Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

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Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Spock » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:16 am

For all we know, Earth could be their home planet, and they live in multiple dimensions - essentially on top of us.

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by mediasorcery » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:31 am

No, theyve always been here.

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Mydogma » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:54 am

Estanislao wrote:Here's my thoughts on Agendas.

Right now, I tend to believe that the Anunnaki agenda is to wipe most of us out for 3 reasons.
1) Enlil was always bothered by humans (too noisy)
Agreed...but he had a brother who liked us and showed that their liniage too has good intentioned masters too....
2) If we macro-evolve we will become one more life form that opposes the Anunnaki.*
They are a warrior race, which means they most likely think like that.
Agreed...but perhaps the good gene pool has brought sense to them too...are they really gods...or just evolving big smart bruts...they aint god so chances are the entire galaxy is evolving...perhaps they come around on their cleansing cycle in their elipical orbit...zoom in and pick up the good people and let the lieing cheating lizards to take the wave and give the survivors a few thousand more get rid of their greedy control issues because they would reek havoc on the galaxy...humans want to own and control-destroy earth...destroy our eden and then blast off in a rocket and do the same...claiming mars...etc...I hope the have evolved..and if not...and that's the best that the galaxy has Evolved to...I give..they can eat me first...

3) Why let us evolve, better to try to dumb us down and kill us. * (there are a number of benevolent races, why strengthen their numbers)

There is infinate space out their...perHaps they too have a soul..

I tend to believe this because:
1) The elite blood line is the Anunnaki blood line.
2) The elite's ugenics agenda is to wipe out 95% of the population (and probably by 2012... that's 5.5 billion going bye-bye in only a few short years - war won't be enough, it will have to be a combo of war, famine, and plague (ala Revelations)
3) their cover story doesn't add up*
4) Bush's 2 terms have been a mad rush to setting the stage. All the laws, wars, famine and plague are in place, they just need a trigger event. (Iran is gonna happen soon, but I don't think the real shit is gonna hit the fan until around 2010)

* This was the key for me. I couldn't grasp why, if they knew people would be evolving, did they need this massive eugenics program. And Why they were purposely dumbing us down. (dumbing down prevents evolution). So basically, they don't want us to evolve. And the only reason for that could be that evolution would pose some sort of threat. (another benevolent race, countered against the Anunnaki)

This is my big-picture puzzle in progress. No need to criticize, but constructive input would be interesting.

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Doogle » Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:08 am

You mean apart from the ones that are already here, and may have been here longer than we have?

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Toxic32 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:04 am

Disclosetv wrote:Please cast your vote....


Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Noentry » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:26 am


Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by xSZx » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:48 pm

Aliens Among Us??
Lets say that that there are anything from 1 to a billion types of alien passing through our solar system everyday.
I'm saying different types, species etc each of which most likely would have a good number of members.Some of those 'travelers' may be just passing through blissfully unaware of our existence other than as a brief crackle on the local Pan Galactic News Channel.
Could also be some kind of TranVersal Federation of Advanced Species, a conglomerate or more perhaps with good reason to visit earth or earthlings. A hot spot tourist zone perhaps?
But one thing is for sure, without any strict border controls these Aliens would come and go as they please especially if they have us categorized as 'primitive' or 'insect-like' or even just plain 'silly'.
Of course their could be some kind of guardianship in place to protect us or even, come to think of it protect them from us??
But for the non humanoid races its gonna be kind of difficult popping down to the surface, they need some kind of cloaking technology or ability. But not just that, if it is to truly integrate with the earthlings then it really needs to be a perfect synthezoid.
They, and when i say they i mean non terrestrial humanoids as a generalization, could project themselves into the very same body structures that humans already use!!
And whilst in that structure they could even join in all the facets that a human would, in some cases where the individual or hive mind had chosen they could undergo some kind of temporary 'mindwipe' so as to enhance their experience.
Of course they might not even be that interested in humans they might be more interested in the Planet Earth. Injecting their super conscious beings into the very soul of the planet, that might also mean that they were here first, that we are in fact them and we don't even know it because we programmed ourselves not to.

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Rizze » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:36 pm

Lately it's been quite scarce on what i suppose are real ufos.Most of the videos are seemingly fake these days.
What we need is another Bentwaters incident, 1952 Washington, Shag Harbour or the Phoenix Lights.

But yes i still believe :flop:

Re: Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Post by Mydogma » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:08 am

Yes..they built the pyramids, they were probably the gods of our know fairyland and all the giants...we were their biotoy.. I hope tHey are friendly...i