Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

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Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Drjones » Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:04 pm

Well from the initial post i think Chereokee does make some good points and some bad ones,i enjoyed reading it,thanks :flop: ...but thats just my opinion. :?:
I'm of the belief that UFO's-the real unknowns-ARE NOT HUMAN technology etc,THEY ARE ALIEN,i'd like to believe that they are from some far off world and i hope that turns out to be true,but at the moment we still have that little annoying voice of doubt in our heads,i do anyways,the doubts for me is NOT THAT UFO's are NOT real cos THEY ARE but what exactly are they :?: ...Is the truth to this soo amazingly mind boggling that perhaps that's why it has been such a secret for so long and has a top secret classification higher than the H-Bomb,i mean i dont think for a phenomenon that was NOT real would have such a high level of secrecy around it do you.. :?:
I mean the UFO phenomenon does serve the military when THEY DO test their top secret planes and such,i mean it's the best cover story ever for them..but again how ridiculous is this world when we have to build stuff in "secret"-this is the pinnacle of civilisation :help:
I also believe we have to be very careful with all the recent disclosures :?: ,WHY NOW,i mean this does seem to tie into some NWO masterplan..so we must be cautious,keep an open mind always...How many people would be frightened by the revealation that ET is very real and has been visiting us for many years...you know,help us,protect us governments :ohno: ..perhaps it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that THEY the NWO will stage some false flag alien attack incident...that would really work well for them and truly keep us in a massive state of fear,you know if this planet is all messed up and then we have these folks in space who are evil too...DAMN...who do we turn to then,you know....just some ideas... :?:
Time will tell,i;m just glad i,WE have such a mental capacity to think like this when the real truth does come alog we will know it... :flop:

Bring on your UFO files usa... :!: let us know Roswell was a very REAL alien event and do ME a favour and let me know just how the hell do adavanced space farers or whatever they are always seem to CRASH here...that part of the story has bugged me for a long time... :headscratch:

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Alexrubic » Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:45 am

I, for one, think cherokee makes a vaild point.

From what I have seen, no government has really disclosed anything. Britain's recently released UFO documents are a farce. All it shows is that some MoD lackey in a dusty office somewhere recorded sightings and filed them away!

No one has said 'Yes, there are UFOs from alien worlds and here are the photographs, films, wreckage and alien corpses we've been secretly hiding from the public for the last several decades!

Until such REAL disclosure happens one theory is as good as any other!

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Creepyill » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:35 am

I believe that a year from now everything will be as clear as day about aliens. ..but thinks these will be hard times for religious folks. As soon as this becomes clear to everyone around the world ...that America released all classified information on the unknown, it would be advisable to create the way to classify (if not already), communicate and treaty "friendly" aliens as prof and as a fact that America is done playing games.

Yeah I know I know :bang; I'm losing it !

But for now the only thing to do is to escort alien ships away from military bases? How long is that going to last? Really though theirs a point where Lie's don't work in the place of peaceful order.

If Canada already released information to the public Hmmm reality bites! Meet your new life, this is how it is!

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Unknown360 » Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:29 am

pindz wrote:for Cherokee:

No you are wrong and you are a stupid sheep.

I agree (no offense Cherokee) but i didnt even bother to read the last half of what u wrote cuz it just shows u probably have your knee pads on for the government 8==D O-: if u know what i mean. Have you even researched why some Et's abduct people? or why there are encounters,contact etc etc? Look up Alex Collier for an ABC Crash course. Heres a question. What does your girlfriend the government say about the chemtrails(not Contrails) they spray for you in the sky? or the OBVIOUS grid formation they lay out for everyone like a crop of carrots? They dont tell you anything yet they dont deny it and there is Evidence and proof everywhere even newspaper articles and science reports etc etc... wheres your girlfriends at the round table? no fund is being put into the research of chemtrails by the government? because they are the ones doing it. So cant you open your eyes and close your @$$, wipe your mouth and get off your knees for a minute and realize the Government does what they please for their reasons thats against our best interest. There ARE Ufos and Aliens and Ubductions. They do know but instead of telling the truth and lose control its easier to sweet it under the rug and keep you in control. If you found out today everything was a lie would you go to work tomorrow? would you give a crap what the government had to say tomorrow? exactly.....

P.S. dont take it personal because if you take it personal than you missed the point of what i was saying :banana:

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Craighaynes » Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:47 am

It makes me angry that the US government is holding back the ufo's they obviously know about. I guess they are trying to use there technology for military use. After last night when I saw the video that UFOHunters broadcast showing the best video ever seen I know for sure now that they are real. Plus the radar showed these craft going 50 thousand miles per hour from 10thousand ft. to 50 thousand feet. Its going to take a march on washington and some work stoppages to get the government to come out of the closet. I wonder how those 40 policemen who saw the ufo's feel about there government who they work for telling them they were looking at swamp gas.

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Ourgreatcountry » Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:31 am

There is a scripture of how to tell good from evil...it states something to the effect of "you will know by their actions."

There is also this crop circle

Apparently the circular image next to the self portrait is a binary code. This code has been interpreted as:

"BEWARE the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION.


Maybe there is an evil race and a good race. Although to believe this theory I think the evil race is already in control of earth.

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Dmparker » Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:53 am

To cherokee,
You haven't ever worked for our government or been in the military have you? If you trust them to tell you the truth then you will always be in for a rude shock. With your mindset, and I mean no disrespect to you, how do you expect them to be able to tell you the truth??? It will destroy all that you believe and been taught through out your life. The truth is always self evident although it may take time to manifest itself. Take a look around you, see what is happening in your life. What is happening with our government and others around the world right now. We do live in the NWO right now and have been for many years. If you take away the Alien factor, the things our government is doing makes no sense what so ever. However when you put the Alien factor into the mix it will make sense. They have no choice now, we have run out of time and we have technology that makes us very dangerous to the universe so we have to be policed by ET's so we don't destroy them or ourselves. We are still children and cannot be trusted not to harm them. The easy way to handle the truth is take responsibility for your own actions, have unconditional love in all your relations with all living creatures, change the things that you can for the better if possible and keep hope close to your heart. Look inside for the truth and don't expect any "God" to save you or anyone else. This is the way I deal with it myself, it may not work for you but it may not hurt to try.

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Loveandlight » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:06 pm

goverments cant totally deny it as they know one day they are going to have to admit the truth so they neither confirm nor deny then then have nothing to apologise for as we cant prove how long this has been going on in the mean time they plot and scheme and decide how they are going to disclose information to the general public (probably by faked invasion so the general mass of sheep go running to the goverment for protection ) and the goverment are then prepared to take over and say you do this, you go there, we will handle it and lo and behold they still run everything and we still get no say in anything concerning the et apparent threat then through fear the public will have less say than ever before martial law will be implimented then they will control you through fear :shooting: :alien:

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by Pindz » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:00 pm

for Cherokee:

No you are wrong and you are a stupid sheep.

Re: Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

Post by viggerz » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:44 pm

Dunno but it makes more sense that we were genetically made by some "Alien" than a god that created everything at once lol