Preparing for the End

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PostFri Aug 31, 2012 9:50 pm » by Docdrdeath


I have noticed some weird things that are going missing in my province lately. Not sure if I am crazy or if there is really something to this.

1) July 26th/2012 - Honey and bees stolen from Abbotsford beekeeper - Thieves have quietly buzzed off with $100,000 worth of bees and honey from an Abbotsford beekeeping operation. Nearly 100 hive frames have been removed along with an estimated 8,000 pounds of commercial honey and approximately 500,000 bees.

2) August 17th/2012 - Potato pilferers perturb B.C. farmer - theft of about 2,300 kilograms worth of tubers, adding he’s never seen a crop caper of this scale in his entire career. ... -bc-farmer

Am I thinking to much into this or is someone preparing for the end of the world. So far the stolen Food has been food that can last for quite a while. I'm sure I can predict the next commodity to me stolen.
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