Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

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Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by mediasorcery » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:21 am

often the locals and or mythology will say giants built a lot of those ancient stone structures, i believe that over the history channel anyday.
that doesnt mean there were not ancient astronauts, and that they may have built structures, but it aint the magical answer to all this, who funds the history channel and what are its connections, that may give rise to scepticism if investigated by some1.

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Temps13 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:37 am

Oh..perhaps it was further in was a few months ago I watched it

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Cia212 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:27 am

Temps13 wrote:Another thing White has got wrong in this documentary is near the start where he claims that ancient astronaut theorists say that the Anunnaki means the "sons of Anu"

When? The segment begins with a voice over by Giorgio Tsoukalos saying:

“In the ancient texts of Sumeria we have descriptions of these being descending from the sky called the Annunaki. The term Annunaki means ‘those who from the heavens came.”

That statement is, I would guess, Chris' estimate of the AA opinion since it's Giorgio making the statement. The segment proceeds to refute that.

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Temps13 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:57 am

Another thing White has got wrong in this documentary is near the start where he claims that ancient astronaut theorists say that the Anunnaki means the "sons of Anu"
Nonsense anyone knows Anunnaki means those who came to Earth from Heaven (as in SPACE)..
This is from Anunna (the heavenly ones) & Ki (Earth)
Speaking of the meaning of words I wonder if anyone knows the reason EDINBOROUGH (in Scotland) is called that..does it ahve anything to do with the word E.din ( the abode of the righteous ones)?
I thought it might seeing as the Thames river is named after Thamus/Ammon & London is allegedly babyLONDON etc etc
I know it says its from Eidyn but IS IT

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Temps13 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:04 pm

Regarding what Poooot says above (or below?),about "how do you explain Puma Punku"
..sommat sommat
This Chris White,if you watch his 3 hour documentary..around half way through,he does make some good points about Puma Punku & how some of the stones display marks on their backs that show they were hit with stone on stone..the old fashioned low tech way..
I'll have to listen again before I could say if I think those were not actually Diorite.

Not saying I think White's supernatural version is correct,I think the ancient astronaut theory is correct & have utter disdain for Heiser
We dont want to confuse the concept of "God",as in "the father of all creation"-a personal or impersonal force or entity,with gods,which is basically "sky beings",or people from the sky..(from "Got" & "Deus")..
the former is a concept shared by both ourselves & the "gods"

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by j001 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:36 pm

Vulcanic wrote:
theclarificator3 wrote:
Vulcanic wrote:The Clarificator[/color]

God have no moment of birth, as he always is. No beginning, no end.
Einstein hair + Einstein brain never be equals to Einstein-like hair + Stupid brain
Now you have been re-clarified.

thats the issue,, can you prove god had no beginning? and how does that even work? everything has a start and a end, it's the cycles of creation/death and rebirth and us man had never seen anything other then that.

your no better saying that then ancient aliens is telling you god is a alien. but they atleast got more points leading up to there choice.

i'm not trying bash you i respect your belief, i'm only flusterd so many people jumping on the debunk crud,

for one it cannot be debunked , and it can't be proven either, was to long ago and not enough lasted the test of time to say yes or no...

and no matter what you believe in we all sound stupid trying to explain it :headscratch: who's right who's wrong.

but if you say god allways was then that again is a alien because we know Earth was not allways here and allways will be, therefore the god you speak of is not FROM EARTH and that is a ALIEN not green men, a rock from mars is a terestral rock,, anytthing living or non living not from earth is not of our WORLD.

now that is logic and how we defined these words, if you hate the word, just make up a nicer sounding word that means the same thing. :flop:

I have no time for futile discussions.
With me, you have two options: believe it now or later.
Maybe if you change your avatar of the Guadalupe Virgin you could find the truth

what the theclarificator can't give a strait answer? no proof huh? you should change your avitar to mine so you get some common sence and not spew crap you can't back up or give any sources at all...

Allow me to clarify something too.
I don't really uderstand where you are going with your alien-god stuff. What's your point? Yahusha said, I and my Father are one. What does that mean to you, is he alien? Who cares what you call him or what you think? The fact is, that universe was created and there is eternal creator, that's what matters. The question is who do you believe is this creator. Because if it is God of the Bible, you better be ready to meet him one day. And your futile discussions will be probably the last thing you will have on your mind on that day.
All these truth movements (Icke, Zeitgeist, etc) and mainstream documentaries like Ancient Aliens - all have one in common, they are anti-Christian, here and there they criticize Islam and Quran but almost never forget Bible and Christianity. Sometimes they are sneaky and try to implant a doubt in people's minds mixing it with truth, sometimes they say it flat-out. Why is it so, what's the connection and what's the conclusion? Where is your open mind and IQ? Don't you see that "they" really don't care what people know, they don't care if people know there are UFOs, they don't care if people know there is a massive financial chaos coming, they don't care what Alex Jones and such tell them, they don't care if people believe "they" want to kill off half the population of the planet or whatever, but they obviously do care what people think about God of the Bible. So go to UFO disclosure meetings, scream aloud so everyone knows there are aliens and UFOs are real, go, protest and occupy, show them that you know everything, tell it to everyone, so everyone will know "everything" also... and "they" will laugh at you. Because "they" only care you don't know the ultimate truth and they know you were conditioned not to believe it. The great deception is coming and you are part of it. Who said "trying to be wise, they became fools."? Let's not become fools then, let's try to understand.
Oh yes, and speaking of UFOs, consider this>
So yes, there was war in heaven, the foolish one lost and was grounded, and will lose again.

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Endless16 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:59 am

Poooooot wrote:
Elnorel wrote:Meh he is generalizing and using conjectures, rehashing some established theories and making a case for them.

Explain to me Puma Punku and how could they cut Diorite Blocks into laser precision masterpiece.

Perfect symetry on Ramses Statue
, I mean PERFECT. No stonemason today can do tis without computer and some realy precise tools.

Exactly. Artwork and texts could possibly be interpreted incorrectly, but how do you explain things like:

Puma Punku

The Producers of Ancient Aliens were not honest about the composition of the rocks used in the making of this site, or the capabilities and culture of the people that built it, or the date it was built... this would have been simple with the type of rock this is and the tools and technology of the people that made this...

The Palpa Flat Mountain (FYI, there has never been any debris found from removing these mountain tops)

FYI that is a Plateau. Although the markings on the top are interesting, if this is a UFO airbase of prehistoric origin, why would you land on top of a plateau in the middle of one of the hottest & driest places on earth? Btw I also imagine that spacecraft would kick up some dust on landing and take-off, and since these markings are made by literally removing the top-soil I think there would be more evidence of disturbance.

Sacsayhuamán (these stones were not naturally formed this shape - nor were they cut. They almost look as if they were heated until they were pliable, and then hardened in place)
(also note, these stone walls were built to be earthquake resistant)

The reason for this crazy-paving effect is simply because of the way the wall was put up, they "rough-cut" the stones before transporting them to the site where they would make them to fit precisely, the fact that they are earthquake proof is likely a lucky coincidence. There is no evidence the stones were ever heated, if they were it would surely leave some kind of testable residue.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg... Skeptics can easily dismiss drawings, and the theories of a kooky Greek guy with crazy hair, but there's no way you can write this kind of stuff off.

You should try watching-

Upload to

It pretty much refutes absolutely every claim you just made.

It's an interesting take on the Ancient Aliens series, I found it very informative and challenging of the ideas behind the whole Ancient Astronaut Theory, a Theory that until watching this video I thought held quite a lot of water. There is a very mild religious undertone to it, which I don't personally approve of, but compared to the dogmatic "ALIENS DID IT" approach it reveals in the Ancient Aliens series, it's pretty mild. :flop:

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Vulcanic » Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:59 am

theclarificator3 wrote:
Vulcanic wrote: Blah blah blah

Vulcano your monologue is astounding! Wonder if you and CIA are the same person...

keep on wondering :flop: If you can't answer a simple yes or no question then i got nothing to say to you, i think your just a troll with nothing useful to add to this topic :flop:

I know you are scared of the truth and avoid it as much as you can.

it's a simple question yes or a no, was your god or any god born on earth and is a earthling?
(half gods don't count) since 1 half is not from earth.

no need for big story's just a simple yes or no, untill then i got nothing to say to you,
so blah blah blah blah thats something you can understand :flop:

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by theclarificator3 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:40 pm

Vulcanic wrote: Blah blah blah

Vulcano your monologue is astounding! Wonder if you and CIA are the same person...

Re: Ancient Aliens Debunked 09/28/12

Post by Vulcanic » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:23 pm

Cia212 wrote:
Vulcanic wrote:Do you think thats why grant left ghost hunters? I got that feeling by the new adds for ghost hunters, they are planning some big hoax i bet.

That's part of it I'm sure. There were also rumors of drug rehab and multiple affairs - apparently the gang is on the road for several months a year...without the wives.

Did you ever see the Halloween special a few years ago? Brutal!

Upload to

Upload to

i found this, pretty cool 100% fake

Upload to

I allways wonderd what really happend to brian, they made him out to be fucked up. and andy and donna. glad i stopped watching the show long ago.

Upload to

Upload to