In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda

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Re: In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda

Post by Heruur » Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:55 am

Mulling this over a bit, sitting outside at midnight (no ufos, but a passing satellite)
I got a hypothesis:
The nature of the experience depends on the nature of the personality of the abductee. Often they actually seem to be told what they want to hear, or at least what they may expect to hear. The entire experience may become that which the experiencer expects; a mechanistic medical experiment(emotional detactchment), sexual and genetic manipulation(a freudian classic), a spiritual enlightening provoking meditation(physical detatchment), or a dire warning of negative things to come(fear). Depending on the state of mind of the abductee, even at the given moment, one may experience all of the above in the course of a lifetime.
It may be that, it is easier to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, by appeasing the core subliminal mind of the abductee. This appeal to the abductees mind may be part of the psychological tool used for the purpose of removing memories of the true nature of the encounter. This would make it harder to discern the real hidden agenda by sending mixed messages and thus creating confusion.
There is one thing I have almost always believed about the whole thing. They want us to understand. But there is a lot of resistance on our part that prevents that understanding, and perhaps even more on the other side that believe that we are utterly incapable of understanding whatever is going on, which, of course, is something that would shake the very nature of our existence, our past and our future, what it means to be human.

Re: In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda

Post by Hesop » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:56 am

Anything other than expressed fear is good.

Imagine a Dentist, having only patients filled with fear, from his scraping and drilling. After a while, he gets robotic like, shielding himself from these negatively cast emotions. Now a new patient climbs into the chair. Asks the Dr. how he's been, tells him he's greatful to know him. Pretty soon, a whole new friendly conversation takes place. The Dr. is delighted to be seen in a new light, welcomes this new patient, and looks forward to seeing him again.

Most anything would help. Even a smile will attract their attention as positive.
Addressing them as "brother", "friend". "Good to see you again".....etc But believe it yourself, don't fake it. You can't, without them knowing.

Re: In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda

Post by Heruur » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:30 am

What questions might you think of to ask? What evidence gathering strategy can you develop? What else might be included in an abductees' "name, rank, and serial number" response to be used again and again over many abductions and then analyzed?

Compelling post, raises a lot of questions for me.
I think the first step in a course correction would be finding a better, more reliable way to recall experiences. Hypnotic regression hasn't held up enough to scrutiny for the general public, or even myself to be convinced.
I know they don't want us to remember, or if they do, only pieces, usually those warnings that tell us we're destroying the planet or the end is near, something that might fit their agenda.
I keep a ufo/alien journal, which has enabled me to remember what little I can. And keeping a mantra in my head, something like i will remember, I have woken in the middle of the night, in a daze, thinking "Ha! i beat you! i know you were here! I remember you were here!"
after that I have so far only been able to recall garbled feelings and fuzzy images, but its a step.
Now to have a question in mind...
I keep asking "Why?" but have never gotten a clear answer. A more clever approach as this post suggests is definitely in order.

How about "Where's the bathroom?" A basic human need, easy to remember,might provide insight to the interior of the craft

Other things that come to mind:
"where were you born?"
"how old are you"
"are you my brother"
"What do you need from me?"
"Are your parents here with you?"
I will keep thinking on this.......

Disclose members:
What questions would you ask?

Hesop, I know you have relevant experience here, what's your take on this? Is this a good approach?