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Weekly Astrology Report 10/12

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Re: Weekly Astrology Report 10/12

Post by Kaarmaa » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:14 pm


Weekly Astrology Report 10/12

Post by Seriouscitizen » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:04 pm

------------------------------------------------------------ ... 7fc59178bf


"Home is behind, the world ahead.
And there are many paths to tread.
Through shadow... to the edge of night.
'Till the stars are all alight.
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade.
All shall fade... all shall fade."

Pippin's Song

** Monday: Moon in Scorpio

** 10th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

It's that time of month again. When the moON wanes into its balsamic phase and begins to disappear from the night sky. This "dying" moOn is in Scorpio, moving carefully towards Time Lord Saturn. With lack of luminous light to guide our way, it may feel like a cold shower today--or a late night swim in cold waters deep. Within the midst of these sobering emotions, Mercury also moves into Sagittarius today, triggering jovial conversations and potentials for lighthearted laughter. There is a steady drum beat to the pace of the day;--a serious rhythm (Mars sextile Moon)--let it assist in creating your movement throughout the day. Don't try to move beyond the iron bounds of the lead studded foot of Saturn. You will miss the point.

...Through shadow... to the edge of night.
'Till the stars are all alight.
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade.
All shall fade... all shall fade." ....

** Tuesday: moOn moves into Sagittarius

** 11th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

In a dream the other night, I was on a talk show. While I was being questioned about whatever it was I was being questioned about, I took a stance quite unique to my natural state. With an ungrounded mercurial Russel Brand mixed with the audacious sarcasm of George Carlin, I began to explain myself eloquently and sharply about what I do and what I think about the world. Without the usage of unnecessary similitudes (and, aaaa, like, ummmmm) I began to rant about the nature of my work and my thoughts about where we are going in this Universe. Today, as Mercury squares Neptune in the sky, it is possible to learn such things from our dreams--it is also possible to get lost in them. This aspect can create copious amounts of mental confusion. Instead of looking for answers in this world, look into another. Instead of watching a movie the "normal" way, mute it and soak in the information in a dreamlike state. New ideas are born from this type of practice.

** Wednesday: Moon in Sag

** 12th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

Under a moonless sky, stars on fire, amidst the backdrop of the quality of Time speeding up, we are graced with two portals today: one from Uranus (via trine) the other from Jupiter (via opposition). The Uranus portal opens us up to unexpected territory, pregnant with novel ideas, experiences and people. Don't be shy. Step through it. Take the stance of a curious child with a scientific disposition and ask loads of questions. It will change you. And with the Jupiter portal opening in opposition to the moON, it could have the feeling of "go big or go home." Opportunities amongst the Uranian trine--the novel world we are inquiring within--we are shown doorways of perception that will not only take your breath away, but of those observing you as well. It is an overral upgrade to your "doors of perception." Re-installation taking place.

** Thursday: New moON in Sagittarius

** 13th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Geoglyphics

03:42 am EST

New Moon begins...

This is the final lunation cycle before the ASCENSION LEVEL EVENT (12.21.12). In fact, it happens within this cycle--just before the Full Moon.

Happening in late Sag, our New Moon intention should relate to UNDERSTANDING....deeply Understanding what is happening to us--to you!:


to Grok:

(from Heinlein's 'Stranger in a strange land')
1. Martain word meaning literally, 'to drink'.2. Also 'love', 'hate', and much more. To grok means to understand and empathize with something or someone to the extent that the object or person becomes part of ones' sense self.3. To become one with.

....wherever this New Moon is happening in your chart relates to where this new UNDERSTANDING is being birthed. Make sure you 'grok' this placement. It relates to the specific issue emerging for you on the Solstice!!!


...a different way of doing things...

** taken from Marc Edmund Jones

This is a symbol of the complete self-refinement through the unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities of the community, and of a consummation of the being through specialized interests which may tend to deny man his more superficial communion with his fellows. A richness of living comes from a concentration on goals with remote reward, and from an association in spirit with souls of very high achievement. Here is imaginative self- sustainment through unremitting hard labor. The keyword is SECLUSION. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation, and when negative, unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.

*Uranus also stations Direct today, allowing us to move forward with the brilliant new ideas we have been marinating in

*the moON then moves into Capricorn later in the afternoon, crystallizing a structure around the Fire and Air that has brought us to this point.

** Friday: Moon in Capricorn

** 14th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Andriod Jones

When the Moon is in Capricorn, there is always a hint of serious sobriety in the air--especially when it is aspecting Pluto. The perspective of the paradigm shattering Pluto/Uranus square we get today is from the lens of the Sea Goat--Capricorn. Meaning: it gives us a clear look at the current structure of our life in stark contrast to the way in which it CAN look. This aspect has everything to do with Transformation--the changing of one form into another. The only way this can happen is by letting parts of our psychology to die so that new sprouts can be born from the compost made of the old. Feed your compost, speed up the decay, and turn it over and over. Find solace in the garden of your mind.

** Saturday: Moon into Aquarius, Venus into Sag

** 15th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage2. ... 7fc59178bf)
art by jacques paratian

As many of us are sleeping Friday night (moving into Saturday morning), the Moon makes a pass over Mars in the sky. This transit could bring about dreams of conflict, violence, fear, and/or hatred. If you wake in frustration or even terror, don't be alarmed, it is just a passing feeling, created by the moON and Mars. But whatever the content is, it does want to be examined. As the day moves forward, the lead like energetic we may have been carrying lately lifts as Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. She is looking for a good time. A lighter more breezy--even cheap--feeling to replace the weight we have been sludging in for the past 24 hours. Don't be too picky. Allow the winds of fate guide you into a space you wouldn't normally go. Embrace it. It is your medicine for the day.

** Sunday: Moon in Aquarius

** 16th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage2. ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Alain Margotton

Desires deceive. They are necessary, but ephemeral. They never stick. Whenever we finally get the objects of our desires, they go away just as fast. Today, as Venus squares Neptune, we may have the feeling of watching so much of what we have acquired slip down through our fingers. So much time and energy was spent creating this and now it's gone. Disillusionment, ungroundedness, fear of loss--all relating to the space this transit can create for us. And in the swifter backdrop of the Moon, she makes two harmonious aspects to heady Mercury and Uranus, triggering yet more novel desires and the aspiration to fill in the spaces between where much has fallen away. Don't gamble today. Instead, explore all the spaces between. What is in there waiting for you?

...::: If you would like to explore these Transits in more depth in your own life, I'm currently offering 25% off all of my services in light of the infamous Winter Solstice on the horizon. You can contact me @ KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM (mailto:KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM) :::...