Collection of spells

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Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:40 pm

Lucifer's Touch

A Powerful Evil Hex! Light 3 black candles at midnight and repeat the following three times. If you have a bell you should ring it three times at the beginning of this ritual...
I call to the mighty bringer of light, Lucifer...
"Spirits of the abyss, here my call all most powerful one and all Lucifer my thoughts do sing through the universe they now ring Take thine enemy, take him smite Break him, scorn him in the night From the mighty depths of hell cast your darkness on his shell Oh Lucifer, oh shinning star Touch him, burn him from afar Revenge now will have its day for thine enemy starts to fray" So mote it be!
During the time spent doing this hex, you should be worked up into a frenzy of anger and thinking of the darkness about to descend upon your enemy. When you are done, extinguish the candles.

Bones of Anger... Hex

Gather bones of chickens and dry them in the sun for a few days. Then when you are ready to do this hex make sure you are worked up into a frenzy of anger and hatred. This will add to the potency of your hex! Be thinking of all this while doing this hex and when it says 'With these bones I now do crush" take a hammer or use your feet to stomp and crush these bones as if they were your enemy before you! When you are done sweep them up and place them in a bag. You will then want to sprinkle the dust and remains of the bones on your enemies property around his house.

If you have a bell ring it 3 times and say...
I call upon the Ancient Ones from the great abyss to do my bidding I invoke Cuthalu, God of Anger and the creatures of the underworld hear me now...
"Bones of anger, bones to dust
full of fury, revenge is just
I scatter these bones, these bones of rage
take thine enemy, bring him pain
I see thine enemy before me now
I bind him, crush him, bring him down
With these bones I now do crush
Make thine enemy turn to dust
torment, fire, out of control
With this hex I curse your soul"
So mote it be!

This can be a Deadly Hex! If you so choose to do it, be forewarned that you may indeed seriously harm this person and you are responsible for the Karma! You may want to do one of the less damaging hexes.The choice is yours.

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:21 pm

Here is some of what most of you are looking for... Black Magic... curses, hexes, and bindings. Look no further...
*Warning - This is not for beginners..... without experience, you will only hurt yourself!


There has been unfairness done to me I summon the elements I envoke them I conjure them to do my bidding The four watchtowers whall lay their eyes and minds there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood there shall be submission and no pity I point the threefold law against thee against thee it shall be pointed threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain Thee shall be blinded by the fear blinded by the pain blinded by me binded by me Cursed by me So mote it be!
This curse shall be layed upon the victim while burning am image of the victim (wax sigil, photograph, drawing, anything) in the flame of a consecrated black candle.

Binding by Fear Ritual

This is the image of my would be victim it I hang from a single thread in a place no one shall see it will bring fear in the heart of him who shall harm me it will bring fear in the heart of him who would harm me He will be binded by fear from harming me further he will be binded by fear from harming me at all I will tie a knot in the thread when I wish to secure the fear until I break it so mote it be

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:17 pm

Black Magick

Black and the Dark have been maligned and shunned prior to and since
the dualism encouraged by Manichaenism, and were redressed little by
the Judeo-Christian mythic and political teachings. Largely equating
Light with being, wisdom, intuition or awareness, the Western Mystery
Tradition has done little to help the situation. Intellectually and
symbolically, Darkness has been associated with ignorance, malevolence
and deception.

Occasionally mystics have divulged the esoteric significance of
Darkness, yet have often identified it with a lacking (i.e. of image,
certainty, or psychic strength). In very few Western writings
(e.g. some Hermetic or Gnostic) and in some Eastern traditions
(notably Taoism and Neo-Confucianism) do we encounter any useful
positive meaning for Blackness or Darkness.

Thus, to redefine the significance of black magick is to defy much
traditional symbolism based on cultural bias. However, not to do so
jeopardizes our potential understanding of Death and Mystery.

Black is associated with negative things. Negation is quite valuable
in our world. It is part and parcel of Nature. The destruction of
waste and form allows the recreation of All. While many see negation
as a force to be combatted, avoided or destroyed, the value of
embracing negation and negativity as valuable and integral elements of
universal flux can never be overestimated.

Darkness is often associated with the unconscious mind. Light, as the
symbol of conscious illumination, is often contrasted with this
directly. Rather than the traditionally popular black = negative =
bad perspective of fear, it seems both wise and instructive to
associate Blackness and Darkness with magick that originates in the

'Black magick' therefore becomes a description of occult practice with
respect to the source of its form. To intellectually predesign, plan,
control and consciously arrange ritual is white magick, while to enjoy
unconsciously-guided ritual is black magick.

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Fatdogmendoza » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:36 am

Damn, its Euro millions lottery on Friday and I cant find that Dried seahorse...The last place I remember it being was....WTF.... :mrgreen:

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Realorfake » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:22 am


Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:55 am

Realorfake wrote:i like these, keep em coming. any for helping a loved one move through a dark period of their life?

Noentry wrote:
Well Being Spell:

When you have been sick, but are beginning to feel better, this is a good spell
to cast. It is energizing and will leave you feeling healthier than when you
began. For periodic maintenance, you may want to use the spell twice a year.

Things you will need:
1 white or pink image candle
powdered rose petals
push-pin thumbtack
Star Oil (see below)

Carve your name, or that of the person for whom you are casting the spell,
onto the candle. Anoint the candle with the oil and sprinkle with powdered rose petals.
Raise energy and focus on general well being as you charge the candle. Burn under the waxing moon,

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Peace, Health, Joy, Laughter.
Peak the energy and let it fly out to the universe. Let the candle burn completely.
(If you use runes you may also carve Sigel, Flame, and Caduceus in the wax before anointing the candle with oil.)

How to make Star Oil:

1/4 ounce almond oil
10 drops lemon oil
7 drops jasmine oil
7 drops rosemary oil
17 drops chamomile oil
5 drops sandalwood oil


Prepare an envelope from a square of paper that you have folded - If you do not know how to do this, you can use a very small letter envelope. On the envelope write the word "Health". Then write the name(s) of the person you are directing the healing toward.

Enclose the following herbs into the envelope:
Angelica, Burdock, Galangal, Horehound, Elder, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mandrake, Root, Rose, Rue, Sassafras, and Yellowdock.

Chant the following:

I charge these herbs to aid my spell,
that _______ (name of person) will be well,
That by free will that can be blessed,
with total health and happiness,
I ask the Goddess to hear my call,
that it may be correct and for the good of all.

Pass the envelope through your altar candle and catch the envelope on fire. Focus on the smoke and visualize the energy blowing with the smoke toward those in need. Allow the envelope to burn completely

I call upon a breath of wind,
Empowered by the Spirit of Air,
To carry my spell toward my kin,
and gracefully deliver it there.
By all the power of three times three,
this spell bound around shall be,
To cause no harm, nor return on me,
As I do will, So mote it be!


You Will Need:
Purple paper ,
White yarn or string
A pair scissors ,
Fresh violets (whole, with stems),
Black pen
A purple candle,
A small vase or holder (for flowers)

This spell is for healing a friend or family member. It is best done when the moon is full, but you can do it whenever you feel it necessary.
Light the candle and fill the small vase with water. Place the freshly cut violets in the little vase and say a chant, focusing on the well being of the person and the healing of their ailment.
Cut a heart out of the purple and write the name of the person on one side, and a short but heartfelt "Get Well!" message on the other side. Poke a small hole in the top right side of the heart and thread the white string through it, tie it, and attach it to the vase.
Give the little vase of violets to the target person and await their recovery.


Re: Collection of spells

Post by Realorfake » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:35 am

i like these, keep em coming. any for helping a loved one move through a dark period of their life?

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:31 am


If you feel that a sorcerer or sorceress has placed a magical curse upon you, your home, or your family, perform this curse-breaking spell just before midnight on the last night of the Full Moon. Light a new white candle and burn any of the following incense in a fireproof container: cloves, frankincense, hyacinth, lilac, pine or sage.
Hold a lucky rabbit's foot charm over your heart and repeat the following incantation thirteen times:

"With rabbit's foot and magic verse
I turn around this wicked curse.
As these words of mine are spoken
Let this evil spell be broken."

Repeat this spell nightly (using a brand-new candle each time) until the phase of the New Moon. Wrap the leftover wax from the candles in a white piece of cotton and then bury it in the ground in a secret spot where it will remain undisturbed.


On a night when the Moon is in a waning phase, take a blood root (a favorite Voodoo root used for breaking all evil spells and hexes) and throw it onto the doorstop of the person who has placed the curse upon you. You will then be released from his or her magical power and the imprecation will immediately be turned back to the sender of the curse.


Although it is relatively rare that someone is truly hexed, it does happen. Also, it is important to note that the mind has a very powerful effect on the body, so if you believe yourself to be hexed, in effect, you are...This spell will remove any hexed or jinxed condition, whether real or imagined.
Fashion a puppet out of white felt or other white material. Stuff the puppet with vetivert herb, and place on your altar. Inscribe your name on a purple candle and anoint the candle with an appropriate oil. Visualize as strongly as possible the hex upon you...feel its power and the strength it has had over you...Now take a handful of garlic powder and sprinkle it over the puppet, while strongly visualizing the hex/jinxed condition being broken. Put as much feeling and emotion into this process as relax...allow the candle to burn down completely. It is finished...the hex is mote it be.

Re: Collection of spells

Post by Noentry » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:14 am



3 orange candles (change and attraction)
or red candles (energy and attraction)
Hand mirror or free-standing mirror

On a Friday during the Waxing Moon, Gather the ingredients above and go to a place where you can be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.
Light the three candles and place them in a triangle shape upon your altar. Allow yourself to become calm and centered. When you feel ready, place your hands over your hair and close your eyes. Visualize the color of your hair fading and fading, becoming white as the color drains from it. Hold the color within your hands. Slowly lower your hands above the candles and focus it into their flames. Allow the color to transform within the flames, becoming your desired hair color. Hold your hands over the flames and soak up the energy. Place your hands over your head again and allow the color to return to your hair, turning it the color you desire. Say the following charm:

Fire warm and Fire red,
Charm the hair upon my head.
Fire dance and Fire shine,
From _____ to _____, this wish is mine.
As I will, it now shall be,
By Fire, Water, Wind, and Tree.

With this, open your eyes and look at your reflection. If your hair has changed, it will last only a couple of minutes, or more, depending on how much energy you put into the spell. If the spell was not successful the first time, try it again another night. It takes much practice and ability to focus energy for this spell to be truly successful.

Re: Collection of spells

Post by domdabears » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:12 am

Lowsix wrote:
Dom Da Bears wrote:Do people do this stuff? Does it work?

You would think the government would have casted a shit load of spells on us already.

Dom's Spell:

By the blood of the saints
under the threat of Hell,
i declare the power of GTL.

Ma, wheres the meatballs? and my can of spray tan?
And by the blood of the guido martyr,
where the fuck is my hair Gel?



Speaking of hair gel, I'm almost out. I really need some more.

And no joke, I use this pomade in my hair to spike it up. I've used it for about 15 years now. This stands it up, and the gel makes it look wet.