Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

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Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Huge1234 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:03 am

there are coppers who are fully aware legalese is beig abused... this is something that happeed a coupler months ago...

not long since come back from taking gf to meet a cid officer down at her mothers house...

it wasnt anything sinister or owt... just 'routine' shit they just needed to speak to her about something that happened a few months ago...


off we went into the living room... the copper in his mid-late 50s follows my gf in and then makes his way accross to the sofa to sit down... which... inevitiably resulted in him walking straight accross her mothers prized cream rug... with his shoes on... which is the worst mistake anyone could ever make... EVER !!! :D lol

it was then when i stopped him in dead his tracks by saying... "your brave mind... if she catches you on her rug with yer shoes on... she'll knock your kneecaps in"

to which he replied jokingly... "then id have to nick her for assaulting a police officer wouldnt i ?"

he didnt even get chance to park his fat arse down on the sofa before i said... "technically speaking... youd have no juristiction to arrest her... and even if you did, your claims wouldnt stand up in court"

he looked at me puzzled and said... "and why is that then ?"

i looked at him straight in the eyes and said... "being in your line of work... ie... dealing in contractual agreements on a daily basis as you do... surely your aware of the 4 corners rule ? "...

i pointed down at the rug where he was stood...

and i continued... "if thats the case... then youll also be aware that nothing you might say or do outside of these four corners can ever effect nor influence the content or contents that is contained within... the implications of which would probably mean that any evidence that you submit would more than likely be deemed inadmissable in a court of law... not to mention... the lack of witness testimoney to corobourate your version of events... which isnt alot to base a case upon really"

the initial shock on his face was a corker to see :D

i went on to say... "its a bit like boxing... and why a boxing ring isnt actually round as its name would suggest"

he just laughed and said... "thats a very good point... ive never thought of it like that before"

he followed up by asking... "so how come you know about this kind of stuff then ?"

i just winked... smiled... and said... "cos everybody needs to know about that kind of stuff"

he replied... "thats true"... smiled... and winked back as he said... "and it would make my job a damned site more difficult if they did"

i was to pick after hearing him say that... he nearly clamped me up good and propper :O

i just looked at him with a huge fucking grin on my face and said... "oooh yes"... like the churchill dog does in the advert.

hehehe :D

needless to say... the gf didnt appreciate me winding the copper up very much... and she gave me a bit of a bollocking ;)

in retrospect... thinking about what just happened... on the surface... yeah alright... i had a funny exchange of banter with the fella... reading between the lines tho... the admission (in a round about way)... that he knows exactly whats he doing when hes duping people into contracting with him... and the realization that he doesnt mind having to resort to using those tactics to make his a job a whole lot easier... which is... if im totally honest... slightly fucking worrying... however... knowing first hand just how powerful even a basic knowledge of contracting has the potential to be... is almost as gratifying as seeing the look on his face when i started going off on one (even if i did fuck up a bit explaining the 4 corners rule a bit) ;)



Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Huge1234 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:44 am

barristers and solicitors are payed up bonafide members of the law society... ie... more corrupt than a 9 bob bit

hense why they have a bar card so they can (make money from) practice law... youd of though after 5-8 yrs at university and a life time on the job... with all that practicing youd of thought that they would of mastered it by now...

same with those who practice medicine... fuck that for a game of soldiers... get me some fucker who knows what theyre doing



Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by jetxvii » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:20 pm

yes I understand the movement, in fact I agree 100% completely with it.

hacking at more than the tentacles ..... sure. it is getting a broad agenda down to a very few issues.... actually I will roll with your hypothesis on this one.

I was referring to the man in the video.. how I didn't think that was right. I am a constitutional person and I think that everything should be open to the public, no bars in front.

Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Aquarius » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:01 pm

Quality information, if I wasn't so hungover I'd be soaking it in like a sponge. Thing is, as we've seen, most Gardai/Cops are idiots. I'm sure the vast majority believe that they are speaking simple English when addressing someone. So demeaning their authority, which I'm so in favour of, will in most cases, get you into more trouble. Justice and the law are 2 seperate entities.

Can I give you an example of a situation that I'd love some direction in. Unmarked Gardai were on my brothers property late at night. He grabbed a samurai sword and ran to the front door, not knowing who these guys were. As soon as he opened the door, one of the unmarked detectives pulled a gun and ordered him to drop the sword, which he did. They proceeded to handcuff him, beat him and hauled him down to the cell. His injuries were inspected by a doctor and a report was written up. He was later released without charge.

3 months later Gardai arrived to his door and issued him charges of attempted assult of a police officer with a deadly weapon. He read the Gardia's statements and he says they are full of lies. It's his word against theirs. I'm sure he may have said something that binded him into a contract, like you said, answered yes to anything really. He has a witness that can vouch for at least a few parts of the cops statements being bullshit, but he's not got a respected character in the eyes of the law. He's got barristers on the case now, but I tend to find most lawyers are shit. Any advice that I can give him, anything at all would be very much apprecaited. Peace a mhac.

Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Huge1234 » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:56 pm

infoz regarding the LAWFULNESS and LEGALLITY of the swine flu vaccine and how IT ONLY APPLIES TO THE PERSON...

TheAntiTerrorist (video author) also supplies you with LAWFULL remedy to ENSURE that your not forced into having it... by way of an affidavit

Upload to Disclose.tv

link to the rest of the videos in this series :

link to the AntiTerrorist's uchoob channel :

the ENTIRE subject content of the ATs channel applies to YOUR country too... do yourself a big favour and watch some of his material


Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Huge1234 » Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:52 pm

what is lawful rebellion ?...

it kinda sounds worse than it actually does... what it actually means is to cause tptb a bit of grief to let them know you aint happy about shit... and to do this within the boundries dictated by COMMON LAW (not statute law)...

dont think that cos youve never heard of lawful rebellion that its a new fangled idea... cos its not... far from it...

lawful rebellion was first (to my knowledge) reffered to in 1215... in the magna carta... article no. 61...

Article 61.

61. Since, moreover, we have conceded all the above things (from reverence) for God, for the reform of our kingdom and the better quieting of the discord that has sprung up between us and our barons, and since we wish these things to flourish unimpaired and unshaken for ever, we constitute and concede to them the following guarantee:- namely, that the barons shall choose any twenty-five barons of the kingdom they wish, who with all their might are to observe, maintain and secure the observance of the peace and rights which we have conceded and confirmed to them by this present charter of ours; in this manner, that if we or our chief Justiciar or our bailiffs or any of our servants in any way do wrong to anyone, or transgress any of the articles of peace or security, and the wrong doing has been demonstrated to four of the aforesaid twenty-five barons, those four barons shall come to us or our chief Justiciar, (if we are out of the kingdom), and laying before us the grievance, shall ask that we will have it redressed without delay. And if we, or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom) do not redress the grievance within forty days of the time when it was brought to the notice of us or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom), the aforesaid four barons shall refer the case to the rest of the twenty-five barons and those twenty-five barons with the whole community of the land shall distrain and distress us in every way they can, namely by taking of castles, estates and possessions, and in such other ways as they can, excepting (attack on) our person and those of our queen and of our children until, in their judgment, satisfaction has been secured; and when satisfaction has been secured let them behave towards us as they did before. And let anyone in the country who wishes to do so take an oath to obey the orders of the said twenty-five barons in the execution of all the aforesaid matters and with them to oppress us to the best of his ability, and we publicly and freely give permission for the taking the oath to anyone who wishes to take it, and we will never prohibit anyone from taking it.

this document gives you the MEANS and PERMISSIONS to rise up PEACEFULLY against a tyrannical goverment... WITHOUT FEAR OR CONSEQUENCE... as long as its done LAWFULLY...

even the american CONstitution / bill of rights tells you to do it... jfk encouraged it in one of his speeches... cant remember which off the top of my head... its the one where he said goverment should never quell dissent...

looking back at the magna carta... it says... community of the land... a community of the land is made up of freemen of / on the land... UNLESS your of the STATUS of fmotl or better... then you DONT have the right to enter into lawful rebellion...

so are you a fmotl ?... or are you a slave NEO ?... "of course im not a slave... dont be silly... slavery was abolished centuries ago"

abolished ?... was it really ?... no it wasnt... slavery was 're-branded'... they just polished the turd and sold right back to the gullable public...

when the people said enough was enough with the slave trade and demanded that it stopped... tptb had to find a way of giving the ex-slaves a STATUS in SOCIETY without relinquishing any of their power... ie... denying them their god given human rights...

so how did they do this ?... like we see in today's society... society back then was structured like a pyramid... and your STATUS dictated where about you sat on this pyramid of power... the pwerful at the top... us at the bottom... again... just like we have today... only back then...

the bottom run of the pyramid was occupied by slaves... (no human rights)
the next run up consisted of those in servitude (ie... those in DEBT... few if any human rights)
then you have your... freemen on / of the land
then the you have the noblemen and gentries
and at the top... sit the elitist aristocracy

tptb had to somehow fit the slaves into mix somehow allowing them some rights... while at the same time keeping everyone else happy... so rather than create a new system and risk fucking shit up... they decided to merge the bottom 2 runs into one run and do away with slavery altogether... they also decided from then on to class these people as PERSONS thus allowing the slaves to have STATUS and some rights...

so whats the implications of that little re-shuffling ?...

it doesnt take a genius to see that to be a person means to occupy the bottom run in society... the very run where SLAVERY once existed... and the ex-slaves now also occupy... TO BE A PERSON IS TO BE A SLAVE... so you dont have god given rights... you are assigned / granted them (if your lucky) by tptb...

dont believe me ?... lets see what person and slave means in legalese...

in the legal world... a SLAVE is a THING... and a THING is an OBJECT / ITEM... an OBJECT / ITEM doesnt possess LIFE... so it must be DEAD... and rights are of no use to someTHING that is DEAD...

in the legal world... a PERSON is a FICTICIOUS ENTITY... and someTHING that is FICTITIOUS doesnt actually EXIST... and if it someTHING doesnt EXIST... that must mean that someTHING isnt ALIVE... so it must be DEAD... so no rights are no use to someTHING that is DEAD...

oooh bugger...

by admitting / willing to be classed a PERSON... you are in effect AGREEING to WAIVRE ALL YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS (ie... your freedom)... by ACKNOWLEDGING this you are giving your express CONSENT for tptb to ASCRIBE to you YOUR RIGHTS... YOU GIVE THEM YOUR PERMISSION AND THE POWER... DICTATE TO YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANT DO...

so how do they get away with this FRAUD against YOU time and time again ?

there is a roman maxim in law that still stands today that goes like this... "Let he who would be deceived, be deceived."... in other words... if your stupid enough to fall for it... then you can blame anyone but yourself... hard fucking chedder

is it tptb's fault that you havent took the time to educate yourself PROPERLY ?...

nopes... thats your fault...

but should tptb made this information FREELY accessable to all ?...

they HAVE DONE... IT IS FREELY AVAILABLE... it always has been

is it fair that theyre able to get away with this ?...

get away with what ?... theyve not exactly been secretative with this... at the same time they havent exactly shouted it from the roof tops either... its NOT like they set out to INTENTIONALLY try and DECIEVE you... they dont hide the law society away from you... and then try and entice u in there... YOU JUST ASSUME... BY YOUR IGNORANCE that you were PART of their SOCIETY... well your not... you are first and foremost a FREEMAN ON THE LAND... it you who chooses to merrilly walk unassumingly into their world time after time...

they just offer you the invitation to join it... by way of a questionaire...

time to learn this shit boys and girls... time is rapidly running out to achieve the critical mass needed to sort this shit out... the next g20 meeting in denmark is a BIG step closer to LAWFULLY BEING ABLE STOP YOU FROM ENTERING LAWFULL REBELLION AGAINST TPTB...

according to gordon brown the other day...


climate change chaps is double speak... its not about greenhouse gasses... YOU HAVE NIEVELY MADE THAT ASSOCIATION... DUPED AGAIN... CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS YOU... IT EFFECTS THE WHOLE PLANET...

CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER... if they dont get it signed and sealed and ready to go at a moments notice THIS TIME... THEY KNOW it will be even harder to IMPOSE NEXT TIME


p.s. none of that should be intended as a rant... caps and bold texts are the important bits


Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Huge1234 » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:34 pm

sceptilief wrote:This is not only amazing... It is exciting.

People are beginning to stand up to the false system of justice that exists worldwide.

Awhile ago I posted an account of my run-in with Canadian Peace Officers (RCMP) who stole my only mode of transportation from me, left me in a strange town, in MY COUNTRY preventing me from reaching my Father in the hospital before he died the next morning at 4:00AM. This was done because I was unable to afford the private sector insurance on my vehicle. No one was injured.

sorry to hear bout your pops man... and the fact the corperate revenue collection officer showed no compassion towards you just goes to show how fucked up shit really is :(

if you get pulled over by the filth... this is what usually happens... a typical scenario

= they ask... is this your car / vehicle sir ?... to which you instinctively reply... yes it is... STOP... that was a trick question... it was asked in legalese not english... by answering yes... you have just been duped into giving away ALL your rights as a human being... by answering yes... you have agreed to tptbs very own LEGAL DEFINITION of what that object is in accordence with their statutory rules and regulations that govern their society... thus you will be punnished in accordence with those rules... you should say NO it isnt

= they ask... so whos car / vehicle is it ?... you say... what car / vehicle ?... i dont see any cars or vehicles here ?... the plod then might point at your car and say... well whats the hells that then ?... to which u must reply with a word that describes that object that ISNT defined in their rules and regulations... they list loads of things that constitutes as being as car in their rules and regs... in the uk for instance... you need to reply with... thats not a car / vehicle... that is my PRIVATE CONVEYENCE...

= they then ask... ok smart arse... whats your name ?... if you just blurt out your name and say... my name is HuGe 1234... then you have been duped into giving away all your rights yet again... NAMES are only given to PERSONS in their legal world... PERSONS have a FIRST NAME and a LAST NAME and are also assigned a STATUS... ie... MR or MRS or MISS or DR or REV or RABBI or SIR or LORD or JUSTICE / JUDGE... which is why every bill you get through your letterbox is always addressed to MR. HuGe 1234 or MR. H. 1234... who the fucks that ?... did your parent name u MR or MRS ?... no they didnt... so why should they call you it ?... your STATUS is a FICTION ALSO... so you have to reply with... i dont have a name

= they then say... everybody has a name... so whats yours ?... you repeat i dont have a NAME... my parents never game me a NAME... they just called me HuGe whenever they wanted my attention...

= they might say... ok then HuGe... whats your LAST NAME then ?... i dont have a LAST NAME... i have a FAMILY NAME... and that is 1234... people know me as HuGe of the family 1234

so far so good... uve managed to escape their attempts to dupe u into giving away all your rights so they can issue u with a ticket of some discript...

now they turn up the anty to try and catch you out... and whats sickening is... 9/10 coppers dont have a clue what they are cohearsing u into admitting... they are just repeating the questions theyve been TOLD to ask YOU... they just think they are asking you question so they can fill their paperwork in and issue u with a fine... far from it :(

= they might then say... do u know why i pulled you over ?... if you say... yeah its cos i was speeding... then your fucked cos u just admitted to breaking their rules and regulations that govern road use... u must always say... no i dont know why i was pulled over... what am i a fucking mind reader ? (miss that last bit out if you need to be somewhere :D hehe )... let the copper tell you why he / she pulled you over... the copper might say... cos you were speeding... you were doing 45mph in a 30mph zone... to which you rely... was i ?...

the copper will then say something along the lines of... yes you were and speeding is illegal... do u understand what im saying ?...

ahh the word... understand... dont whatever you do say... yes i do... cos he aint asking you if you just comprehended / grasped what he just said... remember hes / she is talking legalese at you... the word understand in their language means something tottally different to what you think it does... and if u say yes... you once more agree to give up ALL your rights and your fucked...

in legalese the word understand means... to stand under... to AGREE with... to ABIDE by... so if he / she ask if u understand something... they are infact asking you if you AGREE to ABIDE by what hes just said... you must ALWAYS say... NO I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING...

this is where you find out if the copper knows that hes talking legalese with you... if he keeps repeating himself and asking if you understand until you say yes... he / she thinks you dont grasp what they are saying... so they say it slooooower cos they thik your thiiiick... no... its them who's fucking thick... if the copper knows that you know what hes talking about... the chances are he'll wont waste anymore of his (your) time and let u on your way

even if you admit (in the uk) that you are the DRIVER of your PRIVATE CONVEYENCE... then again your giving all your rights away... DRIVER and DRIVING are two of the DEFINITIONS in their rules and regulations that describe the ACTION of using motorised transportation of any descript... if they ask if your the driver... say... NO... even if your on your own :D ... say... no i wasnt driving it... i was TRAVELLING in it...

you must be by now starting to get the picture... with minor driving offenses... just use words that they havent defined in their rules and regulations / acts and they cant touch yer... no fines, no points, no motor defects for bald tires... no nothing...

and... i know this for a fact is right for canada... if your pulled over... following all of the above and the copper still FOOLISHLY writes out that speeding ticket / parking ticket out... then just by refusing to SIGN IT and refusing to TAKE the actual ticket theyre issueing to you... means THEY ARE LIABLE FOR PAYING THE FINE OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS... cos that speeding ticket is a LEGAL CONTRACT which must be honoured... which by law HAS to be SIGNED by ALL PARTIES for it to become legally applicable to you... and... this is the beauty of it all... NOONE CAN FORCE U INTO ACCEPTING A CONTRACT... its against the law to do so... if you are forced into signing against your FREE WILL or it doesnt have your paw print on it... then that contract is fraudlent in the eyes of the law... naughty copper

if your forced to sign your name... try sign it like this...

1. HuGe: 1234
2. HuGe: of the family / clan 1234

whenever possible... always write... SIGNED UNDER PROTEST AND DURESS... THROUGH your signature... even if its your proper signature... this kinda chucks a massive spanner in the works :D hehehe

im not kidding when i say... THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF KNOWLEDGE !!!... fuck ufo's and free energy for the time being... what use are they to u in the REAL WORLD... fuck all atm thats what... just knowing that ufos exist or youve see a working free energy device on googletube ISNT gonna help you fight the tptb and remove them fully from power... ufo and free energy comes after THEIR FALL FROM GRACE... and not BEFORE


Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Aragajag » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:24 pm

Each country has its own traps.

Upload to Disclose.tv

Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Sceptilief » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:19 pm

Found this interesting video on Youtube. It goes through three senarios of dealing with the police, and makes many good points about avoiding arrest or search. I found it quite interesting and it fits the subject:

Upload to Disclose.tv

Re: Unlawful kidnapping of a freeman... court audio

Post by Aragajag » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:03 pm

Being a freeman I love life and the experiences I meet. The rest is under due consideration.