Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

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Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by Toxic32 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:53 pm

Ok if we are talking fairy stories. What if the plane suddenly appeared one year to day and correct time back on radar at the right hight and speed and heading on the right course at exactly the place on the map it vanished? When it landed in China the people have no idea they have been missing for a year and no recollection other than it was a normal flight without incident.


Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by DarkHeart » Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:28 pm

Former airline boss and famous French author Marc Dugain argued Thursday that there had been a cover-up in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, speculating that the passenger jet could have been hacked and then shot down by the US.

Dugain, a well-respected French author, argues that the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people crashed near Diego Garcia, a British island in the middle of the Indian Ocean used as a strategic air force and intelligence base by the US military, in the six-page article in Paris Match.

The US has always officially denied that flight MH370 came anywhere near Diego Garcia.

The latest theory into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on March 8, 2014 has all the ingredients of a spy thriller and has grabbed the French public’s attention.

The former boss of Proteus Airlines travelled to the neighbouring Maldives where residents told local media that they had seen an airliner fly in the direction of Diego Garcia. Their claims were promptly dismissed by the authorities.

“I saw a huge plane fly over us at low altitude,” a fisherman on Kudahuvadhoo island told Dugain. “I saw red and blue stripes on a white background” – the colours of Malaysia Airlines. Other witnesses confirmed the sighting.

Fire on board?

Dugain speculates – adding to the numerous other existing hypotheses about what happened to flight MH370 – that a modern aircraft such as Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 could have been hijacked by a hacker.

“In 2006, Boeing patented a remote control system using a computer placed inside or outside the aircraft,” he noted. This technology lead Dugain to the idea of a “soft” remote hijacking.

But the writer also suggests that a fire could have led the crew to deactivate electrical devices, including transmission systems.

Whatever the initial reasons for leaving its flight path, Dugain suspects that the plane then headed to Diego Garcia, where a number of scenarios may have played out – including the US Air Force shooting it down for fear of a September 11-style attack.

The rest of the article ... -cover-up/

The actual Paris Match article (in French) ... 70-671972#

Also in French malheuresment.

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Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by *WillEase* » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:38 am

MH370 Doomed "After Suicidal Pilot Turned Off Oxygen" Claims Airline Boss.
By Giles Sheldrick, Daily Express | Sep. 15, 2014

Doomed flight MH370 vanished along with its 227 passengers and 12 crew members while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

Engine failure, sabotage, terrorism and even faulty air traffic control have all been blamed for sending the plane off course.

But airline boss Ewan Wilson will tell British aviation experts that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah meticulously plotted the tragedy.

The Kiwi Airlines chief believes the father-of-three locked co-pilot Fariq Hamid out of the cockpit, closed down all communication links and turned the aircraft around.

He is convinced Shah, 53, depressurised the plane - causing those on board to die from hypoxia once the oxygen had run out.

Mr Wilson believes the pilot then made eight different course changes before finally allowing the jet to fly on auto-pilot for the remaining hours of its ill-fated journey into the southern Indian Ocean.

The air accident investigator claims there have been five previous "suicide" flights which claimed the lives of 422 passengers and crew.

The commercial airline pilot, who has travelled from New Zealand to discuss his findings, has called for new laws to ensure pilots and cabin crew are psychologically fit to fly.

He said: "There is a fundamental desire to ignore the mental health issue in the aviation industry."

"We have shown why hijacking by a passenger or accidental depressurisation are highly unlikely scenarios."

"By a process of elimination, this leaves pilot suicide as the only other serious option in our analysis of what occurred on March 8."

"Our research indicates there have been five previous incidents of murder/suicide in commercial flights over the last three decades or so, accounting for 422 lives."

"The sad addition of MH370 would bring that number to 661."

Shortly after the disappearance of MH370 rumours circulated about the state of Shah' marriage.

He was also said to be disenchanted with the Malaysian Government's treatment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Four months on from the tragedy investigators are no closer to locating the stricken plane but still regard Shah as their chief suspect.

The Kiwi Airlines boss has met with Shah's brother-in-law and wife but both reject the pilot was suicidal.

Mr Wilson said: "It would be nice to give families of those on board closure."

"I know there are lots of reasons that families are easily swayed by conspiracy theories that the aircraft is lying on some island."

"But I don't think it is."

"It is lost forever."

Mr Wilson does not believe there is a link between MH370 and the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine on July 17, saying it was a "tragic coincidence".

His findings are published in a new book called Goodnight 370.

The search for the missing plane is being led by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

A spokesperson said: "While it is impossible to determine with certainty, all the available data indicates the aircraft entered the sea close to a long, but narrow, arc of the southern Indian Ocean.

"The complexities surrounding the search cannot be understated."

"It involves vast areas of the Indian Ocean with only limited known data and aircraft flight information."

Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by jikesung » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:05 am

851. Why Malaysia airlines was selected as target (8/23/2014)

In #848, I said Malaysia was targeted because it keeps a friendship with China while China is a covert enemy of the US. In #845, I talked about German had sensed that E.U. was provoked by the US for a covert war with Russia. German is unwilling to follow the US instruction. It expelled the CIA Chief from the German as a protest.

Then a Chinese forum offered an information how Malaysia and German were hurt by heavy insurance loss in the two incidents. The insurance company of Malaysia Airline is a Germany.

1. MH370
German insurance company Allianz says it has made initial payments in connection with the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

Allianz’s global head of communication Hugo Kidston confirmed Wednesday that the Munich-based insurer and “other co-reinsurers of Malaysia Airlines aviation hull and liability policy have made initial payments.” ... ppearance#

2.. MH17

Malaysia Airlines Girds for New Insurance Battle
By Enda Curran Updated July 18, 2014

German insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty is the lead reinsurer of the Malaysia Airlines plane for its so-calleded hull and liability policy, according to a report from insurance broker Aon PLC, which valued the plane itself at $97.3 million. ... 1405673357

The comment said, “German was shot even it was laying on the ground”.

Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by Toxic32 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:00 am

Maybe the bodies on flight of MH17 were the missing people off flight MH370 ?? The fact that the Israeli Aircraft has been rumbled and is still sitting in the hanger has forced another option. Don't you find it strange that all three of these aircraft involve one airline? I do!

Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by jikesung » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:53 pm

848. The crashes of MH17 and MH370 serve for one purpose (8/8/2014)

US has locked two strategy enemies – Russia and China. Both are the threats to the dollar.

The tactic to deal with these two enemies is to weaken them by war.

China has conflicts with its neighbor countries. It has territory problem with Japan in East China Sea and with Vietnam and Philippine in South China Sea. China blames US standing at the side of these three countries. Malaysia has territory problem with China in South China Sea too but it keeps friendship with China. To push Malaysia to join the anti-China front in Asia, MH370 case was created. The mysterious disappearance of the passengers would create a long lasting demanding for the victims from China side because most victims were Chinese citizens. (That is why MH370 case was produced as a mysterious disappearance not an evident crash) Anyhow, China and Malaysia might have realized the plot and haven’t made it a crisis.

The Ukraine crisis started in February when a civil turmoil happened which caused the stepping down of pro-Russia President Yanukovych. The result is there is an upheaval in East Ukraine. Since Russia and Europe both have interest in Ukraine, a war between the two is easy to be ignited. The shooting down of MH17 was created as an ignition. MH17 was well selected – like MH370 – for its passengers. Most of victims in MH17 were Dutch. Holland is a major country of EU and NATO. If Holland is infuriated, the possibility of a covert war between EU and Russia in Ukraine is greatly increased.

I think US is the mastermind of the incidents of MH17 and MH370. The purpose is to push Russia and China into wars with their neighbor countries to weaken them.
See my analysis on MH370: from #822 to #835.
See my analysis on MH17: from #844 to #847.

Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by Noentry » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:43 pm

MH370 Update: Malaysian Air Defense Asleep - 2nd Aircraft Possibly Involved


It has emerged that the pilot of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 missing since March 8, attended a court hearing in which the opposition leader he supported was jailed for 5 years for sodomizing one of his campaign workers, after the victim had filed charges.

The case occurred many years ago and has been a recurring feature in Malaysian politics as Anwar Ibrahim had been convicted on evidence, then freed on over turning the conviction and now again convicted to continue his sentence.

The opposition leader is heavily supported by the U.S. and its Zionist Israeli allies with intelligence briefings and apparently his speeches and policies also being directed by his foreign handlers. The Malaysian government has been opposed to Israel.

The MH370 pilot was one of the most experienced pilots and had knowledge of aircraft beyond the normal requirements, even building his own flight simulator which Malaysian police have removed for investigation along with other material.

Remote Controlled Boeing 777

But another possibility has also not been explored and it is time to take a close look at it. Boeing 777's can be "flown by wire", meaning that they can be remote controlled, taking over all controls from the pilots. It is possible that the pilots were incapacitated, the aircraft quickly brought up to 45,000 feet from its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, thus rendering its occupants unconscious.

A white-hat "hacker" has revealed that even with the use of an Android app, given the right additional technical knowledge, a Boeing 777 can be taken over and flown remotely. However, this method of control would require clear data-over-radio communication with the aircraft which cannot be achieved over long distances far beyond line of sight of the operator and the aircraft.

Which brings us to another possibility which only Mathaba analysts have arrived at and no media has so far mentioned: there is no evidence that the unidentified aircraft that was shown on Malaysia's military radar to have flown back from the last known location of MH370 in the opposite direction and across Malaysia roughly over the Thailand-Malaysian border, was MH370.


Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by jikesung » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:06 pm

CONFIRMED! U.S. Navy Official Now Admits Flight 370 Cover-up
[youtube] [/youtube]

Re: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people goes missing

Post by jikesung » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:26 pm

834. Small countries became sacrifice in US plots (5/23/2014)

In 1983, a South Korea passenger airplane KAL 007 was shot down in Russia.

A few years ago, after former Soviet Union had collapsed, I came across with an analysis of that incident. The article said the Korean pilots couldn’t make such a big mistake to diverge the normal flight path. It alleged it was a plot that Pentagon used it to test air defense of Soviet Union. It was cold war time. I believe so. The original path was mostly over the ocean. The deviation track went over Kamchatka Peninsula. That is a big land. Pilots couldn’t miss it.

1983: Korean Air Lines Flight 007 Shot Down By Soviet Fighter Plane ... KAL007.svg

It was discovered later the crew either did not switch from HEADING to INS or else attempted to switch but the computer did not transition from INERTIAL NAVIGATION ARMED to INS mode because the aircraft had already deviated off track by more than the 7.5 nautical miles (13.9 km) tolerance permitted by the inertial navigation computer. In both scenarios, the autopilot remained in the HEADING mode, and the problem was not detected by the crew. As a result KAL 007 began to diverge from its proper flight path and missed its waypoints by many miles until it overflew the restricted airspace of the Soviet Kamchatka peninsula on the morning of 1 September 1983 and crossed the Sea of Okhotsk north of the Kuril Islands instead of passing hundreds of miles to the south. ... plane.html

People didn’t believe the Feds would sacrifice civilian lives for their strategic benefit at that time. The 911 attack later proved they would even sacrifice American’s lives if they thought it was necessary. I think the Asiana airliner crash in San Francisco of 2013, Malaysia’s missing MH370, and the ferry sinking in South Korea in April 2014 were all belong to this category. Most of these disasters related to South Korea. That indicates a small country has to pay a big price when it depends on US. I think US intelligence has infiltrated all levels of South Korea society.


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