Nature of the Anunnaki

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Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:25 am

Oh right,yeah..
In H.R.Geiger's Necronomicon,I think it was,he said he used to sleep until late on the day dreaming then paint his dreams..or use the content of his sub conscious for inspiration..& he came up with the"Alien"..interesting how its got that elongated head




I think that this hidden race run the "watchers" program of automated (& some manned by biological robot types or lesser castes) probes that are photographed daily around the world..
The one below was filmed by British Airways in the 1970's..the footage is in their archives..these drones sometimes are seen in formations,like I showed in an above the one "Prophet Yahweh" apparently somehow managed to summon..

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Sol34now » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:09 am

Temps13 wrote:Cool picture Sol,you find that or did you draw it yourself?

It's from a video called "The Pleiadian Connection" about Billy Meier. His son says he's never seen him fake anything, I'll take his word to the bank. I mean it's not 100% :bullshit: imho

That pic is of Lyrians, not Pleiadians.

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:42 am

Cool picture Sol,you find that or did you draw it yourself?
Here is an ancient depiction of a rocket drawn on rock in Japan..its allegedly thousands of years old..(11,000 I think)
And see this one below? Egyptian..see the rocket? with a man & woman beside it?
The Egyptians spoke of a place called 'the Duat' as "the place where the great ones ascend & descend"
The Anunnaki are known in Hebrew as "Elohim"..they are also known as the "master race"
Here is a photograph of one of their flying saucers (below)
Note that its the same as depicted in this medieval tapestry(below)
And in this even older rock painting,complete with monitoring device orbs/probes/drones
These monitoring devices are everywhere they are in a typical formation,observing our technology in the 1940's
And again,more recently,in Crawley Sussex
I have found that this formation,a triangle with one or two on the end,is very common-it was this same formation that brought Stratford on Avon to a halt in June 2007(see the video it was in the Daily Mail),you can rule out chinese lanterns or flares or any other conventional explanation..theres a great many examples on just between last December & now..
Maybe these were Odin's "ravens"? that circled the earth by day & at night brought the world's tidings to him..
The vikings knew the gods were real..I'm not sure what evidence might be found in the Norse 'Eddas",but I'm going to have a look there..Its true they knew the 666 number string,same as the Hindus..But thats another thread..I'll try not to go off on too much of a tangent..

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Sol34now » Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:49 am


Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:57 am


A Mayan artifact presented to the world relatively recently by Klaus Dona & Nassim Harramein
He also showed us these alleged Rephaim skulls

found with healing & birthing implements,I think they were,after part of a mountainside collapsed (I'm sure you've all seen that hidden history documentary).
Below is a photo which I need to get a better copy of,it has flying craft depicted quite clearly on it..esp in the upper right but theyre not very visible here,even though I tried to enhance it.
In this thread we'll try & show the skeptics some good depictions of aircraft & rockets from ye olden buffer our case

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:08 am
See this image? I thought it was funny how someone thought they had better cover up the head bust for this headdress due to in being elongated..

The bust for the original headdress of the Ur deathpit female (some call her queen other goddess or demigoddess),the shape meant the headdress was not staying on very well due to the normal human size shape of it so they had to make a special elongated one lol

I've tried photobucket like ironman or will said but couldn't grab the text to copy & paste you can see from this thread i used to post pictures no problem..
With this one i had to click on url as I tried image but it said it couldn't discern the dimensions
Cant seem to embed youtube videos anymore either..
Wonderin if its me or not..

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:26 pm

Ahh Chilitiger Im glad you included the elongated skulls into this..perhaps a priest come shaman caste,yet we know certain leaders had them,pharaohs etc..
Perhaps emulation,if its true whats been said about the oldest skulls at the deepest part of the skull pits at Malta's Hypogeum & at Cuzco,Peru having only two plates to the skull instead of three..
The vatican knows all about this,they found elongated skulls under the vatican a few years back & we know about the D'Este connection..we're onto you lot! We know about the conduit etc haha
One text,dunno if I already mentioned it in this thread..but the text "In Praise of Ninurta" is a s effusive as any I've read & is interesting that he says he removed the (28?) pairs of crystals from the now empty niches in the grand gallery of the great pyramid..
It supports my belief that the pyramid was a beacon,like Sitchins said,part of a landing corridor..I believe Chris Dunn is partly right..but it was not a power station it just had SELF POWERED FUNCTIONS..a maser beam that was used for guidance but aslo in the case of the aforesaid text,could be used like a tractor beam-to interfere with a vimana's guidance systems..(as Ninurta claimed in that text)
Dunn said theres evidence of hydrogen obtained via mixing hydrochloric acid & zinc chloride-hydrated zinc etc etc..that theres an aperture of a suitable size for a wave guidance aperture..
Anyway Im getting off topic a bit..Got some cool photos to share in a bit

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Chillitiger » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:44 am

I agree temps.

I enjoyed Sitchens work and sat through all 30 plus hours of some guy reading out the book of Enki (not at once of course)

Sitchens book of Enki tied up a lot of loose ends for me at the time.

But now my mind has digested it all so I decided read the online translations.

I have just finished off 8 or so stories on Enki and Enlil.

I got to say those stories are just out right strange. Myth or truths, these stories are unlike anything you will come across.

The ones I have read so far are all for Enki telling everyone (including himself) how awesome he is. Truly strange for a "god" to need to remind himself of how "great" he is. Sort of reminds me of the Wizard in the wizard of Oz. It gets outright bloody annoying in the end!

If I can find it in me to put up with some more self adulation from enki I will try and get through the rest of the translations.

In the mean time. Sitchen may be right, he may be wrong, but even the bland translations hint at Annunaki as coming from the heavens, creating beings )of some sort) waging war, pillaging treasure, Making love to a lot of beautiful women. And being the son of some greater "god" named "An" that lived at some other place. Where mind you they sent most of whatever they pillaged back to and received great praise for dong so.

Anyway, I suggest people read the other translations for themselves. I don't think Sitchen is wrong, he may no be (and probably isn't) entirely right either.

In the end these are some very strange stories.

I am looking forward to the time we unearth an older culture and see what they wrote about these mysterious Annunaki.

And some great peruvian skull vids for yall

Upload to

Upload to

And a bust of Nefrititi with a cone head skull for comparison


Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:29 am

And Sitchin bashers please remember,while his books have much good information in them,his interpretations are just that interpretations-so just as i hope any good DTV'er wouldn't let a priest interpret the scriptures for him..they will also read as many translations,as literal as possible,from as many cultures as possible..& form their own interpretation!
Then corroborate it with modern ufological proof,genetic,neurological,historical,art etc etc..
Forget all preconceived notions..

Re: Nature of the Anunnaki

Post by Temps13 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:42 am

Well..its been 2 years & noones replied to my thread,members have come & gone.peoples minds will heve changed on certain details,but I thought Id BUMP this back up rather than starting another thread rehashing it,as I felt there were some great photos here
(& Ive been having trouble uploading photos just lately they been
coming as links) so..
Hopefully someone will have something to add..I certainly have some good pics to add :think: