Ison 2013

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Re: Ison 2013

Post by Shaggietrip 2.5 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:34 pm

Shaggietrip wrote:I will start this thread to keep an eye on Ison. [color=#FF0000]Not to say that some can not post future near Earth objects or of things at later date if something come by.[/color] I am not try to make a redundant thread. But some are Titled differently and want to make sure we understand what this is about.

Found this interesting. May be a typo. Any asteroid/comet/Meteor gurus about?


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Re: Ison 2013

Post by Shaggietrip » Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:07 pm

Looked for appropriate thread, not wanting to open new one for the heads up.

nemesis maturity

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Mars close Approach Comet 2013A1 'Siding Spring' Oct,2014

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Re: Ison 2013

Post by Shaggietrip » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:43 pm

I am still being patient. I see others are in the same mind set . Not that far off from some conclusive evidence, I hope. Any way here is a vid and a link to follow.

nemisis maturity

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For all info and latest updates from Bruce Gary...

Edit: Please understand I am not saying Ison is intact but fragments of it may have. While others have written if off 100%


Re: Ison 2013

Post by Willease » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:10 pm

RIP ISON: Scientists finally declare ‘comet of the century’ dead after sun's radiation caused the icy ball to fall apart.

The optimistically-named ‘comet of the century’ has been pronounced dead after being the victim of a close encounter with the sun.

Comet ISON, which excited astronomers as it zipped within 730,000 miles of the sun on Thanksgiving Day, was pronounced dead at a conference yesterday.

Astronomers who had followed the ice ball mourned the loss of the sky show that once promised to light up during December.


Had ISON survived it would have provided good naked-eye viewing in early December for the Northern Hemisphere, astronomers said.

Nasa had aimed several telescopes and spacecraft at the comet to watch its close brush with the sun, only to find it missing after the encounter.

Comets are balls of dust and ice from the formation of the solar system billions of years ago.

ISON was on its first trip after leaving the Oort cloud on the distant fringes of the solar system.

Unlike comets that are ‘hardened’ by several trips around the sun, ISON just couldn't survive its maiden voyage, Mr Battams said.

ISON, about half a mile wide, was tiny and probably smaller than originally estimated.

As the comet neared its closest approach to the sun, astronomers had a sense of loss.

Battams called watching it in those final hours ‘a process of heartbreak.’

ISON wasnamed after the International Scientific Optical Network, used by a pair of Russian astronomers to detect the comet in September 2012, but it officially is known as C/2012 S1, which indicates when it was discovered.

Re: Ison 2013

Post by Willease » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:08 am

E6722maj wrote:i'm afraid i don't for a minute believe that the SDO cameras were 'looking the wrong way' to see ISON, at the critical moment. whatever ISON is, NASA has been covering it up and providing only piecemeal data. they are lying to us


No we, I mean they, are not. The SDO was not looking the wrong way, just not tilted far enough. :alien51:

Re: Ison 2013

Post by E6722maj » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:39 am

i'm afraid i don't for a minute believe that the SDO cameras were 'looking the wrong way' to see ISON, at the critical moment. whatever ISON is, NASA has been covering it up and providing only piecemeal data. they are lying to us


Re: Ison 2013

Post by Shaggietrip » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:24 am

I do acknowledge those that say get over it or Ison is dust or now gone. Your opinions I do have to accept. If not others would simply push mine aside. Is comet Ison no more. Well perhaps yes. This does not mean it is or has not become another scientific item.

I did want to hold off on my thoughts for a bit longer but from all the items I have been following and or reading here and elsewhere made me think perhaps this is a good time. I can only give you a condensed post of all my thoughts but in hopes you will get why I think there is a bit more than a simple Parahelian to nothing event. I have learned very much by following Ison and the posts that people have made here. Which has brought me to my continuing scientific hypotheis {< it is even though I am not}. I have not just watched a few videos through out this event and agreed to one set of conclusions. I have been ingesting it all. This has taken many hrs to do. With the links and videos in this thread along with my own endeavors. I have read much. I admit the formulas of some of the math perplexed me but read on, did my best to put pieces together. This in itself may be leading me to the wrong conclusion, but my mind says it is better than some making dumbass doom vids.

That said here is where I am at. First I will post some items then continue.

First if you have the time or patients...
I suggest research or some looks at Alfvn waves propagation in homogeneous and dusty astrophysical plasmas some links are provided here on pg 13. Also recommended research, what ChronicNerd and I have provide from pg 12-15.

The difference between a comet and an asteroid isn’t quite as clear as most people probably think. Comets are made mostly of ice, and asteroids mostly rock or iron—but asteroids often contain a fair amount of ice as well. Comets were born in the outer reaches of the Solar System, while asteroids formed mostly in the middle, in the gap that lies between Mars and Jupiter—but both can come plunging in toward the Sun, and occasionally slam into Earth.

Source and full read: http:

The distinction between asteroids and comets is fuzzy—comets tend to have more chemical compounds that vaporize when heated, such as water, and more elliptical (egg-shaped) orbits than asteroids do. And when observed through a telescope, comets appear fuzzier.

Asteroid Belt

Asteroids are essentially chunks of rock that measure in size from a few feet to several miles in diameter. (Small asteroids are called meteoroids.) The largest asteroid, Ceres, is about 590 miles (950 kilometers) wide. Like most asteroids, it lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Many astronomers believe the belt is primordial material that never glommed into a planet because of Jupiter's gravitational pull. Other astronomers say the belt is a planet that was broken apart during a collision.

Comets are balls of rock and ice that grow tails as they approach the sun in the course of their highly elliptical orbits. As comets heat up, gas and dust are expelled and trail behind them. The sun illuminates this trail, causing it to glow. The glowing trails are visible in the night sky.

Source and full read:

The Stardust mission collected grains from the tail of comet 81P/Wild2. Analysis of these grains revealed them to be high-temperature rock minerals, indistinguishable from those commonly found in asteroids, their presence indicated an inner solar system origin. But 81P/Wild2 looks, smells and acts just like a comet. And, having been wrenched from its more distant orbit to one in the inner solar system by the gravitational pull of Jupiter in 1974, its orbit classified it as a comet.

Source and Full read:

I suggest also watching Evildweebs video post above Comet ISON Mysteries Continue .

Now I am not a scientist have said it many times. Neither is most saying Ison is dead. Some Scientists or most still are a bit perplexed themselves. While others cannot point a camera. I say something is still there. Maybe now an Asteroid and or meteor objects. Keep in mind the make up from one to another. I have questioned the tail and what may be expected earlier in this thread. Why? because I researched. I suggest others do also. Just because it was fragmented does not mean the end. Perhaps for the "Comet" I would have to agree "Ison" may be no longer but I am willing to wager some Shaggiepoints that there is much there. Once you understand the big picture perhaps you will agree some what with I am suggesting. To do that you will have to follow read a bit on what has always been here. I did try to short cut it for you above.

Stay well and please post any new thoughts or info. Fore or against. That after all is what Dtv is about.

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Edits major---^----> you know me. cant spell a thing. I even previewed. errrr

Re: Ison 2013

Post by Evildweeb » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:14 am


Good thread guys and lotsa relevant information.

Probably the best well tracked topic in a long time.

Kudos to Shaggie, Will and all you guys.

KEEP IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flop:




Re: Ison 2013

Post by Umbrex » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:39 pm

Shaggietrip wrote:Do I withhold items that may work against my thoughts or theories. Of course but if fact are obvious then i must submit. Please respect the fact that what I do least in this and most of posts, the thought of fact/data/ and what I believe to be true {in my eyes} I share. I thank every one again for the help in this thread. :

I needed time to obsorb and see what in fact evolves. Do I think Ison has fragmented? Yes. Is there a large trail? Yes. Has Ison fizzled to a mater of just dust? No I do not believe it has.

At this time I have no worries of is smashing into Earth or what not. I myself am not a doom monger. Do I think it is possible for some effect from Isons fragmenting and "dust" cloud to Earth. Yes anything is possible but I have no data that says 100%. I also believe going through the incoming trail may have some effect. By effect I do not think that Earth will be smoked by some huge rock and or disease will fall upon us all to cause an extinction event.

That said lets get to this video. remembering what I have said above. Look at everything and be patient. Ison is now leaving usbut has opened many eyes to the fact of rocks are out there. Hope others have learned and followed the links in...through out this thread. Eyes in the Skies. :cheers:

the comet is fucking dead

annihalated by the massive gravitational pull of the sun.

nothing escaped.

massive solar flares would be upon us allready.

get over it.

Comet ISON Mysteries Continue

Post by Evildweeb » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:10 pm

Comet ISON Mysteries Continue

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Published on Dec 8, 2013

In November 2013, skywatchers around the world eagerly awaited the approach of Comet ISON. Dubbed the "Comet of the Century" by several in the media, some astronomers had predicted a stupendous cometary display as Comet ISON approached its perihelion. The comet was also the subject of countless bizarre speculations. However, despite the heightened expectations, ISON ultimately proved to be somewhat of a fizzle.