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Post by Theshee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:49 pm

For zaff4444 Thank you !!
the truth is islam is a peaceful religion thats being doctored to make it evil
That's what we have ALL been saying Zaff :flop:


Post by Towelie » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:44 pm

Totaly agree with you there drjones :flop:
Ill start worrying when the internet stops working. :ohno:


Post by Drjones » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:36 pm

Sorry folks the NWO/Elites have got a HUGE mega part to play in ALL the problems we see around the globe :evil: .I'm not saying WE do not have influence but the way the system is set up makes THEM MORE in a position to do something about it all,like i had stated previously ;) .It is their complete LACK OF ACTION that should be worrying the hell out of us quite frankly...i know it is with me :scary:
Sort of pisses me off as with the right people in charge things on Earth would be very lovely indeed.
DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER,when they come with the microchip dont say i did'nt warn you.Hey be sure NEVER under ANY circumstances get that thing inside you :evil: :flop:
Well we are all on the same ship,i just feel we need to be more united with stuff,digest THE FACTS that are out there and take it from there and that's what i always try to do. :wink:


Post by Count_E.R.Measure » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:20 pm

It is all emotional stuff and everything depends strongly on ones view on the world. The name of the game is, that you need an enemy. Who or whatever it might be. In my opinion all religions are the same, all have and have been used or still are used for the manipulation of the masses, hence Karl Marx: „Die Religion ist das Opium des Volkes“. Religion is the opium for the people. Nowadays you can easily add things like TV, Radio, Newspapers and of course the internet and even books to that, but still the meaning doesn't change .With it's exceptions, of course. All that serves the one and only purpose - leading the masses. Watch the Hindus for example, it is the natural thing to walk past dying humans on the road, that is normal there. I think it is a disgrace to leave people to die like that, but the caste system says otherwise and so it is very convenient for the ones with a filled pocket not to care about them, although there is this little drawback that you see them vegetating and dying everywhere, but I guess you get used to that....
I really believe that the majority of people being part of which religion or belief ever only want to live in peace and quiet, just like I do.
Religion is the tool of the churches (and the churches are part in the plan. London, Washington, Rome )and has nothing to do with belief or spirituality. So any believers, don't be offended.
We all know about the big deeds of the catholic church, what is going on in Palestine? ETC,...

And by the way the Japanese Kamikaze Pilots were actually all beginners and very young and on top of it threatened to be shot if they'd dare to come back.

Life has never been worth a penny and the prospects are not for the good.

Love and peace.


Post by Towelie » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:15 pm

kurious wrote:I used to work for the security services in Germany & trust me they don't always know whats going to happen. How do you plan for that angry individual who decides to make a homemade IED then just let it off where they see fit ?

Not everything is orchestrated & sometimes people really do act on impulse under the banner of a cause.

Stop calling people sheep as well because they don't agree with you & whether you like it or not your religion is a breeding ground for impressionable people to become brainwashed then make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of your God.

I spent a long time in the British military ive been to the places were talking about met the people and ill tell you this much they wanted this war far less then the people in the US & UK and the actions leading upto the so called "war on terrorism" should illustrate why we get called sheeple,(I fell for it myself to start, then i looked into the facts.) an youre right not everything is orchestrated unlike this whole "war on terrorists" wich was in planning years before 9/11. Some people act withought thinking and commit horrific acts whereas others plan and prepare to commit horrific acts. Both of these are terrible but ones worse wich one? one last thing your god our god when you realy look into it you see there all worshiping the same god weve been mislead and hearded like sheep for centuries.


Post by Towelie » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:56 pm

kurious wrote:By the way we aren't the ones behind foreign policy decisions are we its the fucking politicians.

If only this was true i wish it was the politicians that were in controll.


Post by Spock » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:37 pm

Point taken "Dr. Jones". And yes, I do understand there is a well orchestrated plan for social and economic dominance. However, I have to call a spade a spade. It's okay that we agree to disagree on this point. I see the problem as being an ideology that is easy to manipulate through their own scriptures. Now, if this is an elite agenda, then the agenda started "Ibn Abdul Wahhab" who gathered his dogma from another dude centuries before him. However, if we compare the Islamic sects of violence to Christianity, the only comparison would be the KKK who claims Christ yet their dogma is nothing to be compared with what Christ taught.

The Islamic religion has been being hijacked for centuries, it is thoroughly hijacked today to the point that the main stream Islamic follower is an extremist and not a moderate. When you figure the Islamic population of the entire Middle East in the fold, we have a big fucking mess on our hands. So maybe we do need the NWO to control their philosophy. How many Christians and Jews are starting wars? Israel only responds militarily to acts of cowardice terror. If Israel acts unilaterally and preemptively, it is to save innocent lives. They are moving in on someone that is orchesrating an act of violence against innocent people. When that is the case, if the perpetrator is killed in a preemptive ambush and innocent people are killed because he shielded himself with them, that sin is on his head.

If someone is a terrorist and they are planning an attack, if the info leaks and they are taken out, then people standing by that persons ideology can not blame the massacre on the regime trying to stop the attack, they must blame themsleves.

How many Jews, Christians, Agnostics are out there blowing themselves up in order to kill others? We haven't seen this since the kamakaze pilots of WW2, but at least they were going against war targets.

This is an evil ideology that boldly proclaims, (if you're not in my brand of religion, I must kill you to please god).

That is the poison we are fighting even greater than the NWO.

With all due respect.


Post by Drjones » Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:28 pm

theshee wrote:
zaff4444 wrote:
theshee wrote::clapper: Well said kurious, very well said :clapper: :flop:

pfffffffffffffft The shee u shud change ya name to The sheep :flop:
youd agree with any1 as long as they got hatred towards islam.glad i took u of my friend some research b4 u come to condemning islam.tht goes 4 rest off u kkk.

Youve got a megga problem mate, what is pick on me fecking week??? Go and take your face for a shit, oooppps to late, you dropped it on the page in a stupid fecking comment - WANKER :flop: And thanks for taking me off your friends list because friends when they have a problem with anything they discus it, they don't spit a dummy out. If you READ my post further up you would have seen what I had/have the problem with!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what, Im pissed off people telling me that I can't have an opinion against any type of religion or anything else for that matter ok Call me a sheeple all you want, if me not being happy about innocent people getting blown to bits in the name of ANY religion well I must be sheeple then and proud to be one if THATS YOUR definition of one. Grow up idiot, READ what people say before you take offense tit. Your not getting my power anymore, say what you want about me, personally slag me off because you know what I DONT CARE, your nothing to me and neither are your views because YOU have demonstrated in the post's you've done your just like those people I despise in life. Your now ignored your nothing Im NOT playing the personal attack game anymore :flop:

:flop: :flop: Not that she needs my support but there ARE so many know it alls out there who think it is cool to tell can say can and cant do this....Yeah right.
To people like that i usually respond by saying:"Kiss my ass"!
I'm not naming any names most people on dislose are ok but there are folk here who think they can tell people what to say and do and that pisses me off.It's all viewpoints for you to digest and think about and thats that :idea: ...we all need to COME TOGETHER to get the answers not be seperated by petty annoyances :flop:


Post by Drjones » Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:18 pm

Okay doke... KURIOUS and SPOCK i respect your viewpoints....BUT DO NOT AGREE with them with regards to the NWO not being responsible for,well,the BAD stuff.I ask you if the NWO is not responsible THEN WHO IS....there is a SOURCE for everything...the breadcrumb trail ENDS somewhere with all the drugs we see and terrorism etc.The reason i blame the NWO for ALL of the bad stuff we see in society today as THEY ARE MILLIONAIRES well in Rockerfellers case TRILLIONAIRES and so THEY are the GATEKEEPERS they hold ALL the keys with regards to them BEING ABLE to solve these problems a helluva alot quicker than you or me...hell i earn £250 a week if i am lucky after taxes ok :oops: ....i can inform and spread information but I DO NOT have the VAST damn resources that these elites DO....which is influence in every aspect of our lives.I believe ok an individual IS responsible for his actions....YES an INFORMED and educated individual....there are many people who are NOT INFORMED ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL,have very little real will power and morality and thus can be cohersed covertly by ANY secret agency of the world(Who are run by the elites-funding) to DO ANYTHING THEY want them to do,hence "terrorism".I aint gonna really argue my case much further as i believe i am right 100% that you cannot blame religion or misinformed individuals for their actions in the terms that THE GLOBAL ELITE really could make this world a better place very quickly IF they wanted which is clear now that THEY DO NOT :evil:
The terrorism,the wars,the drugs all the bad stuff IS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.It benefits these guys massively :evil:
C'mon guys do the research and so be so dismissive of the REAL power that the NWO wields around the is enormous :scary:


Post by Drjones » Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:08 pm

pindz wrote:of course this IS ANOTHER CIA/MOSAD PLANNED ATTACK ... they said on CNN - its another SEPTEMBER 11th ....... so that means -> ITS ANOTHER FAKE TERROR ! i dont believe this FAKE ... OSAMA IS DEAD, peace .

First off well said m8 :flop: :flop: