Prescription drugs, doctors, side effects,and old people

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dlslith wrote:I currently work in a long term care environment home. The amount of drugs these people are given even before breakfast practically make them comatose. One lady recieves 17 pills, all prescribed before breakfast, and more at each meal. The aged, do not have the tolerance for this, but they dose them up and drug the shit out of them to control them. I mean I'm very healthy and vital, but if I was given that amount of prescription drugs i would be totally out of it. And I've known a drug or two in my day. Unfortunately, society today is controlled by drugs. Whether kids are being controlled by ritallin (ADD etc), mainsteam floks on meth, coke et al or the older generation drugged til they can't function anymore kind of says a lot about our society right now. It funny how the governments promote this "say no to drugs" campaign, yet there are many out there that have no choice because it is being forced upon them. It might not be the weed, which is pretty much harmless, but it's the hardcore stuff that the body becomes dependent on. IM

Now you can see why I am so disturbed by this kind of abuse to the elderly. I try to talk my mom out of going to so many doctor appointments, which I know aren't necessary for her, but she never misses an appointment. She still lives on her own, thanks to my older brother, who bought a house, which has two separate living spaces with two separate entrances, but being realistic, as she keeps aging, she will more than likely end up in a nursing home, where she will be so loaded up on pills that she won't even recognize me when I come to visit her. Memory loss is only one of the many side effects from those pills.


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