Ukraine Updates

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Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by Willease » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:40 pm

Published on Apr 27, 2015

The EU's foreign policy chief is not coming to the Union's first formal summit with Ukraine after an association deal was agreed last year. Federica Mogherini said she won't be able to be in Kiev today, because she has to see the UN Secretary General. But this comes amid reports that Europe is losing faith in Ukraine's commitment to make political and economic reforms.

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by Willease » Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:49 pm

Why Are American Troops in Ukraine? - Russian Roulette

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by jikesung » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:04 pm

western European and American zombies, 20,000…
•20,000 increase in Ukrainian men a week seeking refuge in Russia, to avoid Porky’s military draft.
•1.193 million Ukrainian men, conscription age, now staying in Russia.
•2.5 million Ukrainian nationals (refugees) currently being taken care of (feed, clothed, etc…) in Russia.

ITAR TASS Reports…

“About 2.5 million Ukrainian nationals, including 1.193 million men of conscription age, are staying in the territory of Russia,” the FMS told TASS. More than 850,000 people have arrived from Ukraine’s south-eastern regions.

“About 440,000 people who were forced to leave south-eastern Ukraine have applied for a refugee status, temporary shelter or temporary residence permit,” the FMS press service went on to say.

Russia has 531 temporary refugee centers in its territory for 27,000 Ukrainian refugees. ... ge-russia/

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by Willease » Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:02 pm

The United States’ weak presence in Eastern Europe in the last year combined with Russia’s continued push worries Ukraine, the Baltic states and other Eastern European countries. Since the United States and Britain are unwilling to confront Russia with strength, Eastern Europe, and Europe in general, is forced to create stronger military alliances.

Russia’s continued push for Ukraine especially worries Lithuania, which sits between Russia and its enclave in Kaliningrad. Poland, Russia’s neighbor to the south, is understandably nervous as well.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and attack on Ukraine; the fact that Lithuania is a simple stepping-stone to Russia; and Kaliningrad’s close proximity to Poland and Lithuania clearly reveal why all three countries are concerned and seeking to create a collective force.

The steps Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine are taking toward a closer relationship and more formidable force are indicative of a current trend that is beginning to gain momentum in Europe: rearmament and unification. ... oin-forces

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by All_Creation » Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:00 am

One year later, a look back at Crimea's referendum to rejoin Russia.

Russia Marks First Anniversary of Crimean Referendum
© Sputnik/ Yuriy Lashov
01:38 16.03.2015(updated 17:48 16.03.2015)

March 16 marks the anniversary of a historic referendum that brought the Black Sea republic of Crimea back to Russia after 60 years of Ukrainian rule in the region.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Crimea refused to recognize the legitimacy of the government in Kiev that overthrew Russia-leaning President Viktor Yanukovych in early 2014, instead voting to cut ties with Ukraine and rejoin Russia in a plebiscite which found that over 96 percent of Crimean voters supported the motion.

A coup that installed a new, fiercely nationalist government in Kiev in February, 2014 alienated Crimea's majority Russian-speaking population of some 2.4 million. Ethnic Russians have dominated the peninsula since its capture by the Russian empire from the Ottomans in the 18th century.

In a forthcoming documentary titled "Crimea. Way Back Home," Russian President Vladimir Putin shed light on the events that preceded the controversial vote. He said officials in the region had organized a poll to gauge public support for the reunification.

The survey revealed that 75 percent of the Crimean population wanted it to be reintegrated with Russia, Putin recalled.

On 11 March 2014, Crimea and its special-status port city of Sevastopol adopted a declaration of independence from Ukraine, asking for reunification with Russia. It was followed by a region-wide referendum on March 16 and a treaty of accession between Crimea and the Kremlin on March 18.

The signing launched an integration process that took almost a year, with Crimean voters going to polls for the first time in September to elect their parliaments and local authorities.

Russia plans to mark the first anniversary of the referendum and the reunification treaty with concerts in two capital cities – Crimea's Simferopol and Moscow.

The West has refused to recognize the results of the vote calling Crimea's secession an "annexation." In a speech following the referendum, President Putin stressed that it was held in full compliance with democratic procedures and rules of international law. ... 33565.html

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by All_Creation » Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:07 pm

It seems Victoria Nuland is living in a parallel universe where everything is reversed from what is really going on.

Victoria Nuland Talks Nonsense and Plans for War

13:49 13.03.2015(updated 13:58 13.03.2015)
Alexander Mercouris
While Nuland describes Crimea and eastern Ukraine as in the grip of a “Reign of Terror”, over 90 percent Crimeans support unification with Russia. The fact Nuland is prepared to depart so far from reality when discussing Ukraine is dangerous rather than funny.

To enter the mind of Victoria Nuland, US assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, is to enter a parallel universe.

In comments to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Nuland describes Crimea and eastern Ukraine as in the grip of a "Reign of Terror". In Crimea "Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians who refuse to surrender their passports, gays and lesbians, journalists and others" experience violation of their human rights as "the norm, not the exception". In eastern Ukraine "Russia and its separatist puppets" have "unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage".

The blame for all this horror rests squarely with Moscow, which has "manufactured a conflict fuelled by Russian tanks and heavy weapons; financed by Russian taxpayers" to which the Kremlin has sent "hundreds and hundreds of young Russians to fight and die".

Meanwhile, as Crimea and eastern Ukraine groan under "illegal occupation" and "terror", "Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93 percent of its territory".

Anyone who believes this fantasy must however explain certain facts.

It turns out that far from feeling oppressed by "illegal occupation" and "terror", over 90 percent Crimeans support unification with Russia (see here and here). This contrasts with reports of growing discontent in "peaceful, democratic, independent Ukraine". Meanwhile the German government and intelligence service can find no trace of the vast Russian army in eastern Ukraine or on Ukraine's border Nuland talks about.

Whilst Nuland sees things that are not there, she cannot see things that are.

She does not notice that the removal from office of President Yanukovych was unconstitutional and violent. She does see the fascist and neo-Nazi groups and militias that scar Ukraine's political life. The words "Right Sector" do not pass her lips. She is oblivious to the withdrawal of accreditation to Russian journalists, of Ukraine's banning of Russian and dissident Ukrainian media and of the deaths of Russian journalists. She does not observe how despite repeated promises the Ukrainian government's refuses to negotiate a constitutional settlement with the people of eastern Ukraine. She is not aware of Ukraine's military offensive against the Donbas, launched in July as the Ukrainian government's foreign minister signed in Berlin a call for an unconditional ceasefire.

As for the shelling of Ukraine's eastern cities, the bombing of Donetsk and Luhansk, the fire and murder of protesters in the trade union building in Odessa, the economic blockade imposed by Kiev on dissident regions, the assaults on dissident politicians, and the humanitarian crisis caused by Kiev's actions, if one takes one's news from Nuland one would know nothing of them.

It is not that Nuland does not know these things or that she really believes the fantasies she is peddling. Rather she is, as the German government according to Der Spiegel believes, one amongst several ideological hardliners within NATO and the US who are unhappy with the Minsk peace process and who are looking for ways to wreck it so that the war in Ukraine can restart with Ukraine armed with US weapons. In order to achieve this objective Nuland and her co-conspirator NATO General Breedlove are prepared to say whatever they deem necessary regardless of truth. It is an attitude which Der Spiegel says has officials in Germany's Chancellery "shaking their heads" in dismay.

The fact Nuland is prepared to depart so far from reality when discussing Ukraine is dangerous rather than funny. It does not merely risk the West's credibility as the German government supposedly thinks. Rather It is a sign of how far Western hardliners like Nuland are prepared to go to get the anti-Russian war in Europe that they want. ... 38971.html

See some pictures here:

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by jikesung » Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:12 pm

Despite Russian Warnings, US Will Deploy a Battalion to Ukraine by the End of the Week
By Tyler Durden

Global Research, March 04, 2015

“Before this week is up, we’ll be deploying a battalion… to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces for the fight that’s taking place,” stated US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Colonel Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC on Monday. Despite earlier warnings from Russia (and claims that NATO had not agreed to any such foreign ‘boots on the ground’ action’), Sputnik News reports, Foster added, “what we’ve got laid out is six United States companies that will be training six Ukrainian companies throughout the summer.“ ... ek/5434755

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by DarkHeart » Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:08 pm

6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black Sea

Upload to

Six NATO warships arrived in the Black Sea on Wednesday to take part in exercises with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies, the Alliance’s Maritime Command (MARCOM) said in a statement.

The six vessels in the exercises are assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2), which is headed by US Rear Admiral Brad Williamson.

SNMG2 currently consists of flagship US cruiser guided missile, the USS Vicksburg, as well as Canada’s HMCS Fredericton, Turkey’s TCG Turgutreis, FGS Spessart of Germany, Italian frigate ITS Aliseo and ROS Regina Maria of the US.

“The training and exercises we will conduct with our Allies in the Black Sea prepares us to undertake any mission NATO might require to meet its obligations for collective defense,” Williamson is cited as saying by the MARCOM’s website.

“We are here at the invitation of the Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian governments and look forward to enhancing our interoperability with their navies,” the Rear Admiral added.

The drill will include simulated anti-air and anti-submarine warfare exercises, simulated small boat attacks and basic ship handling manoeuvres.


Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by jikesung » Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:07 am

Russia was invaded by one MILLION Ukrainian men of military age, hiding from Poroshenko - official data
January 31, 2015


More than one million male citizens of Ukraine, which is currently in the process of the fourth wave of mobilization, are already on the territory of the Russian Federation, which was declared by the resolution of Verkhovnaya Rada as the "aggressor". ... llion.html

Re: Ukraine Updates

Post by Doogle » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:13 am

Sunday Times reporter Mark Franchetti appears via video on Ukrainian TV and doesn't say what they expect him to.
The looks on the faces of the people present ranges from disbelief to obvious discomfort. Some look like they're thinking "shit, we're exposed" and others "Oh no, we are being lied to by Kiev".

Watch the guy accuse the guest of lying and being a Russian agent, whilst sitting in the studio wearing a balaclava.

Upload to

Can anyone confirm the translation?