the Inferno of passions

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the Inferno of passions

Post by Seriouscitizen » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:14 pm

I recently subscribed to Adam Sommers astrology email newsletter. And for someone like me that's pretty special. I'm not fond of thinking anything being 'in control' besides me. But these astrology reports are a nice read anyway. I think of it as opportunities of energy alignments :D And what you think of it, well decide yourselfs.

"Those who have not passed through the Inferno of their passions have truly not overcome them."

Carl Jung

...are you afraid of being engulfed by your passions?.......

** Monday: Moon in Cancer

** 8th

What did you dream about when you were a child? Do you even remember them? If so, how have they come true? Did you become the Superhero you had imagined? Or did you compromise for another dream? Another's dream? Dreams can be a bit slippery in this way. LIke: How do dreams interact with 3 dimensional space? What is the point of the Dream? Today, as the mOon makes its Last Quarter square, moving into the internal and creative space of the Pilgrim, a feeling of subtle crisis around letting a character in our dream myth go. It’s time to let go of a particular contract you have made with someone--or something. With the Moon also squaring Venus and Juno, there is a feeling of a fire going out in an important area of our life. Don’t let it happen. Dream into it. Look for your answers in peculiar ways and you will find out exactly what you are meant to do.

** Tuesday: moOn moves into Leo early morning

** 9th

art by Androcell

As the pregnant Cancer moON moves into Leo, a feeling of creative release is upon you. Don’t get hooked by the inferior thoughts of yourself or your slowly growing abilities (moON square Saturn), instead, know deeply the authenticity of your message, and the perfection of “your best” and how you share it (mOOn square Mercury). Share like a Lion. Play like one too. I have a deep doubt about whether Lions give a flying “f***” about what another Lion thinks when it is being ridiculous in its creative meanderings. Even if in your effort of sharing your story, your poem, your song it feels null and void, push it aside, and remember: at least the elves and gnomes are applauding you from space!.

** Wednesday: Moon in Leo

** 10th

art by Robert Venosa

We all make perfect mistakes. The Hierophant knows this. As he sits patiently in the Ground State, looking all stoic and slick (Saturn trine Neptune), he motions for words, yet none come. Your impatient ear perks in giddy excitement for a fresh transmission, yet still....nothing. Your awareness is pushed deeper inwards, acting the role of Pilgrim; You go deeper into your meditation, possessed by the inevitability of creative release. You know now, that all your mistakes were perfect. Saturn nods his head to Neptune, the Hierophant poofs!

** Thursday: moOn moves into Virgo after lunch

** 11th

All throughout the sea of the Collective Imagination, a swelling wave slowly rises, soon to break on the shores of Self, spreading inspired confusion across the land. With the Moon moving into Virgo, it will naturally oppose Neptune in early PIsces, creating a trippy mirroring effect in your world. It’s a feeling like you are waking in a dream, or perhaps a dream is trying to wake you. Within the doozy of this transit, the mOOn will also square the Nodes of the moon, perhaps bringing the slight feeling of dejavu in a handful of sweet spots throughout your day. If you feel them, it means you are heading the right direction. Keep following your intuition through this temporary maze of illusion.

** Friday: Moon in Virgo

** 12th

art by Eric Nez

It all rolls into one and nothing comes for free,

There's nothing you can hold, for very long.

And when you hear that song come crying like the wind,

It seems like all this life was just a dream.

Stella blue. stella blue.

“Stella Blue”

Grateful Dead

In the wake of the Neptunian flood of emotion yesterday, the moOn finds Venus in the sky today. Love, and love again. If there were to be a universal compass for good decision making, it would have to be Love. Love and the Heart as the device. Luna also makes a lovely trine to Pluto also today, keeping a reminder up in our heads about not forgetting about the darkness. It’s great to focus on the Light, and even better not to forget the Dark. They are dancing together--always. Don’t ignore Pluto. It’s how monsters are made.

** Saturday: MoOn moves into Libra early evening

** 13th


No different than a plant, our bodies mimic nature. In the Fall, as light decreases North of the equator, leaves fall and energy is focused on the root of the plant. Roots--like kidneys-- store energy for the organism, so the seasons can be insured for its future. Libra--the sign of both the Sun and Moon at the moment--rule over the kidneys. In this Balsamic phase of the mOon, it is vitally important to take care of your energy storage in your kidneys. Or as the Chinese call it: Jing. Kidney tapping, heating pads, back massages, inversions, drinking warm yin tonics etc etc....all a good idea. With the moON also squaring Vesta and Ceres, this kidney point is emphasized even more. Feed the agni flame, nourish the body and its tissues, and begin to rest. The last days of any lunation cycle relate to this. It feels like a dream as the veils get thinner and thinner.

** Sunday: Moon in LIbra

** 14th


We always think that by running away to some place new, will solve all our problems, Yet, if we are wizened by our years of youthful folly, we also know these problems haunt us like angry ghosts. With Mars now in Sagittarius for over a week, I’m sure you have already tasted this urge. Today though, he squares Chiron--the wise Centaur teacher of many a great Hero. It’s as if Chiron stands mildly frustrated in a setting Sun hilltop as his stubborn student (Mars in Sag) runs away, seeking the boon of his heart, with youthful folly once again. “Silly humans....” Chiron thinks, as darkness falls.

...and through the Inferno, on the other side of the raging flame, is the Palace of Wisdom. Ever present, always waiting....for the ripe Warrior Soul to discover........

.....::::If you would like to know more about how all of these transits may be affecting your chart (life) more personally, I can take you deeper into it all, illuminating all the nooks and crannies of your being::::..... (KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM)