Scientist on the trail of Bigfoot

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Scientist on the trail of Bigfoot

Post by Savwafair2012 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:05 pm

Scientist on the trail of elusive, smelly sasquatch


Imagine for a moment that you have ventured far into the wilderness, hunting for a deer or moose, intent on finding your quarry and being as quiet as possible.

Also imagine that you are familiar with being where you are and confident enough in your hunting and survival abilities. You have seen deer, bear, moose, and are familiar with the usual noises and activities of the forest.

You see something large and dark moving ahead of you, partially obscured by brush. You begin to raise your gun, hoping it’s your quarry.

What you are observing turns and looks directly at you. It is not a bear or moose or anything you have ever seen before. It is taller than you, standing erect and covered with fur. It is flat-faced with deep-set eyes that look back at you with intelligence. Its arms are longer than yours. It smells terrible.

You lower your gun and leave the area as fast as possible. You tell a few friends and someone suggests you call the media. But even within your circle of friends you find you have become something of a joke.

You quickly learn not to tell this story. If you contacted the media, they either ignored your report or presented it in a way that results in you feeling disbelieved, even disreputable.

You profoundly wish it hadn’t happened to you but, since it did, you wish you hadn’t told anyone. You have just learned an individual lesson in what happens to people who report events not accepted by mainstream expectations.

Sasquatches are a myth. Everyone knows that except you.

Now imagine a different scenario, one in which you are a scientist, holding a doctorate in biology. You have worked within the scientific community for years.

You begin to accumulate information and evidence about the possibility of a surviving great ape that continues to live in the Pacific Northwest. There are reports that stretch back to First Nations oral and art traditions in many areas. There are various names in pre-conquest tribal histories for this man (or woman) of the woods.

You also collect information from hunters, trappers, and other people who work in the woods or frequent wooded areas. Some of them have managed to take pictures or even make plaster casts of unique large footprints.

Some find large branches twisted and hanging. The witnesses tell of hearing loud hooting noises, beating sounds, or even having rocks thrown at them or their tents and cabins.

Dr. John Bindernagel is in this exact position. He has studied the Sasquatch phenomena for over 40 years, painstakingly gathering information and also excluding reports that could be misidentifications or hoaxes.

There are hoaxes, which the media has covered overly well.

What the media and mainstream science have not been willing to cover is that the trace evidence and professional witness accounts (hunters and trappers) far exceeds these crude attempts to mislead or garner attention.

Bindernagel’s book The Discovery of the Sasquatch is a profound exploration of how even the possibility of the existence of sasquatch (or a North American great ape) has been systematically dismissed.

This book and his earlier book North American’s Great Age: the Sasquatch (A Wildlife Biologist looks at North America’s Most Misunderstood Large Mammal) include descriptions of the sasquatch and of the evidence left by something large and unexplained in the bush.

Bindernagel will sign copies of his new book at Blue Heron Books at 1775 Comox Ave. in Comox this Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. — Dr. John ... 27474.html