Some UFO'S i photographed

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Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:15 am

Oh yeah one more thing about this one
turned the brightness & contrast down a bit here but when I made some prints of it they came out & you can see its not the moon,its like on the laptop they are,they look backlit,whereas on the print they don't & you can see the fuzziness (like in the Costa Rica one) & weave pattern..why this is so I don't know but I'll be able to show that this ones not the moon if I can scan the print in hopefully..the difference is enormous & its a really grainy,dark green

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:31 pm

I know they LOOK like the moon but if you see the original of that first one you'll see its too small to be the moon & its green too(Its zoomed in)..I will post the original at some to take my other mac into the shop or it might be on a memory is the original of the second,small image-(the main one I wanted to show) the original it is tiny I estimated it to be over the bay so..the bays 5 miles was there for like a couple of hours every night for a few nights I'm surprised noone else photographed it..
I'm quite proud of it so I will definitely show you a better version of it soon.
Anyway its not la lune pooot & as I say it had like a sort of weave pattern in it..
Yeah that other one I prolly shouldnt of bothered posting but it was with the others so(& the moon was visible in the east at that time so what it was I dont know but it wasnt the moon,honest injun)..
I still got some more to add (& hopefully I'll see more)
Oh hey yeah maybe Deum will do his signature thing of the moon & it will be different? just a thought

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Poooooot » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:35 pm

I hate to be a party pooper, but some of those just look like the moon to me.

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:50 am

Sup RRR-I do have the capability even on my smaller camera to do movies & I familiarised myself with it & that so I was ready & I went out with a proper camcorder & that but I guess I just never seen any at those times..but I wanted some movie footage
When I saw that one at my back gate seconds after going out looking for them (that was weird) I handed the camcorder to my mate Scott & quickly set up my tripod & used the burst function,& I thought Scott was filming with the camcorder but I think he fucked it up..
or..actually I had that camcorder nicked so maybe he did film it & the little tape was in it when it was nicked but I don't recall seeing any footage.
I really wish I'd had one on me when those two white oval ..fuselages went over heading south & there was the weird magenta thing..AT THE SAME TIME in different parts of the sky-(wtf?!)
It was weird when we filmed the one at the back there as we just ended up going back inside..really we should of stayed until it moved off..
I sent the images to Ken Pfieffer & Billy Booth at the time

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by RATRODROB » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:15 am

Im just askin TEMPS, but hav you or do you ever take video of these things instead of photos,


Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:04 am

Oh yeahI nearly forgot,Deum did his process thing on the first of my photos (top) & he said it was unusual..(he says everything has a stuff..other stuff..whatever)..
I asked him to do the process on a picture someone else had taken of a ufo from Costa Rica..which turned out to have the exact same "signature"..
Below is the "signature" of mine..I will find & post the Costa Rica vimana for comparison (I think its a vimana,its shaped like diamond shaped but curvy,with what seem to me to be windows in the middle)

Below is the Costa Rica "vimana" (before "Deum processing")


Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:50 am

I really should of gotten out more this seems to be best in June but perhaps thats just how it seems..cos I'm out more
I also saw two tic tac shaped (white oval) ones go over,with 2 other people & looked east to see a magenta objects erratically moving through the sky..
Saw a what looked like colored gases in a glass bowl-if you couldn't see the dawn & got the pic but its blurred as it was moving out of sight & I rushed it..
A series of 3 strange flashes above the clouds one night which I'm sure was one..& on the same night-
a light that seemed to have a light coming out of it in a cone shape going on & off in the distance
A BEAUTY up on Trencrom hill-blue & red blinking erratically moving (insect like) across the peninsula..closely followed,about 3 mins later by 2 waves of 4 fast but quiet jets with what sounded like a refuelling plane above,out of sight but audible..they were on the same vector & NOT from Raf St Mawgan,Culdrose,Preddanick or Land's End airports..
I had taken my depressed friend up to show him ufos..he did not believe..he later killed himself & it was a shame but when the ufo went past I had a torch on it yelling "JAMIE!" but he was on the other side of the hill & it was gone by the time he got to me..
When I started researching it..(I noticed he thought I had seen everything on ufos that there was to see on the net..his attitude was "so what if theres ufos")..a great shame he could not of seen what I saw..maybe he would not have killed himself.
An orange one that went from my area to St.Ives & back,resembling a chinese lantern,witnessed by several people & photographed by my mate he has that still on his phone for me he caught it as it went straight up..
Also orange ones were around at the time of the Mount's Bay one & in that triangle formation they do..Ive a faint image of that too.
The CRAZIEST one wasI was with the friend who saw the one by my gate with me-we watched a high up one cross the sky from horizon to horizon too fast to be a satellite-my friend has.T.L.E. & he's into crystals & all that stuff,yeah?
As it was about to disappear into lowering clouds he goes "I'll try to make it stop & reverse"-I looked at him thinking "You prick"..he was mentally projecting & to my utter amazement this object backed up then carried on again! That was so fucking feels silly writing about it now but it happened.I assume the pilot was telepathic or something..who knows..
Oh yeah I also saw a light take off from the moon through the powerful field binoculars my brother gave wasn't a star passing behind..
Well thats it for now then
Whatever I will post any other pics I have & a better one of the 2nd one & also any more if I am fortunate enough to see any more.

PS.That first one I saw..the weave it had in it was reminiscent of these ones here (not taken by me these)

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Slith » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:34 am

Interesting Temps. Good stuff :flop:

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Opalserpent » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:32 am


Won't be long till we really have some imaging power.

Re: Some UFO'S i photographed

Post by Temps13 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:32 am

No really..the moon was sw thats more looking wasnt the moon..I know it was hardly worth including but..
I will get a better one of the 2nd one though.