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Post by SolStone » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:07 pm

A) Military personnel DO receive deployment orders to combat zones in today's modern military.

B) This is a ARMY FIELD MANUAL (FM), not a FEMA field manual. This is the document all military personnel follow should a disaster take place on US soil and they must support FEMA and federal/local 1st responder capabilities. Example: Marines and Army paratroopers during several hurricanes and 'crisis' that have taken place in our near past.

C) It mentions the line for social security numbers; how many national citizens in the world have a social security code? US citizens are included and hold no special rights over any other detainee; this is the standard operational procedure) for any and all internment camps to be set up by any/all military personnel.

D) This document was not specifically created for the detainment of US citizens - HOWEVER, if you ever end up in an internment camp, set up by the US military - this will be exactly what you have to expect.

E) Memorize the schematics in the case you ever end up in one - that way you know what is what while you are sitting on your cot - I doubt, despite the propaganda, there will be free- Wi-Fi included.

Knowledge is power. Good post.


Post by Spock » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:08 pm

You've actually taken the motivation to look into this stuff away from me, which is okay, I won't need to devote any time to it, but what really motivated me to post this were the first couple of minutes of the video with the Judge.


Post by Spock » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:40 am

Thanks for the breakdown. I renamed the title of the thread to incorporate the video, which is how the Army document was found.


Post by Constabul » Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:04 am

Looking at the video, and pointing out the claimed insinuations vs what is written.
I did find the Fema reference, it is in this crap a few quotes down..
2-39. Civil support is the DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities. (JP 3-28) Civil support includes operations that address
the consequences of natural or man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.

2-40. The I/R tasks performed in support of civil support operations are similar to those during combat operations, but the techniques and procedures are modified based on the special OE associated with operating within U.S. territory and according to the categories of individuals (primarily DCs) to be housed in I/R facilities. During long-term I/R operations, state and federal agencies will operate within and around I/R facilities within the scope of their capabilities and identified role. Military police commanders must closely coordinate and synchronize their efforts with them especially in cases where civil authority and
capabilities have broken down or been destroyed.

DCs = dislocated civilians

Ok the video maker goes on to mention this portion of the document, highlighting the steps to be taken with prisoners. Tho he leaves out a vary important factor.
7-16.Individual identification photographs are taken of all prisoners. The prisoner’s last name, first name,
and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s so cial security number is
placed on the second line. A prisoner registration number may be added on the third line. Two front and
two profile pictures are taken of the prisoner. Fingerprints are obtained according to AR 190-47.

This is what he did not include.
CLASSIFICATION 7-15. U.S. military prisoners in an FCF are classified into two categories
⎯ pretrial and posttrial:
Pretrial prisoners must be segregated from posttrial prisoners. Pretrial prisoners must be further segregated, by gender, into the following categories: officers, NCOs, and enlisted. Pretrial
prisoners are individuals who are subject to trial by court-martial and have been ordered by
competent authority into pretrial confinement pending disposition of charges.
Posttrial prisoners are individuals who are found guilty and sentenced to confinement. Posttrial
prisoners include in-transit prisoners who are evacuated to another facility and prisoners retained
at the FCF during short-term sentences.

This is what Identification is regard to. Not section 2-39 or section 2-40... in which the video makes it appear.
It is the handling of military personnel as prisoners.

looking for the section shown in the video at 5:25, difficultly locating this one.. ok found it
Appendix E
Agencies Concerned With Internment and Resettlement Operations

So while he lists the agencies involved (and i stand corrected it is in the document. Tho it is not a FEMA document.) Lets see what is said.

E-5. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for leading the nation’s emergency
management system. Local and state programs are the heart of the nation’s emergency management system, with most disasters being handled by local and state governments. When devastation is serious and exceeds the capability and resources of local and state governments, states turn to the federal government for help. Once the President has declared a national disaster, Federal Emergency Management Agency
coordinates with its own response activities and 28 other federal agencies that may provide assistance.
Federal agencies help states and localities recover from disasters by providing services, resources, and
personnel to perform necessary functions, such as transporting food and potable water to the affected area, assisting with medical aid and temporary housing for those whose homes are uninhabitable, and providing generators for electric power to keep hospitals and other essential facilities in operation. Federal
Emergency Management Agency also works with states and territories during nondisaster periods to help
plan for disasters, develop mitigation programs, and anticipate what will be needed when national disasters occur. The Federal Response Plan provides the foundation on which the Federal Emergency Management
Agency executes its responsibilities

Please read the above a couple times. Try to grasp the type of personnel that are involved. People making 14 to 17 dollars an hour if that, to people making about 116k round the top, more once you hit capitol hill types. These are the types claimed to be the ones who will round you up. for 33,000 or so a year. These are the ones keeping it all hush hush, for what over 10 years now that 'Fema death camps' have been kicked about...

the video goes into PSYOP procedures and shit gets kinda goofy, at this point context of the video is being created to suit the makers wishes. You can take many things out of context then start attaching false meaning. which is what this guy is doing..
Makes me wonder what root system this fellow crawled out from under to break up his tree hugging day. Does he understand he is reading a military document..

He goes on to the force continuum, which is a training tool in military and law enforcement.

'if you try to escape, they will use deadly force to terminate you.. is how they put it'

This is how they put it.

Guidelines on the use of force are incorporated into orders, plans, SOPs, and instructions at FDFs and FCFs. In all circumstances, employ only the minimum amount of force necessary. The use of firearms or other means of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity and as a last resort.
No person will use physical force against a prisoner except as necessary to defend themselves, prevent an escape, prevent injury to persons or damage to property, quell a disturbance, move an unruly prisoner, or as otherwise authorized in AR 190-47.
In the event of an imminent group or mass breakout from the FCF or another general disorder, it
should be made clear to prisoners that order will be restored, by force if necessary. If the situation permits, a qualified senior NCO or the facility commander will attempt to reason with prisoners engaged in the disorder before the application of force. If reasoning fails or if the existing situation does not permit
reasoning, a direct order will be given to prisoners to terminate the disorder. Before escalating beyond a
show of force, prisoners not involved in the disturbance may be given an opportunity to voluntarily
assemble in a controlled area away from the disturbance. (See appendix H.)

Appendix H

Planning and preparing for the use of force is a necessary element in maintaining order. Commanders ensure that detainee facility security personnel are prepared for the effective use of force when necessary to protect themselves, other members of the force, ordetainees. Commanders also ensure that the RUF continuum is applied when force is required to control detainees. Personnel assigned the mission of
controlling detainees and providing security of the detention facility are issued and trained on the RUF specific to that mission. Theater ROE remain in effect for defending the detention facility from external
threat. The RUF continuum is used in determining the appropriate amount of force needed to compel
compliance. (See figure H-1, page H-2.) The use of deadly force against detainees
is always considered ameasure of last resort. Its use is authorized when no other means of suppressing the dangerous activity (attack, escape) is feasible. Furthermore, the use of deadly force is preceded by warnings appropriate to the
circumstances. The continuum recognizes five basic categories:
. Attempts to kill or inflict serious injury
(using knives, clubs, objects, firearms).

. Attempts to attack or inflict injury
(striking with hands or feet, biting).

Actively resistant
. Does not follow orders and offers physical resistance, but does not attempt to
inflict harm (bracing or pulling away, attempting to flee).

Passively resistant
. Does not follow orders, but offers no physical resistance to attempts to gain
control (going limp).

. Offers no resistance to instruction and complies with directions.

The continuum also incorporates five levels of force. (See figure H-1) Ideally, the service member
starts at Level 1 and progressively moves up the continuum until the detainee complies. However, the use
of force is dictated by the actions of the subject during the encounter. Subject actions may escalate or
deescalate rapidly, possibly skipping one or more levels. There is no requirement for the following levels of
force to be applied in order:
Level 1: Cooperative controls
. Used to direct a compliant person (verbal direction, hand gestures).

Level 2: Soft controls
. Used when cooperative control fails
and the level of force required escalates. They are designed with a low probability of causing injury (compliant or noncompliant escort positions, use of hand and/or leg restraints).

Level 3: Hard controls
. Used when escort positions fail and the level of force required
escalates. They have a slightly greater possibility of causing injury (pressure points, joint locks, oleoresin capsicum spray [such as pepper spray], electronic stun devices).

Level 4: Defensive techniques
. Used when hard controls fail and the level of force required escalates. They also have a higher probability of causing injuries. (empty-hand strikes and blocks, baton strikes and blocks, NLWs, and MWDs)

Level 5: Deadly force. Used as a last resort when all lesser means have failed or would be
impractical. Used to prevent death or serious injury to self or others; to prevent the theft, damage
or destruction of resources vital to national security or dangerous to others; or to terminate an
active escape attempt (firearms and strikes with nonlethal weapons should be directed at vital
points of the body)

To the point, it is not a matter, of they just shoot you, and it is far from in regard to US citizens, carried out by fema..

You know, i'm about 6 to 7 mins in, and this is utter bullshit video.
He starts going in to the facility designs, then starts into the fema facilities.
Moron doesnt understand what a MOS is (Military Occupational Specialty)... Of course they have specialized fields for the shit after how many freaking years of occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.. Not to mention the ability to utilize that training in other areas like AID relief, such as with Haiti or various other areas..

If you are buying this shit, I have something to sell you too, PM me to get a special bonus buy offer...


Post by Akashicrebel » Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:54 am


Upload to


Post by Constabul » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:47 am

Ok got a few problems after reading through bits of this.
First, No mention of fema what so ever is in this document. 0, Nana, el none yo.
This is a misrepresentation of the nature of this text.

Second would be, Right at the vary beginning it lists its origin in 2008, and this being a revised version, 2010.

It indeed is a document, 'How to', for US military prisoners, the do's and dont's conduct, screening, interrogation, housing, use of force, escape yadda yadda. Only a few minutes reading the contents will tell you enough. Even taking the step further to read the actual material will fill in the rest of the gaps.

Logic, at least for me paints a picture that i would assume most could follow without falling off the 'they are out to get you' cliff.

But just in case some were under a rock, or safely layered beneath a lot of tin foil.
America, Recently, was involved in occupation of two countries. Afghanistan and Iraq.. For long periods of time, And contrary to popular belief they do not shoot all the people they capture. Or just cut them loose once they have taken their toys from them.

They also, (could be argued about beginnings) do not continue to be with out Standard operating procedures (SOP). Matter of fact they have a Manuel on How to do almost anything, from brushing your teeth and caring for your feet, to other training such as this.

I imagine some form of this sort of training existed well before 2008, going back to ww1 and ww2. In more 'modern' terms and further back to civil and revolutionary wars.
More so if you look into the history of warfare, one will fine these sort of accommodations present. In regard to consideration and even training.

This is the type of stuff that causes people not to take conspiracy theorist seriously. When indeed there are reasons to be suspicious of your government and military. Sensationalizing a document such as this, to be or mean what it is not.
Hoax and alienation material right there.
People, who dont just read a headline, on jump on a un-vetted bandwagon. Will take the time to read this, figure out the context, and complete lack of connection to fema, and see it for the BS that it is. An in doing so start connecting those BS dots to real movements.

I did not read all 300+ pages, but if someone does find One mention of fema in this document let me know so i can take back my statement. Tho i dont think i'll have to worry about that.


Post by mediasorcery » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:03 am

god knows wats planned, but it dont feel good or for our benefit somehow, everything points that way.


Post by Hr2burn » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:03 am

For me, the biggest red flag that all these kind of document point to FEMA not being on the up and up for people's safety? All these plans, all these facilities, all the preperation in the 100's millions wasn't even a piss in the ocean when it came to New Orleans. They would better hide there B.S. if they actually came through in a situation that couldn't be a better example of their time to shine. How stupid of an ass clown do you have to be? :shooting: :nwo:


Post by Opalserpent » Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:41 am

Toxic32 wrote:
Opalserpent wrote:The daily grind stops us from spending more time here.
So does the newly released might and magic legacy game which is in early release still.

"Detainees may be categorized by behaviour (cooperative, neutral, or combative). Detainee is a term used to refer to any person captured or otherwise detained by an armed force."

Best to avoid becoming a detainee in the first place.


I can imagine drones will be making the rounds with flir camera's to pick up the stragglers.

LOL, check this out, telegraph linked to a picture from ... ml?image=4
They must be reading our posts.

We may laugh. As I do. But we are talking real. so how do we defend our selves when the chips are down? I will target the power sources around where I live and work out from there. No power no problem. Kill the grid and they are fucked. So are we unless we learn quick time how to survive without power.

Cmon man, If martial law is declared and you have to be carted off to the nearest shelter
then taking down the power or trying to stop armed puppets is not going to help.

We have to be realistic and do it gandhi style and offer no resistance if found.

Bugging out and disappearing is not a bad option.
You could gate crash tom cruises flash multi level bunker with helipad. :ghost:

We just avoided ww3 thanks to putin so maybe there is a chance.
TPTB know we are on to them and they will have to carefully
plan their next false flag.

I would like to see whats under that hood.


Post by dudeman351 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:47 am

Lets get the collapse going so we can rebuild. I say bring it. I most likely won't survive it but I can guaranty I'll take at least a couple of them with me.