends.

“She was utterly convinced he was telling the truth when he said the SAS was involved in Diana and Dodi Fayed’s deaths.”

Soldier N apparently claimed Diana and Dodi’s driver Henri Paul were blinded by an intense flash of light moments before he lost control of their ­Mercedes. The claim appears to support testimony from an ex-spy at the inquest into Diana and Dodi’s death.

The former MI6 agent told the hearing that he was aware of a colleague’s proposal to kill Serbian leader ­Slobodan Milosevic by using a strobe light in a tunnel to distract his driver, causing a crash.

And he revealed the existence of a shadowy unit within the SAS known as The Increment which comprises troops from the SAS and SBS for the purposes of carrying out lethal operations on behalf of MI6.

Diana, Dodi and driver Paul died when their car smashed into a pillar in the Pont de L’Alma underpass in Paris in August 1997. A bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was critically injured but survived.

Princess Diana tributes left outside Kensington Palace last week

She was utterly convinced he was telling the truth when he said the SAS was involved in Diana and Dodi Fayed’s deaths

Scotland Yard officers are now understood to be preparing to interview Soldier N.

Allegations that the SAS was involved in the deaths were passed to the Yard in July.

They were contained in a seven-page letter written by Soldier N’s mother-in-law in September 2011 when her daughter’s 13-year marriage had disintegrated amid claims of his bizarre and threatening behaviour.

Last week, Detective Chief Inspector Philip Easton and a Yard colleague travelled to a secret location to interview both women.

Mr Easton, who worked on the Yard’s original inquiry into Diana’s death, is believed to have quizzed Soldier N’s estranged wife very closely.

She is said to have given a “compelling account” of what her husband had told her. She does not think the claims are too fantastic: “Not when you’re living with someone who is in the SAS.”

The letter was handed to the Yard following the court martial of fellow SAS sniper Danny Nightingale in July.

Soldier N and Sgt Nightingale were arrested in 2011 after police raided the house they shared in Hereford where the crack regiment is based.

Officers found firearms and ammunition illegally held by both men.

Soldier N admitted the offences and last year was sentenced to two years at the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester, Essex.

His former friend, Nightingale, also admitted the charges and got 18 months when he first appeared at a military court last year. Following a public campaign, he was released and the conviction quashed.

However, Sgt Nightingale faced a fresh trial at the military court in Bulford, Wiltshire, in July, when he was found guilty and sentenced to two years suspended for 12 months.

The Paris car crash of August 1997 that took the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed

He was convicted largely on the sworn testimony of Soldier N who was a key prosecution witness.

Allegations that the SAS was involved in Diana and Dodi’s deaths emerged soon afterwards.

Police insisted the sensational ­information was being analysed as part of a “scoping exercise” and no new investigation has been launched.

Yesterday, a Yard spokeswoman said: “The information is still being assessed.”

Dodi’s father, former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, has not commented publicly on the claims.

But it is understood the family would like to see a full-scale investigation into the allegations.

Mr Al Fayed has always maintained that Diana, 36, and Dodi, 42, along with 41-year-old Paul, were killed by the British Establishment which then launched a massive cover-up.

Soldier N has now been discharged from the Army.

The letter by his mother-in-law listed a series of bizarre and often ­sinister allegations about his behaviour. On one occasion, he is said to have threatened to make his wife “disappear” and allegedly bragged to his in-laws that he had killed women and children.

After the Diana allegations first ­surfaced, he was branded a “loose cannon” who could not be believed even though he was a “witness of truth” for the Crown in the Nightingale case.

But Army friends have rallied round Soldier N.

The decorated special forces veteran has been welcomed into the SAS Association – the exclusive club for former members of the elite unit – despite his conviction and discharge. ... convincing

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Malogg » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:05 am


Upload to

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Temps13 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:07 am

Yeah they just take a person & they give them electric fucking shocks til they,after about a week they cant even remember their name,nothing..then they just play them repeated orders in their own or anothers voice..over & over & over..
See them cunts in guantanamo theyve made a science out of stressing people out
& the illuminati torch left above the 13th pillar,that used to be a shrine to Diana (according to Icke),which wouldnt surprise me

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Mr.Manunnaki » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:16 pm

Well its good to see they are acknowledging that it was murder,I see a documentary about this and the driver who it seems was mind controlled,crashed into the 13 th pillar in the tunnell which even for an excellant driver is near on impossible at that speed,unless mind controlled where this is far more attainable for someones sub consious mind to carry that out,just my 2 cents,but clearly an Illuminati ritual murder,and as for the sons i always wondered if they knew their family was in on this,but they are all psycopathic individuals so i wouldnt put anything past them,peace :flop:

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Temps13 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:38 am

Wonder of Wills or Harry suspect she was killed..imagine they do?
Harry the drone killah..who the fuck thought thatd be good pr for the cunt

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Malogg » Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:53 am


Princess Diana assassination claim: SAS man ‘a reliable witness’

THE elite special forces officer behind a new claim that Princess Diana was killed by the SAS should be accepted as a credible witness, an expert on the circumstances of her death said last night.

Princess Diana's death in a Paris car crash has led to conspiracy claims

The explosive new allegation that the Princess was killed by crack SAS soldiers acting on orders from MI6 emerged with the disclosure of a letter written by the officer’s mother-in-law. In it she claims he told his wife his crack unit “arranged” Diana’s death.

After extracts of the letter were published earlier this week, the officer was branded a “loose cannon” whose word could not be trusted. But now leading investigator John Morgan has come forward to insist the SAS man, known as Soldier N, will emerge as a “witness of truth” and that his allegations will be proved correct.

The author spoke out after the dramatic new allegation forced the Met Police to contact Prince Charles to notify him of their interest. It has prompted widespread calls for a fresh inquiry.

The seven-page letter by Soldier N’s mother-in-law was written around the time his marriage collapsed in September 2011. In the letter, the mother-in-law says Soldier N also boasted about killing women and children. She claimed he once threatened to “make his wife disappear”.Despite suggestions that Soldier N’s claims cannot now be relied upon, only weeks earlier he was regarded as a credible “witness of truth” whose sworn testimony was believed by the military tribunal that convicted his former housemate and fellow SAS sniper Danny Nightingale of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition.

Dodi Fayed also dies in the Paris car crash

Mr Morgan said: “One of the most interesting aspects is that the British authorities have known about this for two years.

“The letter from the mother-in-law of the SAS soldier was sent in September 2011 and its only now in August 2013 they are starting to look into it – it shows they don’t take this sort of thing seriously.

“The allegation is that Soldier N told his wife the SAS were involved in the assassination of Princes Diana and it’s been covered up. Does he dream it up out of thin air? I don’t think so. It’s hard to believe he would be making this up.

The truth will eventually come out, just not while The Queen is still alive. Prince William will want to know what occurred and he will be pushing for a proper investigation
Mr Morgan

“The other factor is that it does fit with overall picture of the evidence. There is substantial evidence that shows MI6 involvement in the assassination.”

Australian Mr Morgan, who has who has written a series of books on Diana’s death, said it was well documented that MI6 – now known as the Secret Intelligence Service – employed SAS operatives on secret missions abroad.

He said it was possible SAS assassins were disguised as motorbike riders following the car in which Diana 36, and her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, the son of Mohamed Al Fayed, were killed. Their Mercedes crashed into a concrete pillar in the Pont de l’Alma underpass in central Paris on August 31,1997.

A jury in the 2008 inquest into their deaths blamed their driver, Henri Paul and paparazzi photographers following them on motorcycles. In his inquest summing up Lord Justice Scott Baker said there was not a shred of evidence to support conspiracy allegations. Operation Paget, a subsequent Met Police inquiry also concluded that the deaths were an accident.

Mr Morgan said: “The truth will eventually come out. It (just) won’t come out while The Queen is still alive. (Prince) William will want to know what occurred and he will be pushing to have a proper investigation.”

Last night a Yard spokesman said the Met was “scoping information recently received and assessing its relevance and credibility” but stressed it was not a re-investigation. ... le-witness

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Temps13 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:48 am

Funny how these cunts never find any evidence of foul play,when even we can..taken the Hutton whitewash of Dr.Kelly..take Diana..there is LOADS of evidence
Hell..9/11..& all it takes is them twats saying we can find no evidence of foul closed
Guernsey torture dungeon case..tunnels leading to the Rothschild residence..every islander out protesting when they closed the sorry-case closed
People..a lot of people just dont like to get outraged or whatever..sheep for the slaughter

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Malogg » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:57 pm

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Malogg » Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:52 pm

16 years later, new dark hints in Princess Diana death


London (CNN) -- New hints of conspiracy in the death of Princess Diana have royal watchers buzzing once again, nearly 16 years after the woman who would now be a royal grandmother died in a Paris car crash.
London police said Saturday that its investigators were assessing the "relevance and credibility" of information it had recently received about the deaths -- information the agency did not describe in its statement.
But Press Association reported that what London police are mulling is an allegation raised by the former parents-in-law of a former British soldier claiming a member of the British military murdered Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver, all of whom died in the August 31, 1997, crash.
Press Association did not provide a source for its information, but said that British military police reportedly passed the information to London investigators.
"This is not a re-investigation," London police stressed in a statement.

The news turned the decade-and-a-half old incident into a hot topic of conversation on news sites and the on Twitter.
"Looking at the news pages this evening ... I think Princess Diana must have just died (again)," Twitter user g_m_young posted.
Diana, 36, and Fayed, her 42-year-old boyfriend, died when the Mercedes-Benz they were traveling in hit a pillar in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris.
They were being followed at the time by the paparazzi after leaving the Ritz Hotel. Their driver, Henri Paul, also killed, was drunk and driving at high speed, investigators concluded. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was the sole survivor.
The princess left behind her two children, Prince William, whose wife recently gave birth to Diana's first grandchild, and Prince Harry. Some 2.5 billion people around the world watched Diana's funeral.
A British coroner's inquest in 2008 concluded that their deaths were the result of "grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes." The inquest found no evidence of murder.
Yet the deaths have always been paired with conspiracy theories accusing British and French intelligence services and members of British royalty of orchestrating her death.
Much of the social media reaction to the news involved merely passing the news on, but many seemed to doubt the claims.
"Is it just me or does it (seem) like a Princess Diana conspiracy hits around this time of year, every year?," Twitter user DMR09 posted.
The rumors come to light weeks before the 16th anniversary of Diana's death, and a little more than a month before the British premier of "Diana," a new movie about the former princess' life.
It's unclear whether these allegations will make it any farther than previous claims have. London police certainly aren't about to make any big announcements, based on the terse closing line of their statement.
"Not Prepared to Discuss Further," Scotland Yard said in its statement.
Rare photo of teenage Diana sold for $18,369

Picture Gallery inside :arrow: ... index.html

Re: Alex Jones~New evidence Princess Diana was "killed by a

Post by Temps13 » Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:17 pm

David Icke shard some good evidence a few years back that she was murdered..I believe it..
Seems the writers who share the best info are the ones most attacked on certain forums I wonder why that is
Example Sitchin,Icke
Now watch the tirade