The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discovered

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Re: The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discove

Post by Gasc88 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:45 am

The second part of my interview ARQA is online. I think it stands the way to the secret of Arcadia dear to POUSSIN .. and which is in my two paintings. Arcadia is a coded word, which explains all the mystery and guides to a special place, as I say it in my interview ... The secret, my ancestor has discovered it , he has transmitted it ,respecting the discretion of the artist. ..The discovering of these paintings is the basis of this mystery which explains, why POUSSIN is in a Central place ! codes made by GASC AND BOUDET are the link between this puzzle and my paintings.
Good reading
LINK: ... rticle2757

Re: The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discove

Post by Akashicrebel » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:24 pm



be patient. if it worth it - it will fly.
its fine to bump it up here and there with some new info.
just keep it cool gasc88.

Re: The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discove

Post by Gasc88 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:05 pm ... -gasc.html ... 65662.html ... tail=about


I send you some very rich informations. My ancestor discovered these two paintings and coded parchments with which he refers to Poussin and Teniers. Site created by Mary Alice is American is very interesting. It highlights the influence of Flemish painters on Poussin's painting and in particular in my two paintings that I already explained on my website. Brueghel has painted STORM IS CALMED and Brill a JONAS.!
Gasc wanted to tell us that the key search to find the paintings of Poussin was in connection with the Flemish influence .I. join a site which shows the great influence of Flemish painters on Poussin and Claude Lorrain!
Gasc was a painter in his spare time and art teacher and knew very well the paint!
good read! thank you for your passion! Hello


Re: The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discove

Post by Gasc88 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:45 pm


The clues given in this masterful book leads to the key to the secret of Poussin revealed by my paintings

Introduction to Elizabeth Van Buren, although to many authors have treated of Rennes-le-Château, mystery bound for some to the Knights Templar, the Cathars, in Solomon's treasure, others to the legends of King Arthur, in the quest for the Holy Grail, or the Merovingian kings semi-divins, the truth about Rennes-le-Château is immensely more fantastic that skeptics could imagine.

EXTRAIT :from her book ... Dimensions

“Three trucks carrying the treasure of the Templars from Paris just before the dissolution of the order were symbolic of the spirit-soul-matter. These trucks were the three Chariots of the heavens, the two that are visible in the sky of the northern hemisphere, the carriage of Osiris, the great bear; the little Dipper which is associated with Set; and the Chariot in the sky of the southern hemisphere, but is invisible to those who live in the northern hemisphere, the Argo Navis, the carriage of the sea. It was the boat in which the Argonauts sailed in search of the Golden Fleece. Canopus, the brightest star in the sky after Sirius, is located in this constellation. It was called Suhel in Saudi, a synonym word of wisdom. Columba, the dove flies near the stern of the boat.”
THE dove is in my painting near the stern of the boat !

“the trolley is Ursa. According to the ancient Chinese belief Ursa was somehow related to ancient scales. Scales, or the Balance in the zodiac in Rennes is symbolized by the Phoenix. Libra is the seventh celestial city, and Ursa has seven stars bright “
“the Abbot Boudet indicates that the tank which gave its name to Rheda was the Sea tank, because it evokes the life rafts floating on the Alder (Aude) to Quillan once. These rafts were named carras, because char; According to the priest were floating tanks.The chariot of Rheda is the Argo, the invisible carriage of the underworld, which is the balance between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the two visible lift in the sky. The invisible lift is the third principle that is born of the two-in-one. It represents the soul, balance or Messenger between the mind and body. We have seen that Perceval represented the soul in the same way as the star Dubhe, the balance between Polaris and Merak. The Argo is the macrocosmic symbol of this balance point. As Noah's Ark, the seed of all creation is laid in the Argo, because Conscience never dies, and the total knowledge of all time is preserved in the soul, for the coming ages.”
“Poussin knew the secret hidden in Rennes, and the true meaning of the treasure hidden in his painting "Winter, or the flood" he reveals this sacred place is located at, in the South of the lion and the Dove, where the Valdieu farm is located. Both Poussin and Leonardo da Vinci said this symbol of the Big Dipper for the small farm, which was once owned by the Knights Templar.”
“indications in the various churches around Rennes seem to suggest that the precious treasure hidden in the region is linked to the Ark of the Covenant and the two Tables of the law, the Alliance or the Holy Alliance between God and humanity was his sign in the sky, l. We must not forget that the legend of Moses receiving the Tables of the law is relatively recent in the time scale that begins with the Creation. In religious processions Egypt and Greece a boat or an arch was transported, it contained tables of stone, and cones.(POUSSIN'S SEAL!!) The Arch of the Israelites was modelled on the sacred body of the ancient mysteries and humanity was his sign in the sky, ' Rainbow is close to Ark in heaven”

in her book it's very interesting to read the POUSSIN'S PAINTINGS symbols analyzed by VAN BUREN !it's DA POUSSIN CODE!

Re: The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discove

Post by Shemagh » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:17 pm

Do you have a twitch in your posting finger?

The key of Poussin's secret :2 unknown paintings discovered

Post by Gasc88 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:07 pm

2unknown Poussin's paintings:the key of Poussin's secret

There is a great mystery Rennes le chateau with strange priest Sauniere . NicolasPoussin is in the center of this mystery . Many people believe since long years it's the "BERGERS d'ARCADIE" which give the answer!but there has been no answer in this painting just some hypothetic answers . There is 6 years I've received from my mother 2 paintings which were in my family since a long time . They came from a priest Henri Gasc ,priest in a church Notre Dame de Marceille near Rennes le chateau . He was my ancestor.Since 6years we 've discovered that these paintings were of NicolasPoussin and were the key of the Rennes le chateau's mystery and the key ofPoussin's secret .
We have found many symbole . all is explained in my site

There has been a reportage on the greatest french TV TF1 to explain my discoverings .

These 2 paintings have been found in a crypt of the church where Gasc was priest . near Rennes le chateau . He has discovered the secret in these 2 paintings and has passed on the secret in parchments, these famous parchments which have been founded in Rennes le chateau's church by Sauniere . There has been no luck discovering by Sauniere , but these parchments have been placed here, to be found and pass on the secret . Read my incredible story which explains this fabulous mystery ....
In these paintings there is a code to find the answer at this secret . There is a hidden message and a hidden picture in each painting.You must find it to understand. .
Many hidden symbols in these paintings ,which give the answer at all the questions about this mystery . I tell about all this story and my discoverings inmy website.It's a great discovering.