Archaeology and E.T

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Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Temps13 » Fri May 20, 2011 9:26 am

We (western civilization) have insurmountable problems..we can post here but it will never be put across to the masses that the ENTIRE HISTORY IS A LIE,the elites agenda etc..its really sad..what can you do? I guess Im thankful for the information I've received..(might not have even got that)..

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by 8pointed1 » Thu May 19, 2011 3:09 pm

In order for a field of expertise to be recognised as a science,it requires a 10% margin of case studies that are deemed worthy evidence.We can see this transition taking place within the field of ufology,out of the hundreds of reports,files and media sightings there are only a small few that have been deemed as worthy case studies,is it the 10% required? If not,then the acceleration of technology in the last few years,especially with items like cameras on mobile phones and more people having access to media outlets can only increase the number of possible worthy case studies and therefore accelerate ufology into realms of a recognised science.
Archaeology is basically controlled,catalogued destruction,The major sites all over the world are not fully excavated because there is the hope that technology will be available in the future where there is no need to excavate to obtain data and therefore destroy the context.The use of Geo-physics has only been available financially to most archaeological groups for only 20 years.Its around the same amount of time that carbon 14 dating has been a useful tool,but even now it still has its teething problems.
In order for Exo-Archaeology to gain credability,it needs to stop looking on earth and start off-world , so we can really know exactly what we are looking for without human contamination.
In our exploration of the moon,the first scientist was a geologist.When we go to mars i am sure that archaeology will at the least be a secondary field of expertise of one of the crew members,aside for any other reason than,it makes sense.
"the ancient alien theory diminishes the ingenuity and intelligence of early mankind"........In my mind a true archaeologist would not make that statement,for the uniqueness of archaeology is the study of artifacts to try and get into the minds of ancient peoples,their feelings,interpretations and perceptions of the world around them.
The ultimate perception and survival trait is 'opportunity' .........."knowing a good thing when you see it"
There are lots of cases in archaeology that reflect this example is The danish polished flint axe head copied from an original bronze,The accepted thinking is somebody saw someone else using their bronze axe head to great effect and thought "wow!...i gotta get me one of those!",not fully understanding the actual physical properties of bronze ,they created a flint copy, even down to the seam created in the smelting process was replicated in the flint working.Thinking that the flint version would be just as powerful.
There are hints of an outside inffluence,one example is in turkey with agriclture,It was attempted at least twice,before they got it right,maybe it was E.T or maybe it was a human that showed them where they were going wrong.
It all comes down to 'sphere's of inffluence' as described in psychology.....the more we move forward in time,the more groups i.e parents,freinds,media and pop culture, we become inffluenced by.
In order for Exo-archaeology to develop on earth,it needs history to stop dragging its heels and catch up........where is Exo-history?.
It does not help the cause when factual historical writing is recognised to be anything written from latin to present day,early writings are considered to be stories or mythology.Alot of of the ancient alien evidence comes from pre-historical text i.e sumeran clay cylinder seals.History therefore does not recognise this as 'factual evidence',so a written description of a group of amphibious beings from the sirius star system,turning up for a cuppa and a chat about life,the universe......and everything, is simply dissmissed as folklore in historical circles.

"If you are inside the circle,you cannot see the whole sphere"

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Kaarmaa » Wed May 18, 2011 9:48 pm

First of all Temps13, you are not annoying me. Far from that.
I tryed to choose my words by sayin "so called Pseudo-archchaeology" because that's what comes out when you research the acient alien stuff on the internet. I'd rather call it "alternative".
The motives for debunking? Fear of reversing the established, admitting that they might be wrong.
It took the Vatican 2000 years to admit that some other lifeform might exist in space.
As you say, AA is entertainement, i'm aware of that. But just like other movies or books they stimulate our imagination and reflexion.

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Temps13 » Wed May 18, 2011 8:31 pm

Hang on Kaarma..Im going to annoy you again..WHATS 'pseudo-archaelogy'? What do archaeologists do other than dig,examine the remains of buildings & artifacts,collect,label,compare,sort..then make their conclusions? And they are restricted so carefully..I know you didnt necessarily mean what I mentioned,but to use that as an example..(the findings I mentioned would NEVER have been found if it was just archaeololgists involved) it was most certainly not pseudo anything..
Professor Gunter Reppchen from the HTW Dresden (university of technology & economics) was part of the interdisciplinary team that involved the German Embassy,the INC (Institutio Nacional de Cultura),some other university in Lima,Dr.Kerstin Hartsch (geologist)..& so on & so get the idea..
WHO said that teams like this are 'pseudo science',y'know? WHAT are their motives for this standard tactic of debunking? y'know? this is what we gotta ask ourselves init..I though Ancient Aliens was good too,but it could of presented a stronger case..I think it was designed to be just light entertainment
:ohno: :alien: :ohno:

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Kaarmaa » Tue May 17, 2011 10:25 pm

I now that a lot of people don't appreciate the Ancient Alien series.
I like them.
It's so called "Pseudo-Archaeology" but why shouldn't we go with time and include new theorys that are fitting the world we live in today?
It is easier for me to believe that "Angels" were persons/creatures/beeings that came from places we haven't explored yet and had transportation devices, than to believe that they had useless feathers coming out of their backs not permitting them to fly because of the weight of their bodys.
I don't mind if we were genetically modified by some more advanced people, that's actually a cool idea.
I really believe these 2 groups of people (AATheorist and Old school Archaeologists) should join and make the best they can with all the tools we got in our days. Imagine physicists and biologists not working together, what would that be?

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Temps13 » Tue May 17, 2011 9:53 pm

Archaeologists dont take into account stuff there rare elements in the ground (uranium,arsenic etc) there any electrical or magnetic anomalies in the area & so takes an interdisciplinary team to do that..which is what they found at Nazca..
the ptb tried to stop them taking readings cos they knew..but they went elsewhere there & found electrical anomalies 1000 times the norm,magnetic readings (taken via cesium magnometer) were off the scale & arsenic (used in high frequency electrical components) were also insanely high..the electrical thing actually followed the zig zag line! & they found rock or whatever that had been heated really hot then suddenly cooled (the white stuff)
Theres fuckn like a stonehenge type calendar on the moon that probably belongs to Ra or they had a field day with that
Still,geologists are worse.. with their 'oh thats a natural formation' claptrap

:shooting: :alien: :badair:

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by The57ironman » Sat May 14, 2011 5:11 pm

They have known that deep down at some point in time Exo-Archaeology would come about

Archaeology is suffering from a massive information overload

........very interesting say the least....

we may be only on the verge of discovery.....

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by 8pointed1 » Sat May 14, 2011 3:10 pm

Thank you,much appreciated the words of an iron age briton...."its good to torc" :)

Re: Archaeology and E.T

Post by Slith » Sat May 14, 2011 3:04 pm

8pointed1, excellent post. Very interesting. Cheers :flop:

Archaeology and E.T

Post by 8pointed1 » Sat May 14, 2011 2:54 pm

There is a misunderstanding when it comes to the attitude of the ordinary archaeologist concerning the possibility of E.T being part of our history at any level.
Generally I find that they are indeed open to the possibility........but we get told constantly that there are simply "no aliens in archaeology".....which is true, because "Archaeology is the extraction,collection and preservation of HUMAN materia"...........This gets overlooked alot.

But there is more,A well known saying in the field is "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" which really shows that the limit of open-mindedness in the field as quite vast,for example : a court conviction is based on evidence of prescence at the crime scene,no evidence? the killer walks free.

Archaeologists are simply fascinated by the human race,so when something turns up that is'nt human,it is treated as an external scource and the study is directed at the human evidence,the boundary of the field stops at their interaction or interpretation of the external scource.Unless of course,the external scource becomes an occupation, Eg: roman britain.
This where Exo-Archaeology is born,and i say born because it has only been the time since the ancient astronaut theory has been around,at the most 60yrs.
They have known that deep down at some point in time Exo-Archaeology would come about
with all the media attention,funding and artifact information overload.A daunting concept for the anyone i think you'd all agree.
Exo-Archaeology is set to become big buisness as it trickles down into the mainstream,it is now only on a literall sense,wait till there is a trade of artifacts that goes on with human artifacts today.If you go further into the future think of the intrest of human artifacts from other extraterrestrial civilisations.
You can see where the headaches are even on a broad view.Yet it gets even worse when you consider the amount of information from human material alone,from seperate areas of expertise.Then look at the human civilisations......the spartans and athenians are utterly alien to each other,yet only a three hour car journey between the two cultures.
Archaeology is suffering from a massive information overload,to give an example, there are only around 8 people in the whole world that can read mayan heiroglyphs.
So its understandable that the flow of information is going to be slow for external sources,my thought of the best evidence of an external source is the megilithic yard,the debate is wether it is an Archaeological or Exo-Archaeological external source.

Thanks for taking the time to read this......should of told you to make a cuppa and get comfy before

"If you are inside the circle,you cannot see the whole sphere"