NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

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Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Helios » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:11 pm

mrmcnuggets wrote:
jeckk wrote:
mrmcnuggets wrote:Perhaps that is why we only 'landed' on the bright side of the moon and not the dark side. Though that is the side that the suns light is reflected off of, it is on the other side of the Earth, so possibly shielding them? (note the ? mark at the end.)

Instead of you posting here trying to get an answer from NASA, which I don't think any of them would really waste their time on this website, why not try to get somewhere where you can disprove them? I personally, and honestly believe we have been to the moon, for the fact that NASA received almost as much, if not more, as our public education industry.

If anything, the main question is why things like satellites that get launched to test the substances in our atmosphere, and other space rockets are blown up before they get launched, or are launched in a manor that they do not get to the destination correctly and are rendered 'ineffective.'

NASA certainly does not shoot a rocket into space and say 'Well, we hope it gets there." they know, exactly, what they are doing. If they do not, then they start a research project before they initiate the final project. The only variable with NASA that cannot be predicted is weather something launched out side of Earth, and the Moon will be able to respond, without having a stand by service team with the device. Also, the note that they have more man power dedicated to the 'what if' there should be no reason for NASA to report failures unless it is decided that shall be the final outcome of the project.

that's just my .2 cents

I think you put too much faith in NASA. Sure they plan a LOT, but they don't get things perfect and make lots of mistakes. If they didn't then explain to me why so many shuttles explode before even leaving the atmosphere, why so many satellites malfunction and come crashing down to Earth, Or why we bother building elaborate space stations that orbit Earth yet don't try to construct anything on the moon.

Because that is for NASA to know and you not to. I by far am not on NASAs side, but they definitely know what they are doing. You can see right from my quote that I imply that Nasa intentionally messes up missions, because the results are something they do not want to be released.

I agree some things we shouldnt, on the subject of how i feel about NASA, i feel they have good intentions but the government have the reigns over them. I think if independant they would be awesome but they are mearly scientists and the government has the reigns using its money and influences.

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Scarecro » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:03 am

Holy shit.

This is some very damning evidence we did NOT go to the moon:


Towards the end, pay close attention to the view of earth and how this was shot....

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Jeckk » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:16 pm

Show me one decent sized (at least a cat sized) being sent through the Van Allen belts and come back without any damage, and I'll believe the moon landing. With all our advanced technology since then, all the drones and whatnot we have buzzing around, why haven't we sent ANYTHING back there? We have all this money invested in SOHO and all these solar satellites flying around everywhere taking pictures, well why haven't we sent a camera to the moon? I mean if the government allowed us to, I could build a homeade rocket myself and send up a really cheap webcam up there. You could probably build the entire setup for less than a thousand dollars.

The only explanation that makes any sense is "WE HAS SECRETS, SO BUGGER OFF!"

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Whiteknight2000 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:07 pm

NASA does still go up there, they still do stuff. They just don't get as much funding simply because people lost interest in the space program and it just too god dammed expensive.

That could be why. Or it could be something else. Who knows.

A MOON HOAXER would see evidence of a moon landing and still wouldn't believe it. They are just too closed minded.

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Bigdad » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:32 pm

troll2rocks wrote:They went, YOU prove otherwise, they measure the moon every day with equipment sent there by nasa and placed there by men. END OF STORY.

I agree with the Troll!! You prove that they didn't! :mrgreen: Nuff said!!!!

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Troll2rocks » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:29 pm

They went, YOU prove otherwise, they measure the moon every day with equipment sent there by nasa and placed there by men. END OF STORY.

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Flecktarn » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:24 pm

if they went then ,,,why not go back now ,,better technology better equipment ,,and better cameras ????????
the thing that scares them is people today ask questions and want anwsers ,,not like in the 70s were we took their word for it

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Cwmman » Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:34 pm

"Scientists around the world have worked on moon rocks collected from the landings. "

........................ i got a few 'moon rocks ' in my garden, i got told they were moon rocks, so yeah, they got to be 'moon rocks' cause i got told ........................................... :vomit:

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Stupiditykills » Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:41 pm

people that still believe we went to the moon are completely nuts!If you have looked at the overwhelming evidence that says we have not then it speaks for itself.I think there is certainly a strong case for the "we did not go to the moon" argument.Lots of little strange glitches in Nasa released video such as guide wires helping them look as though they are in a lesser-than-earth gravity,its there trust me.If you don't watch it for yourself and tell me what it is.What about the guy walking in the background during the Apollo 11 mission.What the fuck was that?I mean we can talk about shadows till the cows fucking die but a dude walking in the background is kind of hard to look by.Not to mention Neil armstong had about a 20 second flight on the original lander platform and ejected about 100 feet off the ground because he could not control the fucking thing?????Look it up dumb asses.What about the obvious communication issues that Gus Grissom had with the control tower when he was in the next fucking building inside the Lunar module scheduled for blast off in like a day or so.He said something that stuck in my head. it was and I quote, "How are we going to get to the moon if we can't even talk between two buildings".I think that comment speaks for itself.If you want proof then you have obviously not looked for it!It is certainly there and highly convincing to an incredibly skeptical person about everything!Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Gus Grissom , whom I mentioned earlier, and his two co-pilots died on the launch pad a couple of days after his comment in a fire inside the capsule DURING A FUCKING TEST!You mean to tell me during a fucking test that they couldn't open the hatch and spray everyone off with a fire exstinguisher???This is why I think NASA is full of shit.I mean the hubble, SOHO, Mars and lunar landers are all pretty damn cool.But as mentioned in earlier posts nobody is on board!It would be like shooting a bee from 20 miles away with a BB gun, several times mind you because we didn't just pull off this miracle once.We did it SIX FUCKING TIMES?????I want this majick fairy in my life to help me do fucking impossible things six times!!!!Sounds like a great relationship!The first thing I would do is enslave all the stupid fucking people to do all the cool peoples bidding. :banana: :dancing: :cheers: :clapper: :owned: :flop: :sunny: I wouldn't need anything else because all the aliens on the moon could come here and live with us again.

Re: NASA didnt go to the moon,prove otherwise NASA

Post by Mushroom » Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:12 pm

How would you interpret it?
In addition, temporary new belts can be created during magnetic storms, sometimes within minutes of the storm's onset. Solar energetic protons, accelerated at shock waves that emanate from the sun, can provide the "seed" population for new proton belts. Although it was once thought that the behavior of the radiation belts was well-understood, observations over the last decade have given rise to new and fundamental questions about the physical processes involved in the enhancement and decay of the belts and in the formation of new ones.

Full info at

Understanding the radiation belt environment and its variability has extremely important practical applications in the areas of spacecraft operations, spacecraft and spacecraft system design, and mission planning and astronaut safety.

It's good that NASA recognise this :cheers: