1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

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Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Neversaydie » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:38 pm

This has just freaked me out. :shock:

Amaury Rivera is an abductee who was shown visions of the future back in 1988 after a couple of beings :alien: :alien: showed him holographic images of things that were.....well, in the future.

Upload to Disclose.tv

On the video from 2.35 mins listen to what he says about the elite living on floating islands in a black sea, then take a look at the link below.

Remember this was in 1988. Not only is the black sea reference turning out to be accurate (oil leak) he also says something about the government living on floating islands in the middle of it.
Oh my God. You just have to sit up and take this shit seriously man.

Link : http://www.alternet.org/investigations/ ... age=entire

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Tylerdurden » Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:43 pm

kurious wrote:Please stop using the tired old defence of 'we don't completely comprehend reality ect ect so your the one who's wrong' this is also little more than some tired hogwash.

Please don't lump me in with main stream non believers either, I have some twenty odd years of researching the UFO phenomena & you know what ? In my whole time I have some some very interesting video & photographic evidence to lead my rational brain to believe that there is something going on. I've also seen, photographed & shared something 'odd' here on disclose so does that cover your Quantum effects, or should I hollah at Scott Bakula ?? Dvd player !! That's some funny shit right there. Should mention I've read a lot of Bud Hopkins stuff aswell so I think I am qualified for this discussion.

In that whole time of looking I have never come across a shred of evidence that says the abduction phenmomena is real. I'd believe it if I heard a cow stating this phenomena was real, seen enough pictures of their mutilated hides to know something is also going on there.

Sure Betty Hills star map recollection under hypnosis is interesting to say the least but that is the only thing which has ever been bought to the table as being worthy of a mention. If you know of any others then please share them but I don't think there is, the rest is all just people claiming they have been taken, just like fools claim to have seen Elvis. It's become a mainstream joke.

Dr Leers implant work may shed some light on things but I doubt it ever really will. Those cases are the abduction movements best hope for redemption but as of right now your all just talking a good game & that isnt good enough to take to court or to hold my interest anymore. So many wonderful stories have gotten me to the point of boredom. I require evidence from here on in & I reserve my right to call anybody out on it to.

My seat on Earth is very well planted so no hopes of falling off here.

It's an old argument that we have no full picture of reality? I do feel an intelligent stream of thought coming from you but what kind of a statement is that?. We're sending a telescope into space in the next few years that could prove the calculations of scientists that we are indeed living in a multiverse. Scientists like Bruce Lipton and Thomas Campbell are pioneers in opening the way to new paradigms Those are just examples, every time period has its own paradigm and I know for a fact that you don't believe that we've arrived at the end station of knowledge, I mean we can't even explain gravity. You're actually admitting that there is something going on, which is the way i feel too, with more knowledge it could be that it turns out to be something much different to what our current knowledge suggests. You sound to me like you want to believe but can only believe if it happens to you yourself. That is fair, i just don't agree with poking at people who put a name on the experience they are having.
The truth is that what you believe based on your knowledge, and the people who have experienced it certainly have more knowledge on the subject than you and I i think.
I think you'll agree that we are still in for some big surprises on the reality front. And no I'm not trying to convince you of anything or convert you, I wouldnt even want to. But what evidence would convince you other than the experience itself.

I apologise for grouping you with the mainstreamers, I just think it is a generalisation to say that these people are pushing each other in their beliefs, when they are all individuals with individual experiences. :alien: i come in peace

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Cognitae » Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:11 am

mikemess wrote:
drabbit wrote:1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Was shown a BLACK SEA!


Upload to Disclose.tv

At what part did he relay the story about being shown images of the future?

What did he say about it?

If you were unable to see the actual video. This man claims that he was given a camera to take pictures of a band that was going to play in Puerto Rico. the next day. On his way home he was encountered and taken with aliens, and another gentleman, a dark skinned man with long black hair who he said (was not a negro). This darkskinned man stated that he was from a distant world, and showed the 'adbuctee' a projection first of his own homeworld, showing a city with his houses. Second eh showed him an image of a meteor falling to the earth, an image that was told to him to be of the very near future. He was then given an image of and was told that there would soon be a world goverrnment, but this government was composed of people living on an articifial island on a black and dirty sea. When returned he took snapshots of the alien craft, and noticed that Poerto Rican jets (u.S. Interceptors look like F-16's from picture circling around a disc shaped craft)

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Iwanci » Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:43 am

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to everyone in this thread.

I will state my thoughts briefly, incidentally I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU.

Do I believe that ‘abductee’ cases are real. Yes. Why? I don’t know. Hard evidence? Yes plenty, the fact that a person is willing to speak out and get ridiculed makes for a strong argument, stronger than any argument put up by any likewise untested, unproven religious belief. There was mention in the thread to evidence that would ‘hold up in a court’.. ‘witness statements’ (correct me if I am wrong) hold significant weight in prosecution cases, hence the ‘alibi’ defense or the ‘witness’ protection programs (whichever side you wish to take).
Am I convinced that every ‘abductee’ case is to be believed? No, for all the reasons given in the thread and then some, including that some people simply and deliberately lie, even where there is no benefit.

I would also agree that harshly ‘shooting’ people down on the pure basis that they forgot to take a photo, didn’t manage to rip out any alien body hair, video tape their abduction etc is wrong. We must encourage people to share their experiences and we must engage them in constructive questioning and analysis. Welcome people and their opinions, then use your own experience to decide its validity. Where you have strong empirical evidence that clearly shows a flaw in their story, share this but be cognizant of the individuals feelings, even if you are right they may not have all their faculties. If you have nothing but your own ‘gut’ feeling, then be careful of not using your own argument against yourself. If you want ‘hard’ evidence for belief, then present ‘hard’ evidence for the counter. Simply stating you have read books (which, incidentally, have been written by someone else based on their biases etc) is not enough in my opinion to discredit others either way. However, if you happened to be sitting beside your lady when she claims to have been abducted and saw everything ‘not happen’ then speak up.

On a deeper note, is making love to a different person in your dreams considered cheating? What if you are able to repeat this encounter in future dreams at will? Or if you are able to deliberately dream this encounter or deliberately dream yourself a second life? Are people able to learn, educate themselves in dreams? Eg, if I dream of going to school and learning a formula, then I wakeup and remember that formula and it works, what does that mean? If these abductees are dreaming their cases, are these cases then less credible? Did they or did they not occur?

As for the ‘fourth kind’… does anyone know if the girl that was taken was real and if anyone ever reported a missing person?

Cheers ALL thanks for the great read…

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Kurious » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:27 am

I can see why you might lump UFOs in with Abductions but I think it extremely unwise to do so, as I say there is a wealth of evidence to back up the existence of UFOs from radar to video to even physical evidence such as background radiation where UFOs have allegedly touched down yet there are ZERO shred's of evidence to back up the claims of people who claim to have been taken by little green men.

On a side note, people who use the earth is flat metaphor may also be interested to know that this was not the view held by the people generally in that era & in fact was only ever mentioned by one person in a book but somehow has managed over the years to spread as all good tales do. Look it up.

Night Corn.

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Mikemess » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:22 am

drabbit wrote:1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Was shown a BLACK SEA!


Upload to Disclose.tv

At what part did he relay the story about being shown images of the future?

What did he say about it?

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Cornbread714 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:19 am


But I love debating this. Purebase, let me just refer you to Lamonema's post above as my closing argument for tonight.

If that's the direction you want to go in, by all means, help yourself.

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Purebase » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:11 am

i actually fail to see the difference here . are we not in an age again of not having enough scientific evidence to refute both sides of this ufo coin.?
it seems to be the exact same today . sure its the oldest comparison in the book but it does reflect the same principle here.
ps, im not religious at all. was just the first thing that came to mind

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by Cornbread714 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:05 am

purebase wrote:primitives who would kill a man because someone believed that the earth was round and not flat . blasphemy is what you basically are screaming when you call these individuals liars and that theres not enough proof to give them some credit.

Not to gang up on you, but it was reason and scientific method over blind faith that caused the world to not be flat anymore.

I love it when the anti-rationalists trot out the earth-is-round analogy. It's the most self-defeating argument possible, don't you see that?

Re: 1988 Ufo abductee was shown images of the future

Post by lamonema » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:02 am

Like I have said it is not the burdon of those who will never understand. It does not concern you, but your more than welcome to try and understand, but don't be surprised if it drives you nuts. Not all abductions involve anal probes or sexual things in nature, each indivudual is treated differently. For those who recieve knowledge they are the ones who suffer with the pain when the knowledge finally begins to present the whole picture. It takes a certain type of brain and blood type, to induce such knowledge into the wrong host would result in a total mental melt down. Hint, Hint ----> Predominant types of qualities required; rh - blood, enlarged knowledge bone on the back of the skull, hazel to green eyes, thin to athletic build, an athletic heart ( 60 beats / min), quiet disposition, higher than average IQ, family history of such events, warriors at heart scholars in mind, most common in those who have been labeled Bi- Polar Manic. Like I said it is not for everyone, it will not work in just any brain, but still the pain at times is beyond explaination. No doctor can cure the pain, it must come from the self control of the host. It is mind over matter. But feel free to ridicule, while deep down inside you wish to understand. Trust me it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, while some may consider it a gift. It is no gift, because it does not benefit the host, it is mearly implanted knowledge that will carry on to the next evolutionary step of man. How do I know this, well what would be the point in saying how, after all there is no proof, RIGHT? it is what it is, either one accepts it or one does not, I could give two sharts a fork and a gallopping goose. NM156